EVERLAND THEME PARK- The Land Of Everlasting Fun-N-Frolic

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One is always overwhelmed by the fiesta time going on non-stop through the year, with spectacular views of floats, parades, road shows and the adrenaline-pumping rides at the Everland Theme park opened in 1976, in Yongin. Many say that Everland, the largest theme park in South Korea, matches up to of Disneyland due to its beautiful and neat landscape areas, feel, premise and design. Many come here during the key times like Halloween, Christmas and during the Tulip festival in spring. During Christmas, the place is ethereally decorated, with the staff dressed as Santas skating though the ice rings adding to the spirit of the season.

The prime attractions are segregated into European Adventure, Zootopia, Global Fair, Magic Land, American Adventure, Carribean Bay which is a famous water park.

Those who love getting quick rushes and adventure seekers can engage in the Eagle Fortress, the premier suspended coaster in Asia, or the Rolling-X Train built during the Olympics, the Hurricane, the heart thudding Championship Rodeo or the Eagle Fortress.

Global Fair is the ideal place for photo-ops, memorabilia hunting, delectable foodie joints and special services as rental storage and strollers.

Zoo-Topia is the animal theme park of sheer interest to the kids with horsy and camel rides, animal shows, petting areas where one can get cuddly with the various animals like goats, sheeps to name a few, a zoo housing several species of primates including meerkats, Kosik, the talking elephant who apes many words of its trainer, Tonki-the 10 yr old polar bear who loves watermelon, hamsters and the extremely rare hybrid called liger, the mix of the a lion and a tiger to name a few. A safari bus ride has a barred enclosure from which the tourists can safely view the varied animal forms. The Amazon Express ride is truly a rafting delight where one is bound to get drenched in the process.

The European Adventure with its characteristic European architectural style is visited by many for the Mystery Mansion to get the creepy crawlies and make shots at the ghosts. The new entrant is the T Express ride which is the premier wooden coaster ride in S.Korea. Artistically maintained floral displays surrounded by a mini train, and various gaming zones and shopping arcades.

American Adventure has the old world charm with rodeos, old west thrill rides like the Eagle’s Fortress, Rock Ville theme area and the Rock Spin which showcase songs belonging to the 50’s era in live wire form close by the Rolling X-Train coaster ride.

Magic Land is famous for its state-of-the-art rides, the Ferris wheel which offers enthralling views of the park, popular eateries and the allegory Aesop’s Village.

Those who seek pleasure in fast speedy races, the Everland Speedway have well maintained racing tracks where frequent race events take place.

One can undertake the services of the skyline ride which is an aerial transport service to allow easy access to different parts of Everland.


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  1. Cody says:

    I have been to Everland a few times. It’s a fun place to be at. However, due to recent actions at the place, I will never step foot into that place again.


    In that video, you will see animal cruelty. I will advise any animal lovers to boycott Everland.

  2. I am a regular reader of your site and would just like to thank you!. I have even been inspired to start my own blog.

  3. paul richard says:

    EVER LAND THEME PARK is the wonderful park to visit for .its very beautiful.i went there twice and i found great entertainment and happiness there

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