Pleiades: American Samoa

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A Pleiades or commonly known as seven sisters are hot blue and extremely luminous seven stars that has formed in the last 100 million years is one of the finest example of American Samoa which are seven small separate islands between Hawaii and New Zealand and has volcanic foundation.

American Samoa is a cluster of isles in the South Pacific Sea that comes in between Hawaii and New Zealand and about hundred kilometers to the east of the island country of Samoa, which is branch of the same archipelago. American Samoa is known as a tropical island paradise in the heart of Polynesia and it has still preserved the old Samoa traditional values. The country is part of the United State of American but the people are not called as the citizen of the US but the’ Nationals’. The people of American Samoa doesn’t need passport of any kind of documents to travel in US or to get work or to settle down in the mainland- US. Thus the law differs in Samoa, here the cultural norm are more believed and executed when anything related property comes up.

American Samoa Islands

Since 1911, the islands volcanoes are not active which have left many fascinating ground pattern and volcanic emission passages to discover. Here having available plenty of sea food still most of the people live in the plains and do agriculture. Still more than a half of the island is filled with beautiful, lush of vegetation and home for magnificent birds and animals.

America being the mainland of American Samoa, still the country is deeply rooted to the traditional values and follows their set of rules and norms.

The island is surrounded by the Pacific sea water and because of the volcanic origin of land the island has some very stunning untouched beauty which is mesmerizing. It’s just amazing to stay in Small Island full of rich green tropical forest and crystal clear blue water seashore. The all seven island are like stars which shine brightly in the Pacific Ocean.


  • National Park of American Samoa: American Samoa National Park
    The park is made consisting of three islands, Tutuila, Ta’u and Ofu. It is known as American Samoa National Park which has some great trails to follow into lush forest and view some Samoa’s mixed species. To make the hiking more interesting take a guide who is local and have good knowledge about surrounding. You hear lots good folk stories and explore small part of American Samoa.
  • Ta’u Island:
    Before the invasion of the colonists, Ta’u Island was known as a spiritual centre and birthplace of the Polynesia people. That’s why it has historical and archaeological significance. The south eastern island – beaches and forests are part of the national park.
  • Ofu Island:
    This island is best place to dive into. The beaches are so clean and untouched with healthiest corals you ever seen. As this area also falls into perseverance there are some rules will have to follow on the island and in the water for sports like snorkeling and bringing smokeless equipment, etc. so please check the rules. South side of the island is known for its exotic beach and snorkeling.

Ofu Island

  • Whale Watching:
    You can see southern humpback whales from Fagatele Bay which comes between August and November.  Porpoises, sperm whales and marine turtles also come to these waters too.


American Samoa AccommodationsThe islands are very developed and many tourists come here to experience the untouched beauty of the island. So there are many hotels ranging from luxurious ones to economical. Still if you want cheap and good you should home stay accommodation which is a programme started by the American Samoa national park to allot rooms tourists in western style houses or on the beaches which are huts; made out of plants material.

American Samoa has an international airport known as Samoa Air. The main airport is Pago Pago which is eight miles away from the Tutuila city. There are buses and taxis available from the city to airport and vice versa. To travel from one island to another island there are boats and charters available.

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    This place seems to be amazing! staying in between 7 volcanic islands is something extra ordinary!

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    Hey thats strange! they are not called as US citizens but yet don’t need any documents to travel or work! so getting green card will be so easy for them!

  4. Dawson says:

    More than 90 yrs there is no volcano and till date more than half of the land is still in vegetation! This is what I call Nature!

  5. Warren says:

    Diver’s paradise means Ofu island! Such an amazing place with beach and underwater diving! that’s life!

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    This is my life! goin for trails, hiking and learning and hearing about the things you haven’t done before! This is just like your in space and don’t know what the hell is going to happen :)

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