The Fun Never stops at Kemah Island

North America | | September 30, 2010 at 12:05 am


Kemah Island is the place when it comes to water sports, dining, shopping or just relaxing the entire day. 25 minutes ride both from Houston and Galveston Bay, Kemah is named after the Indian word meaning ‘wind in my face’. Kemah’s tourism industry is driven by Kemah Boardwalk, a lively dining, shopping and entertainment center on Galveston Bay. It features themed restaurants, retail shops and amusements for every generation. Kemah boasts of some of the world famous hotels and restaurants. Brimming with marine life, guests to the Kemah Boardwalk enjoy shopping in speciality shops which offer year round Christmas ornaments, home decors and gifts.

Kemah Island Boardwalk

Don’t miss the arcade and midway games. Boasting of 36 foot carousel, 65 foot Ferris wheel and rides like the Aviator, inventor and the Boardwalk tower will spellbound you. Though some rides may take the hell out of you, but you will enjoy them for sure. The Kemah Island is the perfect coastal getaway. You would be delighted to know that Kemah Boardwalk was named as one of the top 10 American boardwalks. But yes be ready to shell out some more money to enjoy all the rides. Do not come here in a hush rush as the lines may be long for rides but it is worth when you a smile appears on the faces of your children and loved ones taking the rides.

Kemah boardwalk rides
For those who love to come here every weekend and do not wish to spend more can roam in and around the playgrounds. Kids will enjoy playing and the parents would appreciate the band play. Do take extra clothing as children would love playing around the amazing fountain. The rides are amazing out there. The Boardwalk Bullet- a wooden roller coaster is a fast and hyped up roller coaster ride. You will fall in love with the gas powered train which will take you on tours of the Kemah Island and the conductor would not only look at your tickets but will also improvise your knowledge about Kemah’s past.

Wining and dining would never be a problem in the Kemah Island as several waterfront restaurants will relish your appetite from seafood to mouth watering Mexican cuisines. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the Kemah’s Rock the Dock Concert, which hosts a number of musical performances. Enjoy boating, surfing, kayaking, and jet skiing on the pristine waters. The Boardwalk beast ride will soak you in water as the staff will welcome you this way. The ride takes you through a 4 miles journey that lasts 25 minutes through the Galveston Bay. Enjoy the music on board. At no pint of time you would realize that this Island is slowly gearing up after the disastrous Hurricane Ike struck the Galveston Bay though the Primitives fully acknowledge it. All, in all Kemah is fun filled weekend and holiday destination.

Kemah boardwalk restaurants

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  1. Paula Anderson says:

    We went to Kemah boardwalk on a perfect December day..The atmosphere was just awesome and you’ll always find something to do here.
    The Christmas Boat Parade that we’d been to was just amazing time for our entire family!
    There were amazing light displays in both small and large yachts which our kids enjoyed a lot!
    After they were tired and wanted to eat something we went to the relaxing SeaBrook, which was filled with so many restaurants, you could pick your choose..The atmosphere was that of a sleepy village feel..It’s so lovely and romantic!

  2. Louis Bixby says:

    We went to Kemah islands with our grandkids and son and his wife..I’m of the opinion that my wife and I spend an AMAZING summer afternoon here watching the quiet Bay and having snacks from the SeaBrook which had a very relaxing atmosphere..We were here only for a couple of hours so never got a chance to visit the shops..But the feel of the place is just amazing!
    There were many rides very pricey which my grandkids really enjoyed!
    The food was also good..The entire area is surrounded by water, which makes the place feel so good! I loved this place! Thanks for sharing your post! :-)

  3. Jason Mcguire says:

    Sweet Place!
    Kemah islands were pretty quiet when we were visiting..I’m not sure they were quiet owing to the fact that it was a Thursday afternoon or April week..
    The Boardwalk we found had many amusement rides, restaurants..Which had amazing food and service both!

  4. Francois Rochefaucauld says:

    Houston’s best attraction after NASA can be called Kemah islands! This place is just awesome for a tourist
    Great food and service, so much entertainment, many chocolate and candy shops…Basically its got so much in store for adults and children both..Though it comes with a price it’s really worth it!

  5. Lynne Sachs says:

    We were touring Houston and nearby places and wanted to spend an afternoon at a nice place to have some great food and refreshing peace..And we were glad we went to Kemah islands..
    The rides, the games everything was there!
    I would say people visit this place in the evening or afternoon to beat the heat!

  6. Dr Dre says:

    This place is great to spend an afternoon! Thanks for the post :-)

  7. Tracy Forster says:

    Fun for spending an afternoon with amusement rides and fun games..This place still has an old board feel about it!
    The carousel, airplanes and trains were a hit with my toddler..
    The playground had many slides too, which my kiddie really enjoyed!

    There was also the dancing fountain..My son kept running arou d it for about an hour, while we watched him and heard a band play some nice music..
    The restaurants and rides are expensive but not more than other tourist destinations.
    We enjoyed our trip and it was really worth going there!

  8. Richard Browne says:

    Nice place! This place is the most ideal to visit with kids, there’s a lot of games and amusements here, with candy and gift shops..!
    Thanks for the post :-)

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