Meditation Camp at BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu – Day 3

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This was the day I was really looking forward to as we were supposed to meet NikunjBhai, BK member, he joined Brahmakumaris at the age of 13 years and its been now 20 years he has been giving his services to Brahmakumaris. The morning was usual with morning meditation sessions starting at 4:00 A.M. in the morning, they term this morning meditation time as Amrut Vela. It’s been 2 days I have been practicing meditation in the morning and I am already feeling so, full of energy and enthusiasm towards life. I started feeling that I have found new meaning to life and that life has much more to offer us then actually what we have. As I have already mentioned that Raja Yoga is a mind exercise for body, mind and soul, I could sense my life moving towards more enlightened way of living, the way yogis of ancient ages used to. Meditation is such a tool in today’s fast paced world that it can change your attitude towards life and calms your mind from daily frustration you go through in office, or on roads, or on traffic jams, or with your bosses.

The meditation class got over at 6:30 and we were then anxiously waiting for Dadiji session to start as today we were supposed to learn about self-management lessons, I will tell you, such lessons I have not even learned in my B-school. As dadiji started with the class, she made the point clear that earlier it used to be the term “self control” but as the years passed, out of embarrassment, people started using the word “self management” instead of the word self control. If someone speaks just about self-control, and says that he will do self control then he has to control himself but as he started using the word management in stead of control, it meant he will manage himself. Now there is a vast different between the 2 words, here the lessons which we learnt are going to be forever with me as I gained a lot from her. The 3 main functions to self-management are to possess the qualities like 1) ability to change, 2) the willingness to change and 3) directions to change. As the word self-management gets derived from the word self, its all about self you have to get going with its very necessary to control ourselves in whatever situations the life brings us to.

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May whatever be the situation, we have to control ourselves, dadiji gave us live examples of today where younger generations use modern technology and their way of living is totally different from their parents or grandparents, if parent don’t adjust to the changing atmosphere of today’s generation there are going to be problems and if no adjustments are made there are going to be problems so its better, either of the parties makes some adjustments so as to live life peacefully. If no adjustments are made in life then people are going to suffer and there wouldn’t be any happiness in life. At the end, dadiji gave us one masterpiece advice, that we have to face the truth and bring change in your life so that others feel comfortable with you, and change is the only solution and adjustments are the key to lasting happiness with your family, friends, relatives and colleagues. It took nearly 5 hours for dadiji to make us understand the real truth of self control and we were so engrossed in her talks, we dint get bored nor did we think of moving from our seats. After the session was over, we had our lunch and the afternoon was spent in resting, after a quick nap I browsed some books at Literature Department, which had the wealth of books, I was seeing for the first time in my life. They had all the books relating to self management, how to spread happiness, the history of Brahmakumaris and lots of other books. They had the vast store of books which really made my day, I collected a few of them which I really found interesting and I have already started reading one, may be in future I might share that book with you.


In the evening we had a small dialogue with Nikunj bhai, so all of us from Mumbai group gathered in meditation hall, as Nikunj bhai entered the hall we invited him in silence by waving our hands and took some positive vibrations from him, he explained us about the philosophy of life and how practicing Raja Yoga is going to help us in our life, to solve life’s problem and to face all the adversities of life. A little bit of here and there talks, we were called upon on stage to seek his blessings in groups, he gave each of us divine food (cookie) to eat with his own hands and quickly we were all set to click photograph with him. Over all it was a nice session and he blessed each of us to live our lives more fully and more enthusiastically. Back to our rooms, I was feeling so happy and blessed to having met him personally, such a divine personality with spiritual power to change people’s life, I have never seen in my lifetime. In no time, I could see myself dozing off to sleep, for tomorrow’s busy interesting day to come. It’s going to be a great day, I know that already!


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Meditation Camp at BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu – Day 2

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