Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 7

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lipariThe Lipari Island is the prime, dense populace Aeolian Islands in Italy. One can find majestic volcanic rises of the Monte Chirica, Monte Sant’Angelo, Monte Pelato and Monte Guardia, touching dizzy heights of 1000-2000ft. The chief source of livelihood range from the abundant olives, citrusy and tropical fruits, excavation of pumice, fishing, obsidian which is a glass obtained from the volcanic lava and last but not the least the flourishing tourism industry.

A visit to the famed Archeological Museum in Lipari that is a splendid warehouse of quarried remnants of the Neolithic era, prime attraction are the ceramic discoveries found in graves dating back to the Bronze and the Grecian era.

The dormant volcano called the Vulcano is a tourist magnet for its therapeutic hot water springs rich in sulphur deposits. The San Calagero has several spa rooms dating from the 18th century and sulphur- bicarbonate sputtering thermal mud baths.

At the south coast lies the famous Belvedere di Quattrocchi, where one can have a splendid view of the close by Vulcano Island and an overall view of the Lipari Island.

The north beach of Lipari Town and Cannetto are ideal for underwater adventures and enjoying the sandy ambience. As one ascends the Salita Melingunes from the harbour is the Piazza Mazzini, a huge complex of primordial buildings and a Greek Tower which belongs to the fourth century B.C. Another great archaic site is that of San Bartolo cathedral belonging to the 12th century.

spargiLa Maddalena, the Italian island in the Mediterranean island has been announced as the site to hold the G8 Summit in 2009. The military base on San Stefano where the majestic San Giorgio, an Italian Marine vessel is anchored, was the obvious choice to hold the global summit.  This island is largest island in the Maddalena Archipelago, located between North east Sardinia and Corsica. The place has retained its splendorous innate beauty and a great tourist haunt. The Cala Gavetta is the unifying symbolic place in Maddalena. There are two famous beaches of Cala Francese and Bassa Trinita with its picturesque settings, beautiful white-golden sands and blue hued waters. The island has distinctive rocky granite terrain and some ancient reinforcements. The island spreads twenty square kilometres wide along the Palau coast is ideally visited by big yatchs, boats and canoes. One can find the renowned La Maddalena National Park which houses some very unique species.

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