Mystery Islands Of Greece – Part I

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greeceThe Greek Island of Angistri located in the Saronic Gulf, with calendar-perfect locales in a mere 8 square miles, is an exceptional place to stay in and still avail the great option to head off in a zippy to Athens.

Mostly densely vegetated with pine-speckled beaches and the scenic village of Limenaria which hosts the famed saint Anthanasios easter festival in Kalivia. Other places of prime interest in close proximity are Poros, Yadra, Epidaurus and Corinth.

The island of Poros comprises of two islands interconnected by a road bridge, Sferia, the miniature volcanic island, overlooked by the tourist hot-spot, Poros town and several pristine beach settings like the Calypso-a sand and stone comprised miniature beach, Nerion-sandy sea bottomed beach with several good eateries and water sports hub, Love Bay- sandy beach with stone based water and  Askeli – the widest sand and stone speckled beach with celurean waters. Other famed beaches include the Kanali, Monastery and the Russian bay.

grecePoros is an archeological haven with the famed remnants of the Temple of Poseidon, the Liontari –the rock-strewn islet of Modi, the Moni Zoodochou Pigis- the awe-inspiring monastery around which the island’s sole water spring bearing therapeutic powers and the Archaeological museum of Poros. The clock tower situated picturesquely atop a mountain is the key landmark and the pride of Poros.

The charming island of Hydra or Ydra with its architectural beauty, no-vehicle policy with donkeys plying all major transportation, reverberating night life and hospitable, cosmopolitan life makes it a worthwhile visit.

epidavrosThere are two main villages on the Hydra Island, namely the main town, Hydra and the smallish village of Kaminia. The town of Hydra has a traditional setup with cafe-speckled harbour, quaint streets that spiral up to through the village, like the Tombazi street where one can trek it up or enjoy a donkey ride up, the Mialouli street that lies close to the amiable Monastery of Panagias and the Lignou street that winds up to the Kamini village where the tiny settlement of Vlichos is found. One can hitch a ride on the famed water taxis from the harbour to explore the pine-speckled Molos, the isolated bay of Agios Nikoloas or the Mandraki Beach lying east of the harbour. Though there is a dearth of lengthy sandy beaches, Hydra offers quite a few diving spots where one can explore the innate beauty of underwater life. One can kayak, enjoy a ride on the banana boats, rings at Bisti Bay or explore the nearby Dokos Island, Limnioniza beaches or discover the Ag.Nikolaos.

asklepeionEpidaurus- the abode of contemporary medicine and theatre has impressive places of visit like the premier mammoth site of the European hospital also called Asklepeion, the UNESCO World heritage Listed archeological site along with other masterpieces like the temple of Asklepios, the Tholos and the maginificent 4th century B.C.Theatre .

The ancient archaeological sites of Corinth, which was once considered the centre of vice and moolah, has famed sites like the temple of Apollo, temple of Aphrodite, museum, the Peirene Fountain which make Corinth a popular excursion destination.

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  1. Vick says:

    I like Hydra among all. It’s got it all what I look for: beach, fancy new never-tried-before tourist spots, adventure sports like diving combined in all. It’s rare & unusual. I will definitely tell you my experience when I come back.

  2. Raymond says:

    Who likes Donkey ride? I mean, that doesn’t sound like activity to look forward to as a tourist. Especially when we got Ferrari Enzo around! It’s my favorite.
    Anyways, apart from that, I think pictures & that theatre is terrific……….
    who knows, I might choose it.

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