Meditation Camp at BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu – Day 4

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Not until now did I know the true story behind Brahmakumaris and I seriously didn’t know what was the main aim of this spiritual organization, thank you dadiji for adding to my knowledge the deep concern for Brahmakumaris. I respect all the BK members and the people who are voluntarily helping this organization in varied activities. The morning was usual with meditation (Amrut Vela) starting at morning 4:00 a.m., I was so refreshed then even after sleeping late at night, I didn’t feel a single minute of sleepiness, such was the effect here especially because of peaceful, charming environment. Meditation doesn’t require you to think over something, its just plain concentration, now after nearly 4 days being here I got quite familiar about how to meditate and concentrate. When you are sitting or talking to people you are in conscious mind where as you talk to god in an unconscious state of mind while in meditation, you know internally that he is the soul being who is the creator of the world and human beings. Nothing can happen without his wishes and so you surrender your whole and soul for the welfare of people who are in need, that need may be in a form of knowledge, resource or the skills that you possess and people want to know.

Meditation Camp
I was so lost to the deepest core of my heart in meditation I nearly didn’t want to move from meditation hall but as the time was up for the breakfast, we went there, had lovely breakfast, refreshed ourselves and was back for Dadiji session. Today, was nearly a perfect day for all those people who got frustrated or angry easily and also for the people who cannot let go anything off their minds. Some people have this tendency of blabbering over and over again of how they got insulted, or how someone insulted them, etc. this lesson was especially for them, the way dadiji explained us the very concept of the truth, and that truth lives alone in the end whether may be this year or thousands of years later. In this rat race, no one has time for anyone, not even the family members – Dadiji explained us how we can set our minds free by forgiving someone, forgiveness is the tool which can heal any type of wounds, unless you have that forgiveness factor in you, you cannot set your minds free and keep nagging over things someone did to you.

She explained us, “Forgive & Forget Philosophy of life” and seriously I felt my mind getting relieved, forgiving each and everyone I was angry on, as they say, “Anger is one word short of the word – DANGER”, when you are angry you are in danger. Anger is such an emotional factor in human body that it doesn’t consider anything except for his personal ego, there are so many relations, which have broken apart due to anger. A person cannot control his emotional self-while in anger and says whatever comes to his mind and doesn’t even bother what effect that will have to the other person but this is a way of venting out their anger. A kind word can change relationships while a harsh word can ruin your relationship, you have to choose which word you have to follow, although some might in fact almost all of you must be wanting to select the kind word but circumstances are such that they are forced to use such words, isn’t it? So the best solution is to forgive them who hurt you and also forget about the incident, this would be more cheerful way of living life ahead.

god Krishna
For the evening class, Dadiji told us the story of Dada Lekraj, who started this spiritual organization, Baba was, as he is called, got realization at the age of 60 years from god Shiv that he is here for a reason and that he has to do lots of things to change the world and make it a better place. Baba was anyways a godly person, he used to go for all religious ceremonies and belonged to wealthy rich diamond merchant family. He had 4 children and was living life peacefully doing his religious duties and he often visited and held satsung (where a person talks about religious rituals, god, way of living, etc.). One day while he was having dialogue with his audience, people started seeing god Krishna in him with all his jewels and flute while he was still in plain white clothes. This was the time, people started realizing him as godly figure and his popularity grew and many of them became regulars to the satsung and as baba saw the future he opened one unit where people can seek peace and solace and there were many females and young girls who were more attracted towards the path of enlightened living which baba taught and so they decided to stay with him and surrendered themselves to the godly service, there were almost like 400 BK members then and the Dadijis who teach us lessons today were very young then, they did their studies and achieved professional degrees while still being at Brahmakumaris.

mount abu
There were lots of ups and downs when baba started of with the organization but he overcome them all and with god’s blessings, today they have over 9000 centers including peace park and meditation centers. At 9:00 pm in the evening, we were to gather at harmony hall to watch the most awaited cultural program, some BK members sung Hindi traditional songs while others who had come for the camp arranged for dance program as there were many people who had come from IFFCO which is a fertilizer company they arranged songs which said the importance of soil, the seeds and the trees and also the hard work put up by the farmers. The BK member sung the song in both female and male’s voice while yet another one made noises of different kinds of animals and birds, it was seriously an entertaining program, we all enjoyed to the fullest and could not stop laughing over it again and again. It was already 11:00 in the night then and we were all rushing back to our rooms for tomorrow’s yet more interesting day at the camp.

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