Legendary San Francisco City, California

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Set amidst an enchanting location at the tilt of the mesmerizing slim peninsula and concentrated along the California Coast, it absorbs an area of barely 48 hilly square miles. A beguiling small city situated in U.S. is the most favorable location and remains to be the most marvelous with exciting flavors comprising of jazzy, distinctive and liberal and all these unique charming huddled into one tiny city. Its populace prides it for being a cultural equivalent to its cousin in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is popular for the last bastion of civilization on the lunatic border of America.

An enthralling comprehensive location is available at an easy access where the business center streets lead the way for the rising gradients that facilitate for a breath-taking bird’s eye view of the surrounding locales comprising of the city, the bay and ahead of it. Also, the miasma reclining in the sky distinctly encompasses the city with haze. It is a majestic view of the city that serves certainly as an eye-opener. Make sure that you behold this spectacular sight. Unlike California’s continuous blue skies and the humdrum warmness, this location’s temperatures unusually cross the 70’s and in summer, it can plunge to a lower temperature.

This city has a rich historical background, which has experienced the Ohlone Indians as its original inhabitants, however there stay was not for long and there existence came to an end just after few years of stay when the Mission Dolores established in 1776. They were the sixth in the chain of Spanish Catholic Missions that ran throughout the length of California. Past two years, in the year 1846 when the Americans took place of Mexicans, the unveiling of gold mines in the Sierra foothills saw a swift speed of exciting gold rush. After this, the city experienced massive developments; within a year over fifty thousand initiated a long voyage from the west and east from China. This influx transformed the then inhospitable surroundings of sand dunes and mucky hamlet into a flourishing supply center and a transit town.

A major development i.e. the ‘Transcontinental Railroad’ became a part in the year 1869. However, the city also witnessed some unconventional things like San Francisco lost its hands over law. It then became a thriving raucous town of bordellos and drunkards. The elite sections of the society utilized the stuffs in evolving some key developments like they hit it big on the much more dependable silver Comstock Load. They worked efficiently for constructing the broad avenues and boulevards, cable car systems and enhance more charm to the Victorian Redwood Mansions.

San Francisco

However this long happiness period couldn’t stay for long as the city’s Golden Era was hit hard by gigantic earthquake, the predicament didn’t cease in this much, later 3 days of unremitting fire burnt flames in the town and wiped the significant town in the year 1906. This followed facelift of the city which evoked more magnificence than before. Ahead the small town sheltered the impressive writers like Dashiell Hammett and Jack London. The year 1920 and 1930 noticed the construction of the architectural milestones comprising of Coit Tower, the Golden Gate and Bay bridges. After the World War II, Los Angeles caste shadow on the city of San Francisco and transformed itself as the Main West Coast City. But this did not suppress the tiny town of San Francisco from evolving its talent; it evolved with a fresh cultural prominence. In the fifties, it came up with beats and during the sixties; it stole hearts by its hippies. Also, in 1967, its Haight-Ashbury district became notorious for illicit activities that were on the rise like the blend of music, protest, rebellion and drugs that figured out “Summer of Love.” San Francisco’s image as a flourishing liberal haven entices inhabitants to settle in its land from allover the conventionalist U.S. it is expected that its half of the population has a different origin.


Truly, San Francisco is a city that is dynamic and re-invigorating itself to a evolving and looked after town in the entire Earth. One must credit the hefty population of the singles and gay who dispose their incomes which helps in development of this city. San Francisco which is famous as “Gay Capital of the World” has contributed a major hand for the dot. com revolution. The wealth treasure that accumulated with people brought a steep rise in the real estate property and it was a Herculean task to earn flats in San Francisco; however the downfall of IT companies helped in alleviating the situation and bringing back to economic levels. After the city’s low’s and high’s, it is still competent and manages to stand out and shine in the eyes of the tourists.

San Francisco San Francisco City

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