Truly spectacular – the Milford Sound Geographical Features

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A world renowned natural wonder where you will witness spectacular waterfalls running down in the sea making a gushing sound, lushly covered dense rainforests, Milford sound is aptly the most famous visitor destination in New Zealand. Acc. To a Maori legend, a Godly figure, Tu Te Raki Whanoa carved the Fiordland and yes this place is God’s own creation. It seems that the almighty has bestowed Milford sound with bounties of nature. Milford sound geographical features receive rainfall almost 182 days of the year, thus making it the wettest place in New Zealand. But this also not stops the tourist to keep flocking in and marvel at its majestic beauty.

Milford Sound Geographical Features

Number of scenic cruises and an underwater observatory provides wide view of the black coral and underwater life. World famous for azure wilderness and unmatched water sport activities like kayaking, diving, sailing, the Milford sound geographical features also let the visitors go hiking the mountains, boating and even camping, thus a fun filled adventure. Accessible by Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand and the township of Te Anau, visitors can choose accordingly. Believed to be discovered by Maori, the first traveller that landed in Milford sound was John Grono.

Milford sound kayaking

The sightseeing at the Milford Sound geographical features will spellbound the visitors. The visitors after taking buses from any of the two connecting towns are taken to Milford sound through the Milford road. Through the way the vehicle also crosses the Homer tunnel which then leads the passengers through the rain forest carpeted canyons leading to the sound. Though in good condition and maintained properly, the fear of avalanches always remain green. In winters due to regular snow fall the danger is more. But this doesn’t stop the inquisitive naturalist to explore the majestic beauty of Milford sound geographical features. The visitors who take the Milford road for reaching the sound opt for scenic flight to return to the base. Flights will take them over hanging valleys, rugged coastline and alpine lakes making their return journey memorable as their expedition to the sound.

The Milford Deep Observatory which is nestled in the Harrison’s cave will take the visitors 10.4 meters below the sea surface to let them see and enjoy the black and red corals along with aquatic plants and animals like sea stars, horse mussels, sponges and many more. No doubt why Fiordland was awarded the best global destination award for the year 2008. Though the threat of avalanches is more in winter still the crisp clean air, blue skies and snow capped mountain peaks, varied flora and fauna, majestic waterfalls all combine to make winter a great time to visit Fiordland.

Milford Deep Observatory

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    I have a kid whom I wanted to show the geographical attractions in New Zealand..We took a trip there a couple of months ago, and I ‘d like to share with you my experiences on Milford Sound..

    We would like to thank our tour guide who was helpful enough to provide my little kiddie and me with sound information on the myths surrounding the place…My kid and me really enjoyed our entire stay here..The bus in which we were traveling had an attached emergency toilet too..

    We were lucky to find a small boat with a very good guide..A lot of views are amazing and the scenic beauty is astounding!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful experience New Zealand!

  2. Xenia says:

    A trip to the Milford sound geographical features is a must for an traveler or tourist visiting New Zealand..If you are heading else where, turn around and go to this place..It is simply amazing!

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