Fascinating Tales from the Mayan Ruins

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Central America is not devoid of having surprises for the travelers who visit here. This is one intriguing region of America which never ceases to offer some of the most special views, and give some of the best travel moments in this part of the world. So while you are here, the Mayan Ruins obviously form a priceless experience for you.

Mayan Ruins

Central America’s Mayan Sites are one of the major reasons to travel to this part of the world. So enjoy your tours to the Mayan ruins and get to know this part of the American history better. The Mayan ruins with their intricate details and their size leave the tourists dumbfounded with pleasure.

So whether it is the archaeological Tikal ruins in Guatemala and Copan in the Honduras, or the Tazumal in the El Salvador region,  and the Belizian Xuanantunich, the Mayan ruins of Central America are a must see for any tourist wishing to see something exotic and exciting in his travels.

The Guatemala Tikal Ruins

Located in the El Pelten region of Guatemala the Tikal ruins are the most impressive Mayan culture that are visible in the world. This very fascinating portion of the Mayan Empire seems to be an endless chain which never ends. They come out of the Peten jungle and go back as if they are some ancient Gods appearing out of nowhere. A pre dawn sunrise trek here is very popular on tours to this place. Go to the Temple IV and enjoy the sights that beckon you here.

Guatemala Tikal Ruins

The Belize Altun Ha Ruins

This again is a greatly mesmerizing experience in this part of America. So get to see the most well preserved ruin of the Mayan civilization and enjoy the shades of the obsidian and jade that have been excavated here in the land of Altun Ha.   This is very suggestive of the fact that the region served as site for trading in this part of the world. Here the 15 centimeter jade head of the Sun God of Mayan culture, Kinich Ahau is very famous. This was actually found in a tomb belonging to the Altun Ha’s temple of the masonry Altars.

Belize Altun Ha Ruins

The Belizean Nim Li Punit

The Nim Li Punit is another ruin that is very famous and popular in these tours. This is located in the hills that lie below the Maya Mountain in Belize and gives the best scenic views. of the coasts of Belize and the Caribbean lowlands. There are many archaeologists who believe that this was also a great trading centre of the Mayan Empire and there have been many trading merchants here belonging to the villages nearby.

Belizean Nim Li Punit

The Guatemala ruins at the Uaxactun

Around 25 miles from the famous Tikal ruins lies the Uaxactun Ruins which are found in the Biosphere of Guatemala. This is given the name Uaxactun because it means eight Stones. As there are four major structures that are in line with the sunrise here it is believed that they represent the solstices and equinoxes and are thus related to the Mayan logic of astronomy.

Guatemala ruins at the Uaxactun

The Belize Lubaantun

This is another locale in this part of the world and the Mayan Ruins found here boast of many unique and special characteristics. There is the hand cut black slate and there are many structures made out of limestone. This is a site that was found by Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull. There are a mysterious lot of ruins and lie in the Toledo District of Belize.

Belize Lubaantun

Then there are the Copan Ruins of Honduras, the Tazumal ruins at El Salvador, the Xunantunich Ruins in Belize, and the Lamanai Ruins in Belize besides the Caracol Ruins here and then the Quirigua Ruins in Guatemala which enthrall the tourist completely.

Come to the land of Central America and enjoy the pleasures of the Mayan Ruins. The sheer sight of the lovely ruins takes you down a historical past and fills you with extravagant travel delights.

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