Pleasures in the Estancias in the Pampas

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Enjoy the beautiful land of Argentina and bask in the pleasures of the Pampas here. This is lovely vast stretch of verdant expanse is where the country grazes most of the cattle in this part of the world. The Gauchos are very frequently seen in the pampas and they are the equivalent of cowboys of the West. These gauchos work in the ranches or the estancias which are found scattered all over the Pampas regions of Argentina. These estancias are all open for all tourists to admire and enjoy. They have some of the best 19th century homes in this part of Argentina and tourists love to spend some relaxed nights here.

The Pampas is a lovely stretch of grasslands that are found here lying around 600 km from the Buenos Aires city. To live in an estancia here, the tourist waits a lot and is really excited eventually when he does make it to the Pampas. It gives you a great chance to experience the pleasures here and also gives you the unique thrill of riding with a gaucho. You can also try polo here and enjoy your tours to estancias. The ranches or estancias are just a two hour drive away from the Argentine capital and they give a lot of relaxation and rest away from the humdrum of daily life.

The Pampas of Argentina were the initial gaucho country which is today dominated by country house and cattle ranches. They are today a major point of tourist attraction and give the best pleasures of tours here in this part of the world.

The Pampas is also a greatly industrial and agricultural region. This is one of the most economically viable regions and is called the economic heart of Argentina as it produces the Argentinean beef for which it is famous across the world.

The southern part of the Pampas has low mountain ranges which give a break to the landscape and thus gives way to a fantastic coastline that is today a major holiday spot in Argentina. All tourists head here and enjoy the pleasures of this destination which is a greatly interesting and exciting locale in this part of the world.

There are many reasons you should visit an estancia. Let us see what they are.

In the south, low mountain ranges diversify the landscape before giving way to an inviting Atlantic coastline that’s the prime holiday destination for Argentines themselves.

Firstly a visit to the Pampas gives you an opportunity to see the gauchos which are symbolically very important in Argentina. Staying in the ranch would give you the experience of a true Argentinean life.

Argentines themselves
Horses are another reason why you should visit an estancia on the Pampas. Horse rides are a major part of Argentinean tourism and form a way of life here. Enjoy the natural beauty as you experience the thrill of a horse ride in the estancia.

Polo the game of kings is vividly followed and practiced on the Pampas. With the pleasures of fresh greenery, the simple experience of playing the game here is something indescribable. There are many estancias that lie very near the Buenos Aires region. So come here and either play a game or watch one to your heart’s content against the background of a beautiful surrounding.

Buenos aires

Come to an Estancia in the Pampas and drink the yerba mate which is the national drink here. It has a metal and wooden drinking vessel which is specifically for this purpose and one adds hot water in this drink and has it with the help of a metal straw. It is usually passed around and as everyone drinks it in turns the pleasures of drinking this is something really wonderful to cherish.

Another thing that is prevalent in a visit to the Estancias is the Assado. Enjoy an assado here and have the best of barbeque culinary delights. Cooking the assado is a great pastime of Argentineans and the Pampas region thrives on this. The meat is actually grilled in a gaucho way in an open fire.


Pampas begins where Buenos Aires ends. This is a mesmerizing region filled with open grassland and occupies at least quarter part of the Argentinean region.

The Pampas are the homes to the legendary gauchos and offer the most of travel excitement in this part of the world in Argentina.

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