Great diving at the Bahamas Blue Holes

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A keen diver always has a dream to dive in Bahamas after the Blue Hole at Belize. This is mainly because this tropical archipelago is adorned with endless sandy beaches, immaculate warm water, embracing surfs, and stunning coral reefs; all of which seem to welcome the visitors anytime for scuba diving. Although these natural and invigorating features are transparent, there is yet one more such natural element that is not fully known to many. This is none other than the mysterious ‘blue hole’. Well, in the Bahamas, there is no one blue hole, but many. It is precisely due to the blue holes that scuba diving is a completely different experience here. Technically, a blue hole is a round bay packed with saltwater in its depths as well as the contrasting fresh water above.

Bahamas blue hole diving

In the Bahamas, these Blue Holes are known for their striking sheer grottos in blue. In fact, geographically, the presence of the several blue holes makes up for an extensive undersea cave system whose scattered parts are seen throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean. Although they appear very beautiful while diving, they tend to look scary from the air as they seem like murky holes in the ocean of blue. Moreover, diving in amidst these caves is not very safe as they are treacherous because of the physical structure. This indicates that a diving tour here is only meant for the professional divers. What even more fears the divers is the famous myth according to which the caves are the home of a monster called Luska, a half-shark and half-squid being. However, luckily, no one has spotted this giant monster. So, heave a sigh of relief. Above all, the saddest part is that although you will courageously make an effort to dive deep, you will be unable to spot sea life here. This is because no sea life exists here due to the indecent water circulation and the presence of bacteria in high numbers.

Despite the fact that there is no sea life, the vertical caves never fail to attract the divers from all across the globe. Also called as the submarine caves in the Bahamas, these caves are believed to belong to a vast cave system of the prehistoric times. Well, but today, these unique geological formations are the lone tidally sunken grottos on the planet. So, to conclude, if you dive, you will surely admire the underwater caves that arouse a thrill in you!

Geologically, the base of the Bahamas is nothing but packed with limestone because of which it bears many erosion phases since the prehistoric days. Even today, it is enduring one such phase that is occurring frequently wherein the rainwater’s mild acid leads to the small cracks as well as holes in the limestone. This phase along with the phase of the Pleistocene era marking several ice ages leading to the reasonable changes in the sea levels, which is also an erosion process has resulted in the formation of today’s landscape of the Bahamas including the caves. And this kind of landscape is called the Karst topography.

Among all the blue holes that adorn the oceans and seas of our planet, the most profound one is certainly here carrying a depth of 202 m. This is called the Dean’s Blue Hole. One more famous blue hole is the latest one and is known as the Black Hole of Andros where you can explore a complex of vertical caves. Existing near the South Andros, this one is so named as it has a round entrance with the water appearing black from the orbit.

Deans Blue Hole

At the Exuma Island, the Mystery Cave holding an underwater cave system has always remained a mystery to be solved. Well, its name indicates so. In this complex, there are three total entrances of which two are submerged: the Angelfish cave and Mystery cave. Both of them are located near the shoreline. On the other hand, its final entrance is on the land, not on shore. It is called the Bottomley’s Blue Hole that is accessible at the rear of the Mr. Houlanda’s house. Interestingly, these caves are one of the longest on Earth. With the three types of caves found in the Bahamas namely, fractured, tunnel, and cenotes; this cave system is of the tunnel type as its entrances are interlinked via the tunnels.

Exuma Island

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