Journey Idea Travel across the world with Journey Idea Thu, 03 May 2012 08:38:26 +0000 en hourly 1 Weird Amusements at the Grutas Park Thu, 03 May 2012 08:35:49 +0000 Ricky Grutas Park is a lovely sculpture filled garden in Lithuania. So while you are going around the world looking for some intriguing and weird amusements, then do make it a point to visit the Grutas Park for it is certain to fill your travels with interesting themes and exciting activities.

It is an exposition of the Soviet relics that have existed here from the time of the Lithuanian SSR. The park is situated near Druskininkai around 130 kilometers from the region of Vilnius.

Then Lithuania got independence in the year 1990 and there were many statures of Soviet that were dumped in many places. Then Malinauskas requested the Lithuanian authorities to take over these sculptures so that a museum could be built and this would be financed privately. With the wetlands in the region of the Dzukija National Park forming the main background, the Grutas Park is not without its share of beautiful sights. With the sights of the recreation of the Soviet Gulag prison camps the guard towers, wooden paths and the barbed wire fences are all a great source of intrigue for the people coming here.

Grutas Park
Initially the establishment had a lot of opposition and the very existence of the park was challenged. There were many ideas that were taken out for the park but it was never permitted. There were ideas of having the tourists being taken around in a train that was styled like the Gulag. Then Malinauskas won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2001 and thus the founder of the Grutas Park got famous. Since the year 2007, the park has always been in a dispute with the Lithuaninan protection agency. It is said that the agencies needs royalties. These royalties were to be given to the artists from Lithuania who made these statues.

The Grutas Park looks very nice and is a source of excitement to people coming here. With the most fascinating playgrounds, cafes and a mini zoo, the park is really a great sight with the relics of the Soviet era. There are occasions when there is a reenactment of the festivals which are sponsored by the Soviet Government.

So come here and see the 86 statures which are made by 46 sculptors and these are organized into different spheres. The statues feature the Socialist activist and many of them also feature the ethnic Lithuanians. There is the totalitarian sphere features the sculptures of the main thinkers and the leaders of the communist area. So you can see lovely representations of Joseph Stalin, Vladimir and Karl Marx. Then there is the Terror Sphere which is meant for the Lithuanian founders and also for the Red Army officers. There is a sculpture of Felix Dzerzhinsky who was the organizer of Red Terror.

Joseph Stalin

Then there is the Soviet Sphere which is inclusive of the Lithuanian Communists with their four leaders who were executed after the coup d’etat of 1926 in Lithuania. It also has the activists of the Soviet War of 1918 and 1919 which was there in Lithuania. Then the Red sphere is totally dedicated to the Soviet Partisans like maryte Melnikaite. Then the Death and the Occupation Sphere show the brutal side of the Soviet regime, the way the Lithuanian partisans were suppressed, and also about the mass deportations.

Grutas Park is a site around 75 miles outside the region of Vilnius, and it doesn’t have a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster. But with the presence of the sculptures of the Soviet era the entire region is filled with a kind of intrigue and mystical value. Existing since the year 2001, this is a place which is a great reminder of the oppressions of the past. So if you are planning a trip here do try to attend the annual comedy festival that is held on April 1. This features great impersonations of the bigwigs and bureaucrats of the Communist Party.

Grutas Park
Grutas Park is sometimes known as the “park of totalitarianism” and “Stalin’s world” and is a greatly amusing zone of absolutely fascinating pleasures. The park has also added a zoo which is filled with ostriches and peacocks.

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Unexplained Creatures of Angkor and Some Facts Tue, 01 May 2012 07:37:47 +0000 Ricky Amongst the best Cambodian jungles, the land of Cambodia is a hidden treasure for many tourists. With the best remains of a great civilization, this is a place that is inhabited by the Khmer people and today there are many who visit this part of Angkor and get to see a glimpse of the biggest royalty in this once existing proud city. Most of the visitors love to see the beauty of the temples here which have a great effect here in this city which is really majestic. There are beautiful decorative carvings that decorate the entire building. These inscriptions describe the events of the daily life, and there are great military conquests here which are very intriguing and interesting and give the delights of great mythological creatures. Most of the animals here are fantastic and are shown at Angkor in true mythological fashion. They are believed to be a representation of an era that existed in the past.

The Khmer are believed to have developed a very unique culture here in Cambodia around 2000 years back and there was early communication with the traders from India and they have had a great influence on the society and thus have brought forth mathematical, agriculture and literary knowledge to these regions in Cambodia which lie on the coast. There were lot of Hindu beliefs that thus found ground here and so the worship of Shiva and Vishnu is also seen here.


The Mahayana kind of Buddhism then came to the Khmer group and this was followed by the Theravada Buddhism sometime in the 13th century. The Angkor stone carvings show the way the Buddhist and the Hindu beliefs are important here and thus the entire story of this region is very fascinating.

The Hindu mythology shows a great representation of the common creatures at Angkor. The Garuda is the most unique of animals here and this creature is made of the wings, talons, with the head of an eagle and the body of a man. The Garuda is one of the three very important deities in the Indian mythology and is believed to the serpent’s enemy.

Some of the most impressive examples of this Garuda is seen at the Angkor and is found in the walls here and provides a very impressive sight. The Preah Khan walls are filled with great sights and thus make the delights of wonderful giant trees totally fused with a lot of stonework in the site. The Garuda is a mythological creature and is made up of a combination of the man and the eagle and is the main attraction in trips to Angkor.

Angkor temple

Then there is the towering temple here with a vast delight ad gives the pleasures of a great region filled with the most enchanting sights. As one passes the outer gates, the causeway here is flanked with a seven headed serpent or Naga and this then leads into the central temple complex.

The Naga is a snake made up of huge proportions and has a great South East Asian influence. This is the mainstay feature here in Angkor and visits here are sure to enchant the tourist completely. There are many abilities of the Naga and many legends and myths that are attached to it. These Nagas have the power to convert into human form and also walk like a man. The Buddhist scriptures show the many methods that are available to the Nagas and this includes a fatal bite that could be poisonous.


South East Asia is a land filled with the best sights of giant serpents. There is another Hindu deity that is found very commonly found it the region of Angkor is the Indian god Hanuman who is shown in great depictions here and this is found in Banteay Samre. Monkeys live in great numbers here and they are found inhabiting the forest densely here.

Enjoy the beautiful pleasures of Angkor and see the unexplained creatures here.

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Latest from Travel News – Qatar Airways Adds Five New International Routes Mon, 30 Apr 2012 08:39:46 +0000 Ricky Qatar Airways has announced that they would further expand its intensely growing network and has now five passenger routes, with a lot of cargo services. It has increased its capacity to many destinations connecting directly from Doha which is the airline’s hub.

Serbia, Iraq, Tanzania, and Myanmar are the major regions which are the passenger routes and are in the process of being expanded. There are new freighter service that is going to be introduced in South Africa, Pakistan, Korea, Oman and South Africa. The passenger flights and their frequency are going to be increased in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Qatar Airways

There was an expansion programme that was inaugurated on the opening day of the world’s largest travel show – The ITB in Berlin.

Then the city of Erbil and the capital Baghdad in Iraq are introduced to the Middle East Network regions of the carrier. This would be done in the months of May and June.

Then there is going to be a second point in Tanzania and many new flights to Kilimanjaro. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia which is the latest addition to the European network of the airline. In the month of September Myanmar would once again have Qatar Airways in its network again. The city of Yangon would be served for the airlines in the month of October after a break of four years.

The airline also announced that there would be a lot of start ups to many international destinations in the year 2012, like the Kigali in Rwanda, Zagreb, Perth, MOmbas, Helsinki, and Gassim in Saudi Arabia etc.

Qatar Airways also announced that there would be an expansion to the four new routes of Seoul, Karachi, Johannesburg and Muscat. There are presently a fleet of six freighters to around 33 destinations in the world.

Qatar Airways
The airline has a strategy to increase the frequency of the routes that exist today and has many choices for the passengers. Qatar airways are thus increasing the number of flights in this network from the beginning of the Northern Summer flying schedule.

The route in Kuala Lumpur region in Asia would also be expanded to around 17 flights daily from the regular two flights a day. The daily service to Jakarta would have another three flights which have a capacity of around 10 a week.

In Europe there would be a fifth daily flight that would be introduced on the London Heathrow route and would thus have a new flight in Doha. There has been a new Business and First Class Lounge at the Heathrow terminal which is the carrier’s first stop outside Doha. The new flights are a great welcome to all the tourists traveling to this part of the world.

Qatar Airways would have around 11 flights each week instead of the two flights every day. North Africa would have 11 services to Algiers. The present schedule is around 7 a week. The city of Cairo would have three additional flights every day and the frequency goes up to 12 a week.

There are three destinations in the Gulf that would greatly be benefited by the additional capacity that has been added on by Qatar Airways. There would be around 13 additional flights that would take up the frequency from around 42 to around 55 flights a week. The city of Muscat would have around 31 services from now.

Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates would have an additional flight daily and thus there would be around 42 flights a week from now on.

Doha still would continue to have passenger and also cargo traffic all across the word and offers the best connections in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, Pacific, and South America.

Qatar Airways plans on expanding the requirements of the passenger and gives more frequency on the existing routes and gives more choice and flexibility. Newer markets are being entered and there is a need for air services especially when the markets are being served and are in need for more capacity. Qatar Airways would take a new aircraft every 15 days and these would be immediately inducted into service and all new opportunities are going to be looked into.

So in the last fifteen years Qatar Airways has seen a massive growth and has operations in around 105 countries across the various regions in the world.

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Mysterious tours in the Uaxactun ruins in Guatemala Thu, 26 Apr 2012 10:30:49 +0000 Ricky Visit Guatemala which is a great land to be in, while you are on a travel expidition. Come here and enjoy the beauty of the adventurous thrill that one gets in the escapades here. There is something really special and mysterious about this region and so all tourists make it a point to keep special tours to the ruins here which are great tour attractions in this part of the world.

Visit the Uaxactun ruins in Guatemala and go back with great travel delights and tour memories. This is a very important Maya site and is situated in the Peten region in Guatemala tours. This is a place that is made up of many groups of buildings and has been existing since 500 BC. The building is the observatory and has a fascinatingly decorated staircase with stucco masks as decorations.

Uaxactun was a great centre for many ceremonies in the past and is actually compared many times to Tikal. It has been a very important part of Mayan archaeology and has had great ceramic styles in the Classic periods. Around 25 miles from Tikal, these ruins are found in the Maya Biosphere of the Guatemala region. Uaxactun means “Eight Stones” and it has four main structures that are found aligned to the solstices and equinoxes and so archaeologists believe that they were in use during the times of the Mayans.

Uaxactun ruins in Guatemala

The importance of Uaxactun as a great astronomical sight and a ceremonial locale is seen in the way the ruins lay today. The Group E is the most enchanting of these ruins and is around a quarter hour walk to the south of the airstrip here. The E1, E2, and E3 structures are arranged north to south and form a great observatory and in fact this is the first round observatory in the world of the Mayans.

Structure E-VII-B has an observation point from the Maya could see the sun rising and also were able to identify the equinoxes and the solstices. So the autumn and the spring equinox and the summer solstices were all identified well from here. This foundation goes back to the times of 2000 BC and the Structure E-VII-B is magnificent with its truncated pyramid with four sides and a staircase. There are masks of turtles, jaguars, parrots and eagles that border the structure. There is a very impressive stele on the eastern stairway and it is carved on the four sides depicting the observation point. This is a place where you would also get to see the Mayan Arch and also the main pyramid. There have been many excavations here and these have destroyed many temples and these in the process of being restructured today. Uaxactun is a place which is located on an unpaved road and there is a jungle closely and there is an airstrip here which is not in use but has been built for convenience. There are many residents of Uaxactun who make their living from gathering all spice, chicle, and xate palm leaves.

Structure E-VII-B

The year 2012 sees a great upliftment of the Maya culture and thus the Uaxactun ruins gathers a great place in the tours here. There is going to be a yearlong celebration with the upliftment of Maya culture and the development of many ceremonies.

Thus this Middle Preclassic site came into being sometime in the Late preclassic times. The initial name was actually Siaan K’aan meaning Born in heaven. The name Uaxactun was selected for reference to a stone that goes back to the 8th b’aktun. Though the ruins are really not very well preserved Uaxactun has a great attraction for many coming there.

There are small lodging and dining options here which make up the forest community here. The Campamento El Chiclero is a popular accommodation here and with the camp and hammock facilities it is very popular here.

During the spring and the autumns equinox, Uaxactun is replete with a lot of celebrations and there are sunrise ceremonies performed by the learned Maya or tatas who are spiritual leaders and nanas who are female spiritual leaders. There is lot of singing and dancing and specially trained athletes perform the dances. Enjoy this cultural feat by living in a home stay.


One can visit Uaxactun from El Remate, Tikal of Flores. There is a bus from Santa Elena which reaches Uaxactun.

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Travel insurance Wed, 25 Apr 2012 11:34:03 +0000 Ricky With hectic everyday lives, everyone needs a chance to get away from it all to simply relax. With the whole wide world before them, people can choose a variety of destinations for their holiday. When taking these holidays, no one every thinks that things won’t go according to plan. Unfortunately, sometimes this happens and without travel insurance, travelers can find themselves in a bind.

When travelling, travel insurance offers different types of coverage. For instance, travel insurance policies offer trip cancellation and interruption insurance. This kind of coverage helps travelers recover any lost monies spent on travel arrangements if they must end their holiday early. Travel insurance policies will specify what events constitute an emergency. Knowing these reasons is important before taking out the insurance policy so you don’t think you have coverage that you really do not have.

Travel insurance

Another real danger to travel plans today is the precarious financial position some travel service providers are in. For instance, what if the company with whom you booked a cruise, suddenly declares bankruptcy? You would more than likely lose any fees you’ve paid in booking your cruise holiday. One kind of travel insurance known as supplied default insurance can help recoup any losses you incur for a situation as this.

Travelling somewhere may necessitate securing some sort of transportation. Often many travelers will rent vehicles while on their holiday. Current auto insurance policies do not usually apply to foreign travel or driving. Travel insurance policies can provide liability coverage in the event that while operating the rental vehicle, you do any damage or cause injuries to others. Not having this kind of protection within a travel insurance policy could be quite costly when you have to pay for these damages out of your own pocket. Having travel insurance before partaking on a holiday just provides you with peace of mind.

For the best travel insurance deals make sure you get as many quotes as possible, which will enable you to choose the one which is right for you.

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Enchanting Tales From the Baritu National Park Tue, 24 Apr 2012 09:38:05 +0000 Ricky Situated in the northeastern part of the province of Salta, there is a beautiful green region filled with the  pleasures of lovely plants and fascinating animals. Get to see the best of animal delights and travel pleasures when you are in South America. Visit the Baritu National Park in this part of the world and enjoy the pleasures of great sights here.

Baritu National Park is home to the biggest eagle Aguila Arpia which is the largest in the entire world. There are many rivers which cross this region and River Lipeo is the most important of them,and this is a park that lies in the northernmost tip of the Argentinian locales. It takes cares of the Montana jungle.

Baritu National Park River Lipeo

It is a part of the Yungas which are mountain jungles and forests that are seen to go deep into Bolivia and also pass Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca and Salta. These beautifully cover the eastern parts of the Eastern Andes Range. There is a lot of humidity that is created here due to the winds that come from the South Atlantic region and come to rest on the eastern slopes of this region.

The region is filled with subtropical forests and they are very natural and maintain the beauty of the place. There are many species of trees here and are found in the south that they don’t grow beyond a certain height. The climate is hot and humid here thus creating the right condition for development. There are many kinds of wildlife that are found here so get to see the ocelot and the jaguar and also the otter.

Baritu National Park
The Baritu National Park is a national region in the Argentinian region which is situated in the Santa Victoria Department in the northern part of Salta. It has Bolivia and is normally easily accessed through this country. Spanning over 720 square kilometres, this is the only topical park in this part of Argentina.

Created in the year 1974, this is mainly bordered by mountains and has a protected area that belongs to the eco regions in the southern Andean Yungas locale. It is made up of the Sub Andean Hills which is around 300 to 400 m tall. The hot and wet climate with the intermittent summer rains, makes this a perfect haven for the endangered species like the onza and the yaguarete. Trees like the cedro salteno or the Salta cedrelas are huge here and the wood from these trees are very valuable.

Thus this park which is a part of the ecosystem of the Yungas has many beautiful streams dotting the entire place and has the best kind of varied vegetation in this part of the world. An enchanting natural paradise this is a place which makes you feel closer to nature and offers the most fascinating sights of a great green haven.

Baritu National Park

The sheer beauty of the greenery here coupled with the smell of soil and the leaves completely enthralls the tourist   and he goes back with a valuable travel kitty. This is a secluded region in the world and sunlight barely reaches inside due to the thick canopy of trees here.

With Mother Nature totally left undisturbed here, the forest has a certain intrigue and uniqueness to it, that is best left undisturbed. Cloud forest has remained untouched here and this is a place that is inaccessible, and the terrain is uneven so making it a greatly natural region. The main reason that wood extraction has been prevented here is due to the roughness and uneven terrain.

There are sights of the most unique plantations and trees here and the plethora of flora and fauna attracts the tourist coming to this part of the world. Come here and experience the pleasures of being in a land of pleasurable sights and lovely memories. Certainly tours to South America should include visits to the Baritu National park which provides the tourist with something special and unbelievably natural.

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Pilgrim Pleasures at the Sabarimala Temple Mon, 09 Apr 2012 08:38:18 +0000 Ricky While in India, temples are a must see in travel destinations. There are many delights here in travels which provide the best experiences and give the tourist ideal travel luxury. If the tourist is in a pilgrim locale then the pleasures of travels are doubled.

Amongst the many temple destinations in India, Sabarimala in the state of Kerala is a sure sight for all the pilgrims. As the most sought after pilgrim destination, the Sabarimala temple is situated in the Western Ghat mountain ranges of the district of Pathanamthitta in the state of Kerala. This is the largest pilgrimage that is held annually in the world and has around 45 to 50 million devotees coming here each year. It is believed that this is the place where the Hindu God Ayappan performed meditation after he killed Mahishi the demons. The temple that is found in Sabarimala is the Ayappa temple and this is located here amidst the hills that are found here. There are eighteen of them. Located on a hilltop at a height of around 468 m, this has dense forests and mountains. Sabarimala is a land of temples and forest land. So the area is surrounded by temples like Kalaketi, Nilackal, Karimala and many other important temples. In fact Sabarimala has some of the remains of temples of the past here. These are found in the hills that are found in this temple region.

Sabarimala Temple
All Hindus normally undertake the pilgrimage to Sabarimala and it is mainly a pilgrimage observed by the men. Women who are in the ages of 10 and 50 are not permitted here in the temple. The story goes that Ayappa prohibited the entry of women in this age group. Ayappa is a celibate and so the temple does not permit women to worship here. It is open during the days from November 15 to December 26. January 14 is called the Makaravillakku and this is also celebrated as Makara Sankranti across the Indian subcontinent. April 14 is Vishu or the Malayalam New Year. The temple is open during Vishu and also the first six days of the Malayalam month.

All devotees coming to Sabarimala take a vratham or fast which is observed for around 41 days before the pilgrimage. This normally starts with wearing a garland that is made of tulsi or the holy Rudraksha. They refrain from tobacco, non vegetarian food and also alcohol during this time. The Sabarimala visit is said to make the Shani planet better for the lifespan.

There is a forest path that is traversed through to complete the journey to this temple. This is normally taken from Erumely and this was the path that was taken by Lord Ayappa himself. The path starts from Erumely to the River Aludha and then passes the Aludha Mountain and then crosses the karivalam thodu. Then the Karimala is crossed and then the river Pamba. The path is filled with forests that dominate the region and they are around 9 kilometres up a steep hill and the devotees have a lot of religious fervour and devotion when they come here. The temple land is a lovely destination and a totally memorable experience for all.

Lord Ayappa River Pamba

As the devotees climb the eighteen steps to the temple they go in a religious frenzy. The eighteen steps are the mainstay of the temple and then the sight of the flagstaff here in the middle of the temple courtyard is a great landmark.

The Prasad at the temple is the Aravana kheer and the appam. This is prepared by mixing ghee, sugar and rice. The rice is given from the Chettikulangara Devi temple. This is the second largest temple in the Travancore Devaswom board.

Chettikulangara Devi temple
Harivarasanam is a hymn that is changed before the temple closes every night. This is sung at the Sabarimala as a lullaby for the Lord at night and is called the Urakkapattu. It was Sri Kambangudi Kulathur Srinivasa Iyer who composed this famous Ayappa hymn.

The Sabarimala temple is one of the most popular pilgrim destinations in the state of Kerala in India and Lord Ayappa is surely a favourite of many Indians.

Sabarimala Temple

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Fascinating Tales from the Mayan Ruins Mon, 02 Apr 2012 08:00:31 +0000 Ricky Central America is not devoid of having surprises for the travelers who visit here. This is one intriguing region of America which never ceases to offer some of the most special views, and give some of the best travel moments in this part of the world. So while you are here, the Mayan Ruins obviously form a priceless experience for you.

Mayan Ruins

Central America’s Mayan Sites are one of the major reasons to travel to this part of the world. So enjoy your tours to the Mayan ruins and get to know this part of the American history better. The Mayan ruins with their intricate details and their size leave the tourists dumbfounded with pleasure.

So whether it is the archaeological Tikal ruins in Guatemala and Copan in the Honduras, or the Tazumal in the El Salvador region,  and the Belizian Xuanantunich, the Mayan ruins of Central America are a must see for any tourist wishing to see something exotic and exciting in his travels.

The Guatemala Tikal Ruins

Located in the El Pelten region of Guatemala the Tikal ruins are the most impressive Mayan culture that are visible in the world. This very fascinating portion of the Mayan Empire seems to be an endless chain which never ends. They come out of the Peten jungle and go back as if they are some ancient Gods appearing out of nowhere. A pre dawn sunrise trek here is very popular on tours to this place. Go to the Temple IV and enjoy the sights that beckon you here.

Guatemala Tikal Ruins

The Belize Altun Ha Ruins

This again is a greatly mesmerizing experience in this part of America. So get to see the most well preserved ruin of the Mayan civilization and enjoy the shades of the obsidian and jade that have been excavated here in the land of Altun Ha.   This is very suggestive of the fact that the region served as site for trading in this part of the world. Here the 15 centimeter jade head of the Sun God of Mayan culture, Kinich Ahau is very famous. This was actually found in a tomb belonging to the Altun Ha’s temple of the masonry Altars.

Belize Altun Ha Ruins

The Belizean Nim Li Punit

The Nim Li Punit is another ruin that is very famous and popular in these tours. This is located in the hills that lie below the Maya Mountain in Belize and gives the best scenic views. of the coasts of Belize and the Caribbean lowlands. There are many archaeologists who believe that this was also a great trading centre of the Mayan Empire and there have been many trading merchants here belonging to the villages nearby.

Belizean Nim Li Punit

The Guatemala ruins at the Uaxactun

Around 25 miles from the famous Tikal ruins lies the Uaxactun Ruins which are found in the Biosphere of Guatemala. This is given the name Uaxactun because it means eight Stones. As there are four major structures that are in line with the sunrise here it is believed that they represent the solstices and equinoxes and are thus related to the Mayan logic of astronomy.

Guatemala ruins at the Uaxactun

The Belize Lubaantun

This is another locale in this part of the world and the Mayan Ruins found here boast of many unique and special characteristics. There is the hand cut black slate and there are many structures made out of limestone. This is a site that was found by Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull. There are a mysterious lot of ruins and lie in the Toledo District of Belize.

Belize Lubaantun

Then there are the Copan Ruins of Honduras, the Tazumal ruins at El Salvador, the Xunantunich Ruins in Belize, and the Lamanai Ruins in Belize besides the Caracol Ruins here and then the Quirigua Ruins in Guatemala which enthrall the tourist completely.

Come to the land of Central America and enjoy the pleasures of the Mayan Ruins. The sheer sight of the lovely ruins takes you down a historical past and fills you with extravagant travel delights.

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Tales from Chiang Mai Travels in Thailand Thu, 29 Mar 2012 11:02:07 +0000 Ricky Come to Thailand in Asia tours, and enjoy the lovely culture surrounding this lovely land of greatest delights. Experience the pleasures of being in this charming and lovely paradise in this part of Asia. Enjoy the laidback ambience here and enjoy the ancientness of this 700 year old town. This is very famous for trekking, sightseeing and also is an adventure hub in this part of the world. There are shopping areas, spas, and mountain resorts which provide the ultimate tour delights in this part of the word. Chiang Mai in Thailand is one such adventurous locale which is truly a great paradise for all the nature enthusiasts.

Thais living here are very proud of this region of Chiang Mai and the region is filled with the ultimate travel delights. Chiang Mai is the keystone of any Thailand tour and provides the most ecstatic and memorable travel experiences. This was the first state in the South Eastern Asian state to make the great transition from the Mon domination and cultures of Khmer to the new Thai era.

Chiang mai temple

Situated around 700 km to the northwest of Bangkok the region of Chiang Mai has a lot of temples and has as many temples as there are in Bangkok. This is what makes the entire city centre very amazing. Thais have a lot of respect for the walled city and the strange ambience here is what makes the travels here very enterprising. Chiang Mai is a greatly dynamic city filled with the best sights to experience and has a rich tradition and history of the past which makes the tours to this part of the world very exciting. Today Chiang Mai is a very developed region and provides the greatest tour ecstasies.

With the rich culture and the beautiful handicrafts to exhibit the simple pleasures of shopping here lend a lot of excitement in the tour experiences here. The city is slowly growing up to the demands of the customers and tourists and gives the best tour delights. This city is changing its identity and with the cultural activities and the temple pleasures here, Chiang Mai is surely an interesting place to visit.

Visit the Chiang Mai Zoo which is a home to many hundreds of birds and animas. There is an aquatic park here which provides the greatest pleasures of avifauna attractions. This has in fact the largest South East Asian aviary. There is a popular picnic and camping ground facility which is open to all tourists providing great entertainment value.

Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiangmai has more than 12 waterfalls and is around 750 metres above the sea level. These beautiful cascades with their lovely tiers of racing water come as a total delight to the tourists here. With the water hitting the rocks below there is a grand sight of the water splitting into many colours and gives the best pleasures of the green vegetation around. Come here just to enjoy the loveliest natural sights and the most fascinating visual delights.

There are pools at the base of the waterfalls which provide facilities for swimming and make the trip here very memorable. AS the tourists bask in the pleasures of the watery paradise, it is really a great feeling to be in this part of the world and experience the best of travel delights.

The waterfalls are all reached easily by boat and these ensure that the public are transported easily.

Chiangmai has many festivals which keep the fun enthusiasts satiated with a lot of memories. There are many events held here and the celebrations like the “Loy Krathong” the “Songkran” are all festivals that surely deserve a mention here in this land of heavenly pleasures.

As the handmade floats are decorated with flowers and then let out into the water it is indeed a pleasurable sight to experience the best of travel sights.

While in Asia, Thailand is certainly a greatly fascinating land with the best delights and most mesmerizing travel pleasures.

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Places to see in Anguilla Thu, 22 Mar 2012 12:35:18 +0000 Ricky Visit the Caribbean and enjoy the pleasures of being in a land of paradise pleasures and heavenly experiences. Enjoy the beautiful locales here and get to see the things to do in Anguilla. The places here in this land of thrilling escapades are a great delight for all those who come to this part of the world and lie back in the pleasures of absolutely memorable sights.


Unforgettably true, Anguilla is a fantastic destination in the Caribbean providing the most fascinating travel delights. The coastline here is a lovely sight and the place has some of the best beaches in the world in fact. The lovely sand here with the pristine white sands and the fascinating sights of the corals here lend a lot of beauty to the eye. The brightly coloured tropical fish are another sight here. The Rendezvous Bay here is a lovely sight and the coastal pleasures of this beach is something that is seen to be believed. There is a lovely calmness here that is a great feast for the eyes. A beach bar here attracts people of all ages. And then of course you have the Shoal bay which is again a wonderful place to be in with the white sands of the beach providing ideal beach pleasures. The underwater coral here is a lovely sight of the tourist and the snorkeling experiences here are another delight altogether.

The Maundays bay in Anguilla is the place where you would get the best resorts and the most accommodative facilities. Come here and enjoy the beach delights here and bask in the absolutely pristine surroundings which make up a lot of the travel experiences here. A perfect windsurfing spot, there is the Cap Juluca which is also a great land to be in. come here and enjoy the sailing hotspot which is an ideal travel delight here in this land of thrilling memories. There is the Island Harbour Beach here which is another beauty on the northeastern coast. This is a serene place where the water is a brilliant blue colour. If you want a lot of action then go upto the Road Bay Beach which is where you get to see the watersports centre which every tourists coming here would surely like toe enjoy.

Maundays bay

Enjoy the art galleries and museums here which are another great visual delight in this part of the world. With the most interesting artifacts and the most modern art works, this is a historical place in Anguilla which shouldn’t be given a miss. Visit the Anguilla National Trust Museum which is beautiful with its lovely and fascinating relics. There are tours that are organized by the museum .Then there is the St. Gerard Catholic Church and this 18th century construction is a perfect treat for the tour enthusiasts. With a magnificent façade this constructional evidence recently was restored to its original glory some years back.

St. Gerard Catholic Church

So with the unspoilt beaches here and the breathtaking beauty that is so particular to this region, the Anguilla travel pleasures fill your travel palate with the best sights and the most fascinating escapades. The natural beauty here and the people here also give you the ideal facilities for a great travel experience.

The best time to visit this place is when the whether is mild enough.

Packing to go to Anguilla should be such that you have the best and the most comfortable clothing for yourself so that you can explore the island to your heart’s content. So whether the days or hot and the nights are cooler, the travel pleasure here is unlimited without any doubt.

Getting to this fascinating land called Anguilla; the Caribbean Islands provide greatest tour experiences. With the numerous parks and casinos that are found here, Anguilla is a lovely land to explore.

Anguilla with its lovely destinations in tourism and greatest travel pleasures provide you with a kind of delight that is simply irresistible and greatly fascinating.

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