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Visit the beautiful land of Pennsylvania and enjoy the pleasures of the greatest sights of the Ringing Rocks the lovely green expanse here in the pleasurable surroundings in this part of the world. Situated in beautiful region of Pennsylvanian delights this is a 128 acre stretch that is very unusual and intriguing. There is a field of boulders around seven to eight acres in size. The rocks are very unusual due to the musical sound that they produce. When the rocks are struck with a hammer or another rock the sound that comes is that of a metal and the hollow sound that is produced is very much like the sound produced by a metal pipe.

Ringing Rocks is also a place where the Buck’s country waterfall is found. The place is very famous for the strange ringing properties of the stones here. There are many mysteries surrounding the entire region, and tourists flock here to see the mystical nature of this place. There is one very odd thing about the park and that is that most of the boulder fields exist due to an avalanche from a mountain nearby collapsing entirely. The boulder field lies at the top of the hill and not at the base of the mountain. So it is not exactly caused due to a rock slide. Also there is no proof that these have been dropped by a glacier . Glaciers never did exist here in this part of the world.

Ringing rocks park

The boulders are made out of a substance called diabase which is made up of volcanic basalt. This is one of the largest diabase boulder fields in this part of the eastern United States. The boulders are filled with aluminium and iron and they have been said to have broken away during the Pleistocene Epoch. This is around 12,000 years back and they have been created due to existence of many freeze thaw cycles that resulted in the diabase into small individual pieces. This process is called “frost wedging”.

The rocks are said to have formed in this area because the soil here was filled till saturation value and they gave lubrication for the stones to flow downhill to where they are found today. This process is solifluction. It is said that during the ice ages, the soil that was found on top slipped over the layer of permafrost below and took the boulders along with it.

Ice ages

The area in fact has been researched for supernatural activities and many also say that it could be due to meteorites, radioactivity, comets or some kind of magnetic fields. It is very peculiar that this area is without any kind of life and has no flora and fauna. The entire area is densely forested and one has to really take a lot of trouble to see even a small weed. The field of boulders is around 10 feet thick and is completely without soil. Thus wildlife here is not seen much , in fact they are scared to be found here.

Ringing Rocks is a lovely place for all those who love to come here backpacking, biking and picnicking. The park is also famous for having the largest waterfall in Buck’s country. Only lichen is found here and the rocks have a very high content of aluminium and iron and they have the same materials that the earth’s crust is made up of.

Ringing rocks

It is said in the year 1890, there was a geologist who collected rocks with different sounds and each boulder had a different pitch. He used to play this as an accompaniment to a local band. This was said to be the first kind of rock concert. In fact recently musicians have had jam sessions on rocks and have struck the rocks with varied kind of implements like hammers, sticks, rocks and railroad spikes.

The rocks are all made of the same kind of material and they are often referred to as “live rocks” when they make sound and are called “dead rocks” when they don’t make an y noise.

The Ringing Rocks in Adventure Destinations Pennsylvania is thus a greatly intriguing destination to visit and is filled with pleasures of a magical destination.

Visit the Ringing Rocks in Pennsylvania and fill your travel kitty with intriguing pleasures of the boulders here.

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