Ireland Travel- A Megalithic Haven

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For an over-the-top time off that involves hiking, urban paradise, water adventure activities, golfing, exploring mystic ancient structures, magnificent National parks or basic farm adventures, Ireland Trips is the superlative choice for one and all.

For the history aficionados, Ireland is chock-a-block with megalithic sites. A visit to the mystic redone channel crypt of Newgrange in Bru na Boinne, which lies on Boyne bank with a uniquely structured inner cruciform-like hall. This site newgrangebears significant historical importance in Ireland which was once ancestral temples where astrological, devout and religious rituals were performed. One can find elaborate and intricate carvings on the huge stones encircling and within the Passage Tombs in various shapes and forms bearing resemblance to the moon, sun and faces of human beings. Newgrange is famed for its lit up passage and hall due to the winter sun. Kwoth, a passage tomb with two disparate stellar associated passages, is a unique site to view. The awe-inspiring sun-dial at Knowth, is an exquisite practical carving. An authentic burial ground with encircled seventeen satellite cairns truly makes it special.

The group of primeval Boyne valley passage tombs of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth and Townleyhall have a proud mention in the UNESCO World Heritage Listing which pulls lakhs of eager travellers annually. Loughcrew is another fabulous cluster of passage tombs in County Meath known for its equinox sunrise.

Carrowmore, the largest pre-historic cemetery that forms a triangular structure with famous Queen Maeve’s grave atop the Knockarea and the impressive table mountain of the Benbulben. The majestic forts of the Dun Aenghus and the Navan Fort bear significant mention in primitive Irish epics and definitely a marvel to look at.

The Hill of Tara is the site of the Mound of the Hostages, a primitive Passage Tomb and also is the seat of the High Kings of Ireland. This structure has been proved to be older than the Stonehenge in Wiltshire and the pyramids of Egypt. The moon-shaped Burren with primordial structures and unique, innate, rock formations is quite endearing. Belfast, quite contrary to the past blood bath one can find solace in the beautiful St.Anne’s Cathedral.

Get mesmerised by the serene, spectacular Killarney lakes or the several highlights in the Ring of Kerry that include Staigue Fort, Gap of Dunloe, Rossbeigh Beach to site a few. The innate paradise of the Giant’s Causeway, with its majestic basalt posts that spread seawards from the Antrim coast, which are best viewed from a shuttle bus.

Gets one’s adrenaline pumping as one venture down the steepest drops found in Donegal, or go up the steep hills of the Slieve League standing high above the Atlantic Ocean.

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