How to Spend Time in Trinidad?

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Trinidad is one of the liveliest places in the Caribbean. It is the place witnessing the origin of steel pan drums and calypso. This article will offer you some tips of spending time in Trinidad:

  • Like most other West Indian islands, Trinidad is also home to a number of exotic beaches. According to many, the beaches of Trinidad are the most gorgeous ones on the Caribbean. The beaches in this island are a lot less crowded compared to that of the other Caribbean islands. Beaches like Balandra Bay, Manzanilla Bay and Maracas Bay are the most popular beaches of Trinidad. If you are looking to spend some solitary time, you can opt to visit beaches like Blanchisseuse Bay or Paria Bay.

Balandra Bay Maracas Bay Blanchisseuse Bay

  • One of the Trinidadian attractions obtaining maximum footfalls every day is the Asa Wright Nature Centre. This place is home to a wide variety of animals, birds and flowers. The place is located in the lap of the mountains of Trinidad. You can also try taking a dip in the waterfall of this nature preserve, if you have your swimsuit with you. Tourists can also spend 2 or 3 nights at Asa Wright Nature Centre; there are comfortable accommodation options offered to them.

Asa Wright Nature Centre

  • Another exciting tourist destination of Trinidad is the Caroni Swamp, a bird sanctuary. You can spend an afternoon in this bird sanctuary; here, you will get to watch birds belonging to different parts of the Caribbean as well as other parts of the world. You can opt for the guided tours across the Caroni Swamp; a knowledgeable tour guide will accompany you and inform you about different species of birds you’ll come across during the tour.

Caroni Swamp

  • A visit to the Caribbean island of Trinidad will stay incomplete, if you don’t visit Mount Saint Benedict Monastery. This monastery is the oldest among other such establishments of the Americas. Mount Saint Benedict Monastery is situated on the foothill region of the mountains of Trinidad amidst an exquisitely picturesque backdrop. The area surrounding this monastery is filled with plants of different species and wide variety of colorful flowers. If you wish to spend some relaxing time and get your senses rejuvenated, this is the place to be.

Mount Saint Benedict Monastery

  • The capital city of Trinidad, Port of Spain is home to National Museum & Art Gallery, which is a must visit for people fond of art. Here, you will get to see items that have witnessed the history of Trinidad. Other than that, the exhibits of this art gallery also include works of the contemporary artists.

National Museum and Art Gallery

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