Enchanting Thailand Beaches – Pattaya Beach, Phuket Beach

Asia | | May 25, 2009 at 10:39 am


thailand-beachThailand beaches will spark your senses with its breezy beach fronts, indulging Thai massages, enthralling shorelines and hidden islands. One is bound to be mesmerized by its regal limestone deposit islands at the Andaman Sea and the serene settings of the villages lacing the Mekong River.

Pattaya Beach, located in conjunction with the central part of the city, has numerous opportunities for the avid buyer with scores of shopping arenas, hotels and bars for relaxation. Pattaya which factually means the wind of the south west monsoons was initially a quaint fishing village. In the recent years it has gained popularity as a top notch, globally renowned beach retreat. One can undertake numerous adventure sports like parasailing, snorkelling, and surfing or simply stroll down the sun kissed, golden hued sandy beach.

Pattaya Beach is also known to have quite a prolific night life with quite a few parties happening around the beachside. The Coral island, which is a short boats ride away from Pattaya Beach, is the ideal locale for the food enthusiasts. One can sample the huge array of delectable local fare which primarily reflects the characteristics of a waterborne lifestyle that include marine life, plants, herbs like lemon grass and coconut based curries.

One must schedule one’s visit to the Pattaya Beach around the mid-April where the popular Pattaya Festival is held on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard. The carnival like atmosphere beacons one and all with eye catching processions, decadent floral exhibits and countless other extraordinary events that truly make the visit memorable. The final lure being the grand, impressive fireworks show leaving all enthralled.

Phuket Beach guarantees fabulous vistas, the alluring sights of the dawn and dusk and the placid clear waters. One can find the island quite engaging with its indomitable blend of pliable palm-fringed shorelines and splendid hospitality. One can find an extensive array of budget centric accommodation in the surrounding areas of the beach front. One can explore the alluring underwater life or the majestic coral life by trying out snorkelling or deep sea diving. One can enjoy a game of golf at the championship golf tracks close to the beach. One could simply venture into the wilderness of the tropical forests in close vicinity to the beach, where one can indulge in some eco sports. Phuket beach is the place to let down your hair and simply soak in the ponderous ambience. One can undertake an exhilarating ride on one of the speedboats to the adjacent islands. Another excellent option would be to take a cruise liner to explore the hypnotic Bay of Phang Nga. The exuberance of the night life is evident in the numerous rave parties that take place around the Patong Beach.


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  1. Andy says:

    I have been Phuket, Patong beach and I have to say it is a vast improvement on Pattaya beach. However the night life in Pattaya is better. I like them both but for different reasons. Maybe it’s time to head for Hua Hin?

  2. mrloo says:

    I have been to Phuket too last May 2009 and I might say it is the entertainment place to go in Thailand, though me and my friend had a limited time to roam the place.

    Have you been to Krabi, Thailand? Check out my blog site and you can read my Thailand Adventures.


  3. siril says:

    i used to think there are only buddhist temples at thailand, the beaches and the buddhism temples make thailand a wonderful place… its a completely holiday trip..

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