Gracious Egypt Gifted With 7 Wonders

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pyramidEgypt comprises of pyramids, Giza Complex and many other worth seeing sights which one would love to see. In 5 century B.C Herodotus included Pyramids and the Giza Complex as one of the wonders of Egypt. Pyramids are even older than the temples you will ever find in here. Pyramids form the Upper Kingdom and were actually the tombs. Funeral boat of Khufu is also found here. The Native Egyptians for you to see the Pyramids make you buy the camel rides in order to see them. Pyramids are worth seeing comprising of such a great architecture which is still not being understood yet.

St. Catherine’s Monastery:

st-catherines-monasterySr.Catherine’s Monastery is believed to be the oldest Christian Monastery of the world, constructed on the orders of Emperor Justinian. Monastery is run by Greek Orthodox Church and consists of ancient 120 icons of ancient Eastern Orthodox in the world.

St. Catherine is in the middle of the Sinai Peninsula and is visited by tourists from around the world. The fact that it is the oldest Christian monastery has made it one of the wonders of Egypt.

Islamic Cairo

islamiccairo1Cairo is known to be the Muslim City comprising of many mosques and madras’s. The important feature of Cairo is the Cairo Citadel and the Mohamed Ali Mosque which is visited by tourist all over the world. The art work done in the mosque is outstanding. You can also see the Giza Complex from the Cairo Citadel. This heavenly place i.e. the Old Cairo was also one of the UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1979.

Nile River:

the_nile_river_in_egyptNile is known as the ‘Gift of Egypt’ because it is due to Nile River that Egypt exists. The Nile is the only source of water for the Egyptians. Egypt is nothing but a desert inappropriate for vegetation. It is Nile through which people are able to make their bread and butter. To see this beautiful river take a felucca trip or you can also take an overnight cruise from Luxor to Aswan. The overnight cruise will let you see many temples existing in Egypt along with the farmers working on land and making their bread and butter.


alexandria_widewebAlexandria can truly be called as a land of history. It was founded by Alexander The Great. Number of events took place on this land. It was Alexandria where Anthony and Cleopatra killed themselves and it was Alexandria again where in the Roman Civil War Julius Caesar came in search of Pompey. It considered of one of the worlds wonders Pharos Lighthouse. It consisted of great Library which was created and then destroyed too, not only the library was destroyed but quite a lot of other beautiful architecture also.

Abu Simbel:

abu-simbel-2These were two temples which were created on the victory over the Nubians who resided on south of Egypt of Nile which is now known as Sudan. It was created by Ramesses II on the celebration for the same. The reason for being it chosen as one of the wonders of Egypt is the fact that the sculptures carved were moved 60m up and 200m back from the original location of the river. It’s one of the great architecture and is worth seeing.

Karnak and Luxor:

karnak-and-luxorKarnak and Luxor are located in the middle of urban Luxor City. Karnak temple is the largest temple you will find in Egypt. It can be well imagined that how massive it would have been by the fact that it consists of almost an acre of stone pillars. To visit one temple to the other it is preferable if you hire a horse carriage which you will find their wandering in search for you. On the other hand Luxor is made in a very simple style consisting of simple design patterns on it. Karnal and Luxor are connected by a road, Avenue of the Sphinxes. These temples should be visited if one visits Egypt.

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