The Leaning Tower of Pisa

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa, a masterpiece and the pride of Italian architecture was built over a whopping 177 years.This magnificent construction took place in three stages. As early as the year 1173, saw the beginning of the construction of the first marble floor consisting of engaged columns.

Then after a period of five years, came the twist in the tale. While work was in full swing on the third floor of the tower, the unusual happened. The tower began to sink into the foundation. A weak unstable foundation only three meters in depth was the culprit. But history had its mind set on the completion of the glorified tower. And hence almost a century the work on the tower was abandoned as the province of Pisa was busy engaging its neighbors in the battlefield. And so time healed and so did the soil of the foundation, which only great stronger with time elapsed.

As construction resumed in the year 1272, steps were taken to stabilize the permanently tilted structure. The floors built then onwards had one side taller then the other.’Giovanni di Simone’ was the architect of the tower. The construction of the seventh floor was completed in the year 1319. Tommaso di Andrea Pisano is credited with the addition of the bell chamber to the tower in 1372.He effortlessly blended the Gothic elements of the bell chamber with the Romanesque feel of the tower. There are seven bells in the bell chamber. The bells reflect the seven musical notes. In 1655 the largest of the bells was incorporated. The fifth bell is older then the bell chambers itself and used to ring on the Easter Day.

Leaning tower of pisa
Even today the structural strengthening of the tower is an ongoing progress, considering the historical heritage of the Tower of Pisa. Controversy surrounds the original architect of the Tower of Pisa, with many big names contesting the title. Recent studies however hold ‘Diotisalvi’ as the architect of the Wonder Tower. The Tower of Pisa stands tall at a height of 58.36 meters from the foundation. There are 296 steps to reach the top of the tower.

Galileo Galilee the famous astronomer and scientist is said to have dropped two canon balls from the Tower. He hence demonstrated the relation between mass and speed at the historical setting of tower of Pisa. The Nazis discovered the importance of the Tower during the World War 2. During the World War the monumental Tower gave strategically advantage to the Nazis who used it as a Observatory post.

Leaning Tower of Pisa tours

In the year 1987 the Tower of Pisa was acknowledged as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The Tower of Pisa was also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Tower stopped titling in May 2008 when engineers stabilized the structure. It is now said to be stable for another 200 years.After all the applause and envy, came some dressing down. Many German churches challenged the structure for its tilted pride. Last month, June 2010, the Leaning Tower of Pisa lost its crown of the most tilted man-made tower. The Guinness World Records pronounced the Capital gate Building in Abu Dhabi, UAE as the World’s Furtherest Leaning Tower made by man.

The leaning tower of pisa

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  1. cane says:

    the pride of italy, the leaning tower of pisa not so tall but 58.36 meters, though had a small fall as five years passed after it had come up, the marvellous building was resumed in 1272. thsi building of 7 floors was designed by Giovanni di Simone’.

    the bell chamber here is even more fabulous, the 7th bell rings on the easter day, which is also an attraction to not only christians but all of italy.
    not easy but to have a hectic walk of of 296 steps to reach the beautiful certain Many German churches challenged the structure for its tilted pride. the saddest part is that in june’10 it lost its crown of the most tilted man-made tower. in the guiness book it is the pronounced the Capital gate Building in AbuDhabi, and in the UAE as the World’s Furtherest Leaning Tower made by man.

  2. Gianna says:

    Leaning Tower of Pisa is a very famous work is of Romanesque style
    It dates back to the year 1174.

    Cylindrical in shape it is supplied with six open galleries.

    A cornice separates these galleries one from the other and each presents a series of small arches fitted on the capitals of the slender columns.

    A marvelous piece of architecture!

    Cool post! :-)

  3. Abby says:

    I ‘ve been to leaning tower of Pisa and it’s simply incredible!
    It was built with a foundation but the ground below it was continuously sinking from the time it started getting constructed!

    In the base of Leaning Tower of Pisa, there is a series of big blind arcades with geometrical decorations.

    In the belfry there is the same design of arcades as that of the base, with the difference that here, there are, apart from the reduced proportions, the housings of the bells, which is just awesome!

  4. Fredd says:

    Wow Abby,

    I thought that the Tower of Pisa was constructed that way, in a leaning position.

    Even today, unfortunately, the great mass continues to sink very slowly. It is a question of about 1 mm. every year.

    Nobody has yet stated with mathematical precision that this sinking will continue in the future at the present yearly rate.

    Adequate measures, based on scientific studies and projects, are under consideration as remedies to the sinking of ground below the leaning tower of Pisa.

    In the meantime supervision with instruments of very high precision is continuously being carried out.

    Hope they can save the Tower of Pisa which is Italy’s pride.

    Nice post! :-)

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