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Are you planning a holiday?

Looking out a new destination?

Why not tour Japan and explore this amazing country. Tourist flock to this place because it is a place extensive of stunning sceneries and tourist spots if you are an adventure lover then Japan is the ideal destination where you get to join the careful and fantastic people there. Trekking in Japan is an experience that you will never disregard. Even though Japan is an exclusive country but yet it is affordable by the common tourist.

Traveling abroad can become more enjoyable if you anticipate their customs. It is better idea to get reviews about the country’s culture before you make a visit. Before visiting Japan it is important that you understand the currency conversion of the country. It changes on a day to day basis, but it is crucial that you have an approximate idea of the conversion from yen to dollar.

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Accommodation in Japan

During your stay in Japan western travelers will find comfort in western style or business style hotels, both of which have a typical western style bed. The western style hotels have larger rooms and more amenities in comparison to business hotels which have smaller rooms with very little extra service. The hotels are clean and range in price from affordable to very expensive.  If you wish to experience the traditional cultural environment you can try the ryokan. They offer an intimate glimpse of the Japanese culture with simple rooms with sliding rice-paper doors, shrines, tatami-matted floors, and futons (which are laid out on the floor each night).

Using electricity in Japan

You can use small appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons without any problem. Tourist would however need to carry a two-pronged adapter in order to plug in computers requiring a three-prong outlet. Japan’s electrical system accommodates only two-prong appliances.

Driving in Japan

Drivers from abroad would need to carry an international driving license. Vehicles in Japan drive on the left side of the road which would mean that driver sits on the right side of the vehicle. This country is very particular about driving rules. All road signage is in Japanese characters which make driving very difficult.

Eating in restaurants

Most of the restaurants in Japan require their shoes to be removed before they are seated. They generally have restaurants where diners sit at low tables using mats on the floors. There are very few restaurants which offer tables and chairs to their patrons and follow the western style. It is advised that you check the entryway to see which custom is being followed or ask the host.

Paper and cloth napkins are not provided in the restaurants. They generally offer small wet towels (often hot) with which to wash hands before ordering. Chopsticks are generally provided for eating meals. It is impolite to stick chopsticks into food when not in use; you can keep them across the bowl or plate when not in use.


It is very important to remember that Japan is a country where tipping is not permitted. The Japanese service class is well paid and takes pride in their work. They would be offended to be offered a tip. The western traveler may feel odd the first couple of times leaving a restaurant or getting out of a cab without leaving a tip but you need to follow the etiquettes of the country you are traveling.

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