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The best places to go to in Africa are those destinations which provide you with the best kinds of travel thrills and tour delights. Going on a family safari here is one of the most cherishable and exciting vacations that you could ever have in this part of the world. Taking your family on an African safari is not very cheap so you would have to pick the right kind of safari tour so that you could get the best out of the entire experience.

The best place to go on a safari is South Africa and this is the ideal place for all families who go here with children. With excellent roads you can hire a care and set a routine to go around this place. The main thing is that you should have the right kind of flexibility if you go with children.

Family safari
South Africa has lot of wildlife zones where you get to see the best of animal life. These parks have convenient accommodations with buffet lunches, swimming pools, and dinners. There are many beaches in Eastern Cape and Garden Route which is filled with the best game parks and beaches in the nearby zones thus bringing you closer to nature. this is a great place to visit with family and children.

South Africa is a place where you have a lot of parks which are free of malaria so children can remain without taking any malaria pills and you really do not have to worry even if a mosquito comes in between. The country has some of the best hospitals and doctors so it is really not worrisome any way.

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Kenya is also a very preferred destination for having a good beach holiday. Enjoy Mombassa here and go to the Tsavo National park which is just around an hour from this place.

Then you have Tanzania which gives the best kind of safari experience in the African continent and has an infrastructure that is really good as in Kenya and while here combining the safari experiences with the Zanzibar beaches is a great deal to do while on vacations in Africa. Go the northern circuit in Kenya and enjoy the Ngorongo Crater and Serengeti and bask in the pleasures of a lovely land.

Namibia is also a place to visit and is malaria free. With a lovely coastline it has good rods and sand dunes which make tours here very exciting. The distance is long so be ready for long drives when you go from one place to another here.

Zanzibar beaches
Botswana is another lovely safari spot here and not much driving is needed as many of the safaris here are fly in. Safaris in Africa should be with children predominantly as they provide the right kind of thrill and excitement to the children. With many canoe rides and lovely delta regions, this is surely a lovely way of enjoying holidays in this part of the world in Africa.

There are many safari tours that have a lot of age restrictions on children and this is the reason they have to be planned and the best option is for those who travel with children under the age of 12. This is because many feel that it is really not safe for children to be sitting on the back seat of an open vehicle. Children also get sunburnt fast and fall in frequently so it is better that you move around with bigger children while on a safari in Africa.

Many safari
There are many campsites and lodges too that have age limits. Wild animals roam near the camps so it is advisable not to take a toddler along. There are game drives that  are long and so spotting wildlife is a little difficult. At such times small children lose patience. So at such times give them a camera or a binocular to be on the safer side.

Safaris in Africa are filled with the best kind of travel experiences. Make the best out of them.

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