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Mesa Verde stands proudly with its inherited association to more than 20 American Indian tribes, splendorous display of primordial stone- age existence, enchanting mountainous views, harrowing valleys, several towers and salubrious climate. Its rich, absorbing cultural influx is evident as one visits the Mesa Verde National Park.`

Mesa Verde National Park

The  Mesa Verde National Park, a drive away from Colorado, is over a century old national park which bears premier, prominent mention in the UNESCO World Heritage listing. The observation points and peaks in this national park touch amazing, dizzy heights of about 8,500ft.

Mesa Verde ColoradoThe key areas of prime interest revolve around the two ruins of Balcony House and the Cliff Palace. As one treks the mountain terrains to reach Balcony House, which is renowned for its cliff dwellings, exceptional covered havens where Red Indian communities existed and prospered. One is in complete awe at the sights of intricate stone hamlets in the covered niches of the valley walls. Due to inhospitable conditions, the people in these places moved out.

The Balcony House built at a height of 600ft. above valley floor, beneath a rock, and has around 40 rooms that were inhabited by the American Indians in and around 12th century. Most of the cliff places of abode were only dwelled in for about a century. The stones, bolsters and swathes found in the Balcony House and the cliff dwellings are absolutely authentic. The place of primal importance in the Balcony House was the ceremonial room made of wood and clay, the kivas, multi-purpose, underground round rooms used for auspicious occasions and get-togethers, prayer area, rest rooms, healing areas for the sick and even added up to a cooking area.

They received their water through water leaching springs caused by rains and water percolation through the malleable stonework. The egress of the Balcony House is quite magnificent as one comes out of it. One is just left dazed with the intricate meshwork of tunnels one has to cross to come out of here.

sun temple in mesa verde

The Cliff Palace, the best preserved archaeological site in US, accessed through ladders, has a larger number of rooms and kivas, but no direct seepage water facility. On descent, one comes across the Spruce Tree House cliff house built between the 12th and 13th century, have roof tops with one of them open to travellers. A drive away is the Far View Ruins, where the Red Indians lived before they commenced building cliff dwellings. The Badger House Community Ruins and the Pueblo Indian Ruins have battered the vagaries of nature but still register their impact on one’s mind.

Another landmark is the Sun temple holds significance in Pueblo Indian culture as a site for auspicious occasions and is truly an architectural marvel with its unique, symmetrical D-shape.

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