Mysterious tours in the Uaxactun ruins in Guatemala

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Visit Guatemala which is a great land to be in, while you are on a travel expidition. Come here and enjoy the beauty of the adventurous thrill that one gets in the escapades here. There is something really special and mysterious about this region and so all tourists make it a point to keep special tours to the ruins here which are great tour attractions in this part of the world.

Visit the Uaxactun ruins in Guatemala and go back with great travel delights and tour memories. This is a very important Maya site and is situated in the Peten region in Guatemala tours. This is a place that is made up of many groups of buildings and has been existing since 500 BC. The building is the observatory and has a fascinatingly decorated staircase with stucco masks as decorations.

Uaxactun was a great centre for many ceremonies in the past and is actually compared many times to Tikal. It has been a very important part of Mayan archaeology and has had great ceramic styles in the Classic periods. Around 25 miles from Tikal, these ruins are found in the Maya Biosphere of the Guatemala region. Uaxactun means “Eight Stones” and it has four main structures that are found aligned to the solstices and equinoxes and so archaeologists believe that they were in use during the times of the Mayans.

Uaxactun ruins in Guatemala

The importance of Uaxactun as a great astronomical sight and a ceremonial locale is seen in the way the ruins lay today. The Group E is the most enchanting of these ruins and is around a quarter hour walk to the south of the airstrip here. The E1, E2, and E3 structures are arranged north to south and form a great observatory and in fact this is the first round observatory in the world of the Mayans.

Structure E-VII-B has an observation point from the Maya could see the sun rising and also were able to identify the equinoxes and the solstices. So the autumn and the spring equinox and the summer solstices were all identified well from here. This foundation goes back to the times of 2000 BC and the Structure E-VII-B is magnificent with its truncated pyramid with four sides and a staircase. There are masks of turtles, jaguars, parrots and eagles that border the structure. There is a very impressive stele on the eastern stairway and it is carved on the four sides depicting the observation point. This is a place where you would also get to see the Mayan Arch and also the main pyramid. There have been many excavations here and these have destroyed many temples and these in the process of being restructured today. Uaxactun is a place which is located on an unpaved road and there is a jungle closely and there is an airstrip here which is not in use but has been built for convenience. There are many residents of Uaxactun who make their living from gathering all spice, chicle, and xate palm leaves.

Structure E-VII-B

The year 2012 sees a great upliftment of the Maya culture and thus the Uaxactun ruins gathers a great place in the tours here. There is going to be a yearlong celebration with the upliftment of Maya culture and the development of many ceremonies.

Thus this Middle Preclassic site came into being sometime in the Late preclassic times. The initial name was actually Siaan K’aan meaning Born in heaven. The name Uaxactun was selected for reference to a stone that goes back to the 8th b’aktun. Though the ruins are really not very well preserved Uaxactun has a great attraction for many coming there.

There are small lodging and dining options here which make up the forest community here. The Campamento El Chiclero is a popular accommodation here and with the camp and hammock facilities it is very popular here.

During the spring and the autumns equinox, Uaxactun is replete with a lot of celebrations and there are sunrise ceremonies performed by the learned Maya or tatas who are spiritual leaders and nanas who are female spiritual leaders. There is lot of singing and dancing and specially trained athletes perform the dances. Enjoy this cultural feat by living in a home stay.


One can visit Uaxactun from El Remate, Tikal of Flores. There is a bus from Santa Elena which reaches Uaxactun.

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