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Qatar Airways has announced that they would further expand its intensely growing network and has now five passenger routes, with a lot of cargo services. It has increased its capacity to many destinations connecting directly from Doha which is the airline’s hub.

Serbia, Iraq, Tanzania, and Myanmar are the major regions which are the passenger routes and are in the process of being expanded. There are new freighter service that is going to be introduced in South Africa, Pakistan, Korea, Oman and South Africa. The passenger flights and their frequency are going to be increased in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Qatar Airways

There was an expansion programme that was inaugurated on the opening day of the world’s largest travel show – The ITB in Berlin.

Then the city of Erbil and the capital Baghdad in Iraq are introduced to the Middle East Network regions of the carrier. This would be done in the months of May and June.

Then there is going to be a second point in Tanzania and many new flights to Kilimanjaro. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia which is the latest addition to the European network of the airline. In the month of September Myanmar would once again have Qatar Airways in its network again. The city of Yangon would be served for the airlines in the month of October after a break of four years.

The airline also announced that there would be a lot of start ups to many international destinations in the year 2012, like the Kigali in Rwanda, Zagreb, Perth, MOmbas, Helsinki, and Gassim in Saudi Arabia etc.

Qatar Airways also announced that there would be an expansion to the four new routes of Seoul, Karachi, Johannesburg and Muscat. There are presently a fleet of six freighters to around 33 destinations in the world.

Qatar Airways
The airline has a strategy to increase the frequency of the routes that exist today and has many choices for the passengers. Qatar airways are thus increasing the number of flights in this network from the beginning of the Northern Summer flying schedule.

The route in Kuala Lumpur region in Asia would also be expanded to around 17 flights daily from the regular two flights a day. The daily service to Jakarta would have another three flights which have a capacity of around 10 a week.

In Europe there would be a fifth daily flight that would be introduced on the London Heathrow route and would thus have a new flight in Doha. There has been a new Business and First Class Lounge at the Heathrow terminal which is the carrier’s first stop outside Doha. The new flights are a great welcome to all the tourists traveling to this part of the world.

Qatar Airways would have around 11 flights each week instead of the two flights every day. North Africa would have 11 services to Algiers. The present schedule is around 7 a week. The city of Cairo would have three additional flights every day and the frequency goes up to 12 a week.

There are three destinations in the Gulf that would greatly be benefited by the additional capacity that has been added on by Qatar Airways. There would be around 13 additional flights that would take up the frequency from around 42 to around 55 flights a week. The city of Muscat would have around 31 services from now.

Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates would have an additional flight daily and thus there would be around 42 flights a week from now on.

Doha still would continue to have passenger and also cargo traffic all across the word and offers the best connections in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, Pacific, and South America.

Qatar Airways plans on expanding the requirements of the passenger and gives more frequency on the existing routes and gives more choice and flexibility. Newer markets are being entered and there is a need for air services especially when the markets are being served and are in need for more capacity. Qatar Airways would take a new aircraft every 15 days and these would be immediately inducted into service and all new opportunities are going to be looked into.

So in the last fifteen years Qatar Airways has seen a massive growth and has operations in around 105 countries across the various regions in the world.

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