Mystic Marfa Lights In Texas

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Make way to the land of ethereal, innate beauty, majestic sky line , which is synonymous to Marfa , the majestic Davis Mountains and the Big bend Area rich in varied animal forms, revel in the rich art culture, go zippy in one of the Glider rides or simply sift through the star-studded nights about town.

marfa lightsMany visit this quaint ranching town situated on the Chihuahuan Desert plateau in West Texas to revel in the Marfa Lights Festival which is held on Labour Day weekend where there is a carnival-like atmosphere with street procession that go on during day and night times, foodie paradise and live shows. The Marfa Lights Viewing Area, the base of the Chinati Mountains, is the ideal place to visit after dusk to get hypnotised by the sights of these tiny multi-colored, hued and intensity baffling lights that keep moving about in the skies and gradually disappear. These sights comprehended by many as illuminant minerals, phantom lights, static electricity has effectively grappled imaginations of many who throng the place to watch this spectacular phenomenon and try to gauge answers to it.

Another exceptional experience is nuzzled deep in the Chinati Mountains, West Texas being the Chinati Hot Springs. The 110 degree hot waters flowing from the ground, rich in essential therapeutic minerals like arsenic, Marfa Texas lithium to name a few is known to provide relief from various skin ailments, joint problems, stomach ulcers among many. One is bound to be refreshed in mind, body and soul as one soaks in these reinvigorating waters. One can trek, hike, biking along trails that pass through deep ravines, creeks, mountain ranges and be awed by the sight of rare forms of bird and animal types that thrive in the oasis.

Many ardent explorers have spanned the Big Bend which offers an exciting trio of river, mountain ranges and arid areas all combined in one. One could enjoy the float trips in Rio Grande that give you a rendez-vous of the mighty gorges, or hike up to the Chisos Mountains for an over-the-top experience or simply camp under the stars.

One must visit the base of the Davis Mountains, where the Balmorhea State Park offers unique opportunity to scuba-dive through the gigantic spring pool that gets its daily fresh intake from the San Solomon Springs. It an inexplicable sight to see oneself immersed in these pristine waters abuzz with varied aquatic life form.

courthousegiant Those stung by the aviation bug are bound to thoroughly enjoy gliding through the excellent soaring skies which have been spectators to numerous national World contests which take place at regular intervals.

One can find Artist Judd’s artistic legacy stretched across 340acres of military property which was the military hub during Mexican Revolution, in Fort D.A.Russell.

One can enjoy the sun-soaked sands of the Bombay beach in Marfa. This beach is situated on the east shore of the Salton Sea, which once  famous for its skiing and fishing locations, but has faced inimitable decline due to increase in brine levels.

For the artistically-literary inclined there are several sites of interest like the Chinati Foundation, the Judd Foundation, the Lannan Foundation, Ballroom Marfa which include live culture, arts and music shows.

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