Ocean Park Paradise In Hong Kong

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Ocean Park is the 170 miles long sparkling jewel of Hong Kong with an esteemed Forbes Listing and having million ardent visitors flocking to its step yearly. This gigantic ocean park has the Lowland and Highland Gardens where one can catch beautiful glimpses aboard the gondola as one moves from one to the other.

ocean parkThe Lowland is an innate haven where one can make their way through the Main Entrance. Revel in the majestic primordial temple structures, marquees and lanes. Get up close and personal with the gentle giant Pandas with interesting names in the Giant Panda Habitat where one gets a sense of their existence and habitation. A palaeontologist’s haven, the ‘Dinosaur Now and Then’ display gives a comprehensive image of various Dinosaur forms from the origin to their extinction. The Dolphin Breeding Centre is quite a rage with the kids as one can get a view of bottlenose dolphins, a few of whom originated from artificial insemination. Bird lovers can enjoy seeing the Amazing Birds Show or the Amazing Amazon that stretches near to 17,000square meters cover. Check rare varieties at the Butterfly House and the Goldfish Pagoda or soak in the bliss of the Water Paradise or engage in some diving, sliding and spiralling water sports.

As one undertakes the Gondola ride to reach the Headland section, one is dazzled by the enthralling sights of Hong Kong, the serene South China Sea and the marine settings of the park. As one enters through the Tai Shue Wan Entrance, check out the cryptic shaped fish bowl, the Atoll Reef, bursting with 400 forms of underwater forms or gape in awe as one passes through an underwater glass tunnel of the Shark Aquarium full of manta-rays and sharks swimming in their habitat. The Ocean Theatre has some splendid performances showcasing Sea Lions and Dolphins up to their hysterical, rib-tickling tricks which are quite amusing to youngsters. One can find seals and sea lions doing underwater histrionics at the Pacifier Pier. One can shake hands with ‘Whiskers’-The Sea Lion which is the Ocean Park mascot or view close to 2000 fishes swimming in a four storey aquarium.

Set caution to the winds by venturing in adventure rides of the Mine Train, Raging River, Crazy Galleon, twisty-turning Dragon, The Eagle, Space and Ferris Wheel. Ocean Park’s most stomach churning Abyss Turbo Drop lifts one to a massive height of 185 feet, i.e. about 20 floors and harmlessly drops one down in five flat seconds. The Flying Swing involves a chair ride where one is flung from 23 feet high in a spinning motion. The Roller Coaster ride is the longest ride involving loops and twists maxing close to 50 kilometres an hour with brief Ariel hanging in upside down mode.

ocean theater Ocean Park’s Cable Car Ride Giant Panda Habitat Headland Rides

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    The park has won several awards, including The World’s Seventh Most Popular Amusement Park and 33rd Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World by Forbes

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