Meditation Camp at BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu – Day 2

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The day opened up with lovely brightened skies and chirping birds all over the campus. The beautiful smell of flowers and the breeze passing by our window made me feel so energetic and full of love for life. Today the meditation started at 4’O clock in the morning, the 2 halls specially made for conference purpose and meditation purpose were in the same building, morning meditation sessions are held in the meditation hall while the afternoon Dadiji’s (Grandmotherly figure) session are held in the harmony hall on the top floor of the building. The harmony hall could accommodate a capacity of 500 people at a time, it was red lit and people were sitting in meditation looking at the point of light on the stage area, low meditation music was being played in the background which made me feel so enveloped with positive vibrations, in a while Dadiji came and sat on the chair and as we sat on the first rows, we could feel positive vibrations from her which was encouraging positivity in our lives, we sat there meditating nearly for 1 hour and I could sense my body full of energy. It was 6:30 in the morning then so after refreshing ourselves we moved towards Baba’s Room, the room was cool and calm with positive vibes all over the place, we stood there in silence for nearly 1 hour, I felt except for spreading love, happiness and peace there is nothing to achieve in this world, it made me so calm from inside, the 2 opposite worlds where we slog day in and day out living a country life to earn money and here at BRAHMA KUMARIS where everything was all about peace and happiness.

I felt an inner force which encouraged me to achieve everything and anything in life, I felt I am electrified and can spread a peace of happiness across to people. The afternoon was free with us so we decided to visit the famous Delwara Temple of Mount Abu, the temple which has a rich heritage and cultural history. The main temple consists of 5 different temples belonging to different Gods. It was built by the famous brothers from Gujarat named Vastupal and Tejpal, which were ministers of Virdhaval Solanki, the ruler of Gujarat. The temple was made with a total cost of 12.9 million in the year 1231 A.D., the temple is dedicated to Lord Neminath – the 22nd tirthankar of Jainism. Other shrine was built by Vimal Shah, the minister and commander in-chief of Bhimdeo the ruler of Gujarat state – this shrine was built in the year 1031 A.D., at the cost of 18 million, 53 lacs Rupees, the shrine used 1500 masons and nearly 1200 laborers worked to built this beautiful piece of art. The construction of the temple took nearly 14 years and is dedicated to 1st Jain Tirthankar, Adinath Dev. The climate was average here, not too hot, not too cold as we entered the temple inside, I felt a coolness around me, the art structure of the temple mesmerized me, each of its pillars, structures, rooms were carved on marble. Each pillar had unique designs, some were the structures of dancing women or circular patterns with lotus designs, some were diagrams and many such varieties.

Mount abu

Seeing its beauty I can clearly state why it took nearly 14 years to build this beautiful place which had unique designs and patterns, no single part of the temple was left plain, each pillars and domes were designed to give a taste of traditional India. As I mentioned earlier too, it had 5 such unique temples and each god shrine was decorated with unique marble carved pieces and were surrounded by little shrines of the rest 24 Tirthankars, it was really huge, it must have took lots of manpower, thinking process for the architectural design and arranging the structure to make this unique piece of art. I was feeling so lucky to have visited this place because only the lucky ones get invited by the god to seek his blessings. The temple is open to visitors only after 12 noon while the morning period is especially dedicated to Jains to perform their religious duties. Each of the temple domes were uniquely carved from inside, no repeat of designs, such works can only be found in India, I can assure you of that.

dilwara temple

When we came out of the temple nearly after one hour, we were a little thirsty so decided to have the famous Goti Soda here which is made of mint leaves and aerated water, it was really tasty and quenched our thirst big way. I felt energetic all over again and was ready for our next session at BRAHMA KUMARIS. After having traditional Marwari (Caste) food we were all on to our beds to have rest to charge up ourselves for our first rajyog class in the evening. In the evening we all gathered at harmony hall to seek Dadi’s blessings and also learning the Rajyog which is a mind exercise for body, mind and soul. The exercise made us realize who we are and for what purpose we have come to the earth and what is our motto. It said only one thing in the end, to spread love and happiness, meditation as its core strategy by gazing at the point of light. I enjoyed the session and also written few notes on them so as to refer them later. It was late in the evening then and I dint even realize where the whole time had passed, after the session we reached out to dining hall for food as we were all so hungry, the climate was cold outside but I enjoyed every bit of it. Tomorrow is going to be next very interesting class on Self Management, and I am really looking forward to it. Good bye, see you tomorrow.

Dilwara Ceiling dilwara temple mount abu dilwara-temple

Meditation Camp At BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu

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