La Spezia – The Spice of Italy – Part I

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La Spezia also known as ‘The Spice’ is the entryway to Cinque Terre, considered as Italy’s finest, spectacular and most amorous locales alongside the Ligurian coast. The tranquil, traveller-free, La Spezia is the perfect location to get going when one is journeying the vicinity.

The accommodations in La Spezia are relatively pocket-friendly in comparison to its close by tourist townships and hence an idyllic spot for those intending on saving a few bucks. Hence, La Spezia, may perhaps be the best area to set up base camp for the period of one’s stay there. The preeminent means to unravel the fine nuances of La Spezia is by foot, with the inhabitants being quite cordial and obliging to assist.

A foremost momentary look at La Spezia gives one the impression of it being a vital commercial and military hub with a bustling business harbour. Many might find the panoramas of La Spezia not as magnificent as the neighbouring towns dotting the coastline and quite a few nearly pass over the town, assuming that the place might not be that interesting.

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Nevertheless, as one saunters from the dock, meandering through the civic gardens, the Via Prone and passing the historical centre, one is overwhelmed with the awareness that the city has constantly evolved through numerous epochs of noteworthy historical advancements, thus making it the ideal setting to gain an insight into the wide-spanning array of architectural approaches ranging from hints noticed from the Middle ages, the 17th century coinciding Baroque period, Renaissance era and frontwards to the Futuristic art, Deco and simple Rationalism approach when straight contouring  and formality was the in-thing. One is utterly spellbound by the styling noted in the town.

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In order to get a sense of the area, one could begin at the landing place off Viale Italia. On certain days, the visibility allows one to see as far as the quaint Porto Venere and Palmaria towns of the Cinque Terra. The Cinque Terre coast boasts of the finest scenic locales with its coastline being preserved by UNESCO and has marvellous strolling and ascending cliff pathways. The exquisite section of Italy, the Cinque Terre meaning five towns has a multitude of alleyways connecting the villages with fabulous sights of the overhangs, coastlines and tended, dry stone courtyards. The time would just fly by, while engaging in some hiking and soaking in the sun and sand.

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  1. Italy is almost every traveler’s dream – it has been on everyone’s travel itinerary for 100s of years, and with good ground.

  2. Italy is almost each traveler’s dream – it has been on everyone’s travel plan for 100s of years, and with good ground.

  3. Berry Crump says:

    The southern area of Campania comprises the city of Naples and there are many tourist destinations, this includes the Greek Temples at Paestrum, Sibyl’s Cave at Cumae, the Roman ruins at Pompeii and the volcanoes at Vesuvius. Holidays in Italy, whether in town or country, offer diversity, sunshine and a warm welcome from the friendly local population.

  4. Josef Funk says:

    It is well-nigh impossible to travel in Italy without encountering something historic – Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the planet, and there are tons of things that UNESCO doesn’t bother numbering that are likely more ancient than whatever you’ve seen before. Italy is a land with history.

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