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The Newport Tower is a great attraction in this part of the world in Rhode Island in USA. This is also called the Round Tower and has been said to actually have been a windmill. It is believed that this windmill was built sometime in the 17th century. The tower attracted the attention of many due to the belief that the tower is centuries old, and it represents the proof of having connection with the pre  Columbian era The New port Tower is located in the Region of Touro Park, on top of the Mill Street. It has a great historical region surrounding it and faces the waterfront here. There are collections of18th century paintings that exhibit that the hill actually once displayed a great view of the harbour and was witness to innumerable mariners in the bay of Narragansett. Today however there is lot of tree growth here and this obstructs the view.

The Newport is not circular in shape. The diameter of this structure from the south east to the northwest is around 22 feet and 2 inches the diameter is around 23 feet 3inches from the east to the west. At a height of around 28 feet this tower has a width of around 24 feet on the outside. With around 3 feet thick walls, there is a chamber here. There are four windows that penetrate the chamber. There are three small chambers at the upper storey There is a fireplace on the west window and this has a grey stone backing it and has nooks bordering it

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The tower has been described as an old stone mill in the year 1741. In the year 1760, the Tower was actually used as a haymow. In the year 1767 it was shown to have been used as a powder store. It has been marked as a Stone Wind Mill in the year 1776 in De Barre’s Plan . Sometime back during the time of the American Revolution , this tower was used by all the Americans as a hideout and was a ammunition storage centre for the British

The tower is said to be more than 500 years old. There is a certain geometry that is associated with this pace. It shows the Inspiration Peak, in Minn The Tower has been respected and revered for many thousands of years. As per the geoglyphs here, the Tower dates back to many years back. The Stonehenge geoglyph belongs to the year 3100 BC.

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People  in North America built this Newport Tower for two purposes. One  was to show a way to the Inspiration Peak. The other reason was to endorse the knowledge  of the territory and claim North America by way of this Inspiration peak. It is said that the predecessors of this place had been existing since ancient times. Geoglyphs found around the world represent proofs of mapping done by people. It is believed that  this mapping was for a region which later on went  on to become the United States

It is said that the Colonists came here in the new world and found the structure in this region of Rhode Island. The explorers who came here saw that the tower has been there since the explorations of North America in the earlier times. In fact there are enough evidence to prove that the tower has been existing in North America since long The Newport Tower is a great landmark here in North America. But it is the Newport Island that has been the main focus of civilizations around the world for more than thousands of years.

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It is still not known who built this 28 foot structure right in the middle of the Rhode Island.  But its fieldstone cylinder and eight pillars ensure that it has been built by the Vikings and the Chinese Explorers alongwith the Portuguese Noblemen, or the Scottish Knights Templar who could have built it. The tower has origins of the Masonic type and is believed to have been the brainchild of benedict Arnold a colonial governor.

It has been proved to have been built such that it points to the Inspiration peak, the Cat Island and the Saint Lawrence Seaway. In fact Inspiration Peak was identified by this tower. The Cat Island in the Bahamas was the place where it is believed Columbus first landed

Thus the Newport Tower is a fascinating structure that has purely been built for geographical and historical reasons.

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