La Spezia – The Spice of Italy – Part II

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The pretty town of La Spezia is located at a minimal distance away from Cinque Terre, taking merely ten minutes via train to be able to reach it. As one takes a pleasant stroll along the walkway just off the Viale Italia, the pride amongst the locals regarding their town’s past becomes quite evident.

One is braced with the attractive sights of the public garden located just across the port that proffers a fine chance to take an unwinding amble. On crossing the public gardens, one could visit the tourism office that is situated on Viale Mazzini to be able to access the maps and the timetable for the boat rides that ferry one off to the several other towns located alongside the shoreline, leaving at an hourly frequency that continues till seven or eight in the night varying with the season type.

During the stroll one could stop by at the Technical Naval Museum if one is inquisitive about finding about the Italian naval past and gear. When one arrives at the Via Prione, it is a worth-while sight to observe the 1933-constructed, Civic Theatre, planned by the famed Franco Oliva. The Diocesan Museum located on Via Prone is believed to be place where ancient time explorers made a pass-through. The Museum has a fine display of pieces of Eucharistic and apostolic types.

One can soak in the true essence of La Spezia when one visits the Piazza S.Agontino, which has predominantly baroque styled housing and defensive constructions that give one a sense of a chain of high rises.


The archaic, fifteenth century church Castello S. Girogio, re-constructed since 1945, is one of those places one should pay a trip despite being cringed for time, due to its civic archaeological assortment. Another worth-while place is the naval armoury initially constructed during the time periods from 1861-1869 and then re-constructed since 1945 and the adjoining naval museum.

One could also visit the archaeological museum that boasts of a fine display of ‘menhirs’ also known as archaic monoliths that are intricately carved in the shape of human figurines and of Roman relics derived from the adjacent primeval city of Luni.

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The idyllic time to visit La Spezia is during San Giuseppe- the festivity of the Patron Saint that takes place on 19th March. The Palio del Golfo held on the foremost Sunday during August and the traditional fair of Cercantino that takes place during the first Sunday of each month excluding months of July and August are great times to visit La Spezia.

La Spezia – The Spice of Italy – Part – I

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