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  • Sleepless In Seattle Washington
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    Sleepless In Seattle Washington
    A rendezvous with Seattle is ideally commenced at the Pike Place Market, suitably hailed as the ‘Soul of Seattle’ located just over the Waterfront. This olden market having commemorated its 102th anniversary, spans nearly 9-acres with splendid sights of ferryboats and cargo ships gently gliding by the bay beneath, the freshest seafood transported right from the feral waters of the North Pacific Ocean, Pike Place Market bustling with a whole host of local and international gastronomic options, pubs, shops, booths, arcades, handmade pieces and lot more to amply cater to all ages. The Space Needle, the artistic genius of architect Edward Carlson, is a mimic of the spacecraft mores of the Cold War period, undoubtedly the pictogram of Seattle proffering scenic views of the city atop the observation tower. The humongous steel erection  [...]
    Posted at July 10th, 2009 at 05:07 am
  • Sundry Scenic Okavango Delta
    Sundry Scenic Okavango Delta
    One of the world most bio-diverse wilderness, as a potent river meanders its way from the highlands in Angola, tipping out athwart the huge, levelled plains in north Botswana forming the biggest inland delta globally, the majestic Okavango. It is Africa’s splendid and biggest oasis that is situated in the middle of the Kalhan sands. A treasure chest of sorts with a huge populace of 95 reptilian and amphibian forms, 72 small animal types, numerous grass-eaters like giraffe, roan, impala, red lechwe, buffalo, elephant, zebra, wildebeest, sable alongside sitatuga, the rare and near endangered wild dog, leopard, lion, cheetah, hyena, lion which prey on the herbivores. The delta ecology with its varying habitats from parched to inundated has more than thousand varied plant forms, an estimate of 35 million fish of close to 80 species-  [...]
    Posted at July 9th, 2009 at 08:07 am
  • Rio De Janeiro Carnival – Serenading Paradise Part – II
    Rio De Janeiro Carnival – Serenading Paradise Part – II
    North of Leme, at the foyer to the Guanabara Bay, one can embrace the bountiful bliss of the Sugarloaf Mountain aboard a cable car commencing at Praia Vermelha or head out to the lover’s haven – The Island of Paqueta to sop up the magical views of the De Janeiro skyline. The Fort Santa Cruz da Barra that guards the entry to the Guanabara Bay is ideally viewed from the peak of Sugar Loaf. The serene, historic landmarks of Urca and Praia Vermelha located along the Guanabara Bay and just about the Sugar Loaf Mountain is a worth-while watch. The unique rock arrangements atop the towering 2,762 feet high Pedra da Gavea close to the botanical gardens are discernible from kilometres away. One can hang glide from the close by Pedra Bonita eventually landing on the Cucumber Beach located in Sao Conrado. The Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is  [...]
    Posted at July 7th, 2009 at 08:07 pm
  • Facts About Rio De Janeiro – Serenading Paradise Part – I
    Facts About Rio De Janeiro – Serenading Paradise Part – I
    Imbibing the good times is what one grasps from the Cariocan spirit in Rio de Janeiro, state capital of Brazil, with its innate settings, jamboree times, samba, remarkable historic structures and a lot more best explored by metro, train , taxi, van or just treading the city by foot. A feeling of utter humility precipitates at the sight of the mammoth all-embracing statue of Christ the Redeemer, the crowning glory of the Corcovado Mountain which is among the New Seven Wonders of the World. One can revel in the festivities at the colossal secure stand in Sambodromo or sink into the urban wilderness of the subsequently biggest urban wilderness of the Tijuca Forest or the White Stone Park. The city chiefly comprises of the notable downtown, the sightseers hub-the South Zone aplomb with its pristine, famed beaches; the suburban North  [...]
    Posted at July 7th, 2009 at 11:07 am
  • Mystery Islands Of Greece – Part I
    Mystery Islands Of Greece – Part I
    The Greek Island of Angistri located in the Saronic Gulf, with calendar-perfect locales in a mere 8 square miles, is an exceptional place to stay in and still avail the great option to head off in a zippy to Athens. Mostly densely vegetated with pine-speckled beaches and the scenic village of Limenaria which hosts the famed saint Anthanasios easter festival in Kalivia. Other places of prime interest in close proximity are Poros, Yadra, Epidaurus and Corinth. The island of Poros comprises of two islands interconnected by a road bridge, Sferia, the miniature volcanic island, overlooked by the tourist hot-spot, Poros town and several pristine beach settings like the Calypso-a sand and stone comprised miniature beach, Nerion-sandy sea bottomed beach with several good eateries and water sports hub, Love Bay- sandy beach with stone based  [...]
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  • Cruise Control Destinations In The World – White Water Rafting
    Cruise Control Destinations In The World – White Water Rafting
    If adventure is fodder for your soul, then White water rafting is the ideal experience for you with a bountiful dose of thrills and chills to add to the fear factor. For an adrenaline rush try the Vaal River that commences from Pars or the Crocodile River in Johannesburg with rapid grade 1-3. The Mckenzie River in Oregon or the Tongariro River, Garth Oakden is famed for its continuous class III rapids. Himalayas and many rivers in North India provide rare rafting experience. For the penultimate experience try the 40-mile long stretch of Futaleufu River in Chile which cuts across the north tip of Patagonia which offers the world’s most tricky class V rapids. The Bio Bio rafting expedition has been increasingly turning out to be all the rage in Chile with throngs of rafters exploring the excitement and the kick of it. The mile-wide  [...]
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  • Plummeting Paradise Destinations – Bungy Jumping
    Plummeting Paradise Destinations – Bungy Jumping
    If you are looking for a break from the mundane activities and hum drum of usual vacationing and want to transition into an adventure-ridden, innate, pulsating, off-the-cuff holiday then check out these viable alternatives. If you like being flung off a dais at heavy speeds from raging heights, suspended mid-air upside-down, then check out the bungee jumping options at its birth place, Coasta Rica where its old Colorado River Bridge at 80 meters high and Penas Blancas offer good options. Check out the ‘Parabungy’ option in Cairns where one can experience the ultimate Bungy jump with splendid views of the Great Barrier Reef, tropical haven and the beaches. Try the feet at Taupo, New Zealand or the premier bungee bridge at 148 feet high and touch the waters at the Kawarau River. The Auckland Bridge Bungy or Rotorua Bungy proffers  [...]
    Posted at July 3rd, 2009 at 12:07 am
  • Perilous Beach Destinations – Beware Of The Mighty Jaws
    Perilous Beach Destinations – Beware Of The Mighty Jaws
    Scores of travellers throng endless beach coastlines to unwind in the sun-kissed white sands or immerse in the pristine waters for a dip or surfing stint. But many are taken unawares by burly currents or fatal shark attacks. Though many seemingly wise people claim that one’s probability to undergo shark fatalities is as rare as winning a lottery, there are many areas one must tread with careful concern. The basic thumb rule is not to venture in the early hours of dawn or dusk as it is the preferred time to feed. The New Smyrna Beach in Florida is the shark helm of the world with copious breed of Bull Sharks, Spinners and Blacktips spanning the shallow waters for a quick bite. With more than hundred cases of shark-man fatal encounters with nearly 20 bites on record. Despite this harrowing fact the place is open to all. The beaches  [...]
    Posted at July 1st, 2009 at 08:07 pm
  • Dreaded Dandelion Beaches
    Dreaded Dandelion Beaches
    The sea wasp also known as the stinger or box jellyfish is deemed the penultimate malice on earth above creatures like the black widow spider or rattlesnake to name a few. A single jellyfish has enough venom to take nearly 60 lives. This threat is prevalent throughout the year in the coast waters and islands in Thailand with places like Phang Na, Koh Mak where the relative of the box jellyfish, the Irukandjis prevail. These four tentacled, chironex-type has been sited from North Wales in UK to as far as Capetown. Even the UNESCO World Heritage listed Great Barrier in Australia which is a prime tourist magnet is closed for swimming during the months from November and May due to this menace with some places having special safety nets that are kept open. One can find the dreaded box jellyfish that has caused nearly 60 fatal cases in  [...]
    Posted at July 1st, 2009 at 12:07 am
  • Multifarious Melbourne City Travel
    Multifarious Melbourne City Travel
    The chic, multi-ethnic Melbourne is the Mecca for wide-ranging world class attractions. Experience the magnificent annual Moomba Parade with its splendid array of float displays in Technicolor which culminate to the final events of water-skiing, humorous trivia playoffs and bands. Soak in the adrenalin pumped tone at the scenic Albert Park during the four day Formula One Grand Prix, metal-on-metal thumping action at the V8 Supercar racing amongst a host of several exalted sporting events. Many throng the city for the annual NAB cup held at the Telstra Dome. Revel in the horticultural haven of the World Heritage listed Carlton Gardens and the majestic Royal Exhibition Building which hosts more than a decade old, annual top-rated Flower and Garden Show. The Carlton Gardens are domicile of the prized Melbourne Museum, IMAX theatres  [...]
    Posted at June 30th, 2009 at 07:06 am