Mystery Islands of Greece- Part II

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dsc 0023Neo-archetypal loud coloured houses, quaint churches, time-honoured cafes, pebble strewn paths, archaeological paradise and pristine beaches are amongst the numerous attractions one finds in Aegina, the largest island in the Argo-saronic Gulf.

Located in the midst of the main Aigina port is the most visible sight of the Metropolis old temple of Virgin Mary. As one crosses the threshold of the Aigina port, the all-embracing sight of the largest chapel in Greece, the immaculately white Agios Nikolaos comes to one’s notice. Savour moussaka on the water’s edge, Melissos or keep a vigil out for any mermaids when touring Elounda’s lagoon that can be reached from Agio Nikolaos. Paleochora, the former capital of the city is dotted with nearly 20 churches some dating back to the 13th century with olden murals and figurines. The much revered Monastery of Nektarios situated close to the mountain of Paleochora is famed for its magical, therapeutic cures.

192296248inesec fsFrom the west side of the pine and pistachio trees speckled town, one can take a bus trip to the ultimate glory, the marvellous temple of Aphaea, an exemplar of well-maintained  Doric style enfolded by thick vegetation that helps keep the weather  pleasant. The temple of Apollo on the Hill of Kolona is the primeval 5th century monument devoted to the god.

The British Museum has the widest assortment of jewellery, the golden cup believed to be originated from the tombs of the Minoan colonists. The Archeological Museum of Aigina was the premier founded museum in Greece with its currently standing building built on the archaeological Kolona site.

223680722gjwnhv fsExplore the array of boutiques past the Dimokratias street or the elaborate cast iron work that adorn most Aegian households.

Aegina has some amazing beach like the sandy beach of Agia Maria located on the east of Aigina. Perdika Beach is an appealing beach that proffers rare views of the Peloponnese and over the islet of Moni. This attractive rock-sand combo beach is located in Perdika, the fishing village.

The Marathon beach in the sea facing Marathon town is the prime option with its cerulean waters and the pictorial inns close by. The famed medicinal hot and cold water springs in Souvala Beach are crowd pullers along with its translucent waters and sand and stone beach situated close to the Souvala village.

karavostasiAegina has a several bars dotted at the back of the waterfront. The Barracuda Bar pleasantly perched atop an artistically carved rock in the Agia Marina Beach is amongst the top visited bars. Mike’s Bar and The Inn are other must see bars.

Hydrofoil and ferry services during the summer start from Piraeus and efficiently transport one to Aegina.

Mystery Islands Of Greece – Part I

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  1. Dolly says:

    So many pristine beaches to visit explore, man! It must be worth on its own! Why do I need all the rest of archeological stuff & museum man………
    It’s like bonus, which should be a secret. Something you shared & gave me a new destination to plan for & rush there & have a blast.
    Ricky, it’s great help. Thanks.

  2. Tomm says:

    History, beautiful views, beaches & museums………..
    Hey……………….. it has all. Did this one come out of my ideas? That’s so ultimate! With Barracuda Bar, its just complete!

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