Fig Tree Bay: Second most famous beach in Cyprus

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Regarded as one of the best beaches, the European Fig Tree Bay in Cyprus is where you can take pleasure in bathing in the peaceful, transparent waters of the Mediterranean, reclining on the fine sand, and unwinding in the rightly placed umbrellas and sun beds. The reason as to why it is the second most famous Cyprus beach becomes evident the minute you reach the beach – the shimmering, soft golden dunes flanks the soaking blue waters of the pristine Mediterranean, the mass of families and children enjoying the benefits of its shallow waters, and the legendary Fig tree marking the beach, which was brought by the 17th century invaders. In short, the Fig Tree Bay offers something for everyone.

One of the most famous sites is the offshore rocky, but small island visible from the beach. This is the great opportunity to unwind amidst seclusion. However, for that, you need to be a more energetic swimmer to reach here. Family orientated, this beach is really great for children who will love the white sand and clear waters. For the adults, there are all types of water sports here. For this, contact Stavros Water Sports that offer a lifetime experience of enjoying the aquatic sports. Here, the staff is quite friendly, professional, and careful. This small island is obviously the main unique feature of the Fig Tree Bay beach, which is also the hub of many annual religious events. Among these, one event features throwing a cross into the sea and then swimming out for retrieving it as a blessing. So, stronger swimmers can enjoy this small, rocky island of the bay, from where you definitely know as to how beautiful is the beach you just came from via an excellent vista. The island backpackers must ensure that swimming is possible for them with their shoes as the rocks are very spiky.

After enjoying at the beach, there is lot to do and see in the town itself in form of variety of shops, churches, and scenic houses. The best way to explore the town is to stroll on a calm, seaside route of 15 km offering delightful strolls. Perched atop a hill at 100 m is the landmark of the town, Profitis Ilias church from where you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view over the Sea and the town. But yes, you should be fit enough to ascend the 300 steps for being at the church featuring the breathless sight and unmatchable beauty.

Do also take a tour of the Cavo Greco National Forest Park housing 300 plants species amidst striking scenery. And yes, for the adventurous, there are opportunities to climb, hike, or fly high via the air sports.

Just some few years ago, this beach was just a local one, but the visitors trapped its charm to make it popular on the tourist map. Just leave behind its off white and fine sand, Mediterranean shallow waters, and water sports; as these are not the only fascinating things to do here. It is also eating that is although a must for humans, but is very delicious here. Along the edge of the sand, the restaurants as well as cafes are enough in number to keep all occupied. Refreshing fruit cocktails, tasty Frappes, and homemade sandwiches are offered at a cafe atop the Fig Tree Bay where the atmosphere is certainly pleasant.

A fantastic range of traditional Cypriot taverns as well as restaurants have become experts in serving a variety of Cypriot dishes as well as international cuisine. No matter where you go, the staff is friendly and can speak more than two languages including English.


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  1. Oh this is beautiful and I can truly atest to it. I’ve been at Fig Tee Bay several times so far. I’ve been living in Cyprus for the last 15 years or so so I can go during the summer from Nicosia any time I want. The beach is absolutely breathtaking!

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