Get Down With Crocs in Proserpine River Tour

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Australia crocsThere is huge debate going on in Australia to whether to make crocodile hunting legalize or not? But RSPCA, Humane Society International and also the International Fund for Animal Welfare, are few names to name among many other NGOs and organizations, who criticized such form of entertainment recommendation.

There are people on both side of the argument, but people recommending safari hunts of crocodiles just for merely fun is sick!

Australia, known as land of Kangaroos, is also a best place to see huge and ferocious beast, crocodiles. here there are number of humans who get killed or attacked by the crocs, each year, but crocs are killed more than humans, then also crocodiles is the  arguably the ultimate apex predator.

With so many eco-friendly crocodile safari happening these days, we have to ask the question, why not just respect this beast for what it is!

The Queensland coast is the right place to see many crocodiles at one place. Proserpine is such a place where you enjoy cruising around in crocodile country and also tour through, mangrove ecosystem, melaleuca forest and freshwater wetland habitat.

Proserpine river eco tours
Proserpine River Eco Tours is part of Whitsunday Crocodile Safari, which have organized tours around the natural habitat of the crocodiles. The whole day trip includes also a tour to see saltwater crocodile that are known to be more dangerous and huge than other fresh water crocs.

Saltwater Crocodile
Whitsunday Crocodile Safari birdIt is not a trip only to the reef and islands, but the trip includes local estuaries and wetlands that stretch inland from the coast to the Proserpine River. It is not just Crocodiles safari to spot crocodiles but the natural habitat is also home to many varieties of native birds, mammals, reptiles, and marine animals.

The visitors can enjoy the natural surroundings on a campsite right at the Proserpine riverbank; it also bounded by melaleuca forest and mangrove habitat. The campsite also works as base of Safari Activity. The campsite has all facilities like undercover tables, seating, toilet facilities and refreshments. The Proserpine River was once used as a port facility to transport sugar, freight and passenger, to and from steamships and barges, which then pass through the Queensland Coast.

The tour provides a guide who gives informative narration about the ecosystem, nature and about the safari. And Proserpine river open air tractorwhatever you will come across. You will be amazed to see many species of flora and fauna and the whole nature around you. There is even an open-air tractor drawn wagon that goes through beautiful Goorganga wetlands. Whole experience will make you see everything as Captain Cook saw.

On site, the guide will also tell you about the history of Aussie damper and Billy tea, which they even make it onsite, fresh. It really tastes good! Even when you will be relaxing in comforts, the local guide in lunchtime will make some delicious BBQ and tempting seafood for you. In Safari tour, you will get to see vessel of river runner launch into the river of Proserpine.

Once you will be seated onboard and the cruise around the mangrove ecosystem starts, you will not stop clicking pictures and making sounds, ‘Aaaahhh…’ and ‘ooohhh…’. You will be more excited to see the most dangerous croc of the world, estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles. About one fifty crocodiles inhabit in the river and area around it. The guides to make the trip little exciting so they catch Queensland mudcrab and give it to hold to the visitors. And then puts it back into the river water.Whitsunday Crocodile Safari river boat

The Whitsunday Crocodile Safari works all year round and also provides facilities like riverboats and campsites to make visitors stay as comfortable in this wetland as possible. Only thirty passengers in tour are allowed, so the guide can take care of each one of you.

The most amazing thing this place is that the land is privately owned and the safari crews are the commercial tourism operator working also to protect the crocs in this area.

It is a great place to see the crocs in open natural habitat. These so called beast are not so harmful just want to be left on their own, without any human interference. And killing such ferocious yet magnificent animal is really cruel!

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  1. carl says:

    ohh this is really a freaking experience, i think all should atleast have this once, this is freally a not to miss opportunity.

    australia after the land of kangaroos have come to this extent that its called also the dwelling place of crocodiles..

    there is even a safari by boat to see the dangerous crocodiles..
    the good thing is that these are not so harmful, unless u go and hurt them , leave them their own way and ull be safe..

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