Enchanting Tales From the Baritu National Park

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Situated in the northeastern part of the province of Salta, there is a beautiful green region filled with the  pleasures of lovely plants and fascinating animals. Get to see the best of animal delights and travel pleasures when you are in South America. Visit the Baritu National Park in this part of the world and enjoy the pleasures of great sights here.

Baritu National Park is home to the biggest eagle Aguila Arpia which is the largest in the entire world. There are many rivers which cross this region and River Lipeo is the most important of them,and this is a park that lies in the northernmost tip of the Argentinian locales. It takes cares of the Montana jungle.

Baritu National Park River Lipeo

It is a part of the Yungas which are mountain jungles and forests that are seen to go deep into Bolivia and also pass Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca and Salta. These beautifully cover the eastern parts of the Eastern Andes Range. There is a lot of humidity that is created here due to the winds that come from the South Atlantic region and come to rest on the eastern slopes of this region.

The region is filled with subtropical forests and they are very natural and maintain the beauty of the place. There are many species of trees here and are found in the south that they don’t grow beyond a certain height. The climate is hot and humid here thus creating the right condition for development. There are many kinds of wildlife that are found here so get to see the ocelot and the jaguar and also the otter.

Baritu National Park
The Baritu National Park is a national region in the Argentinian region which is situated in the Santa Victoria Department in the northern part of Salta. It has Bolivia and is normally easily accessed through this country. Spanning over 720 square kilometres, this is the only topical park in this part of Argentina.

Created in the year 1974, this is mainly bordered by mountains and has a protected area that belongs to the eco regions in the southern Andean Yungas locale. It is made up of the Sub Andean Hills which is around 300 to 400 m tall. The hot and wet climate with the intermittent summer rains, makes this a perfect haven for the endangered species like the onza and the yaguarete. Trees like the cedro salteno or the Salta cedrelas are huge here and the wood from these trees are very valuable.

Thus this park which is a part of the ecosystem of the Yungas has many beautiful streams dotting the entire place and has the best kind of varied vegetation in this part of the world. An enchanting natural paradise this is a place which makes you feel closer to nature and offers the most fascinating sights of a great green haven.

Baritu National Park

The sheer beauty of the greenery here coupled with the smell of soil and the leaves completely enthralls the tourist   and he goes back with a valuable travel kitty. This is a secluded region in the world and sunlight barely reaches inside due to the thick canopy of trees here.

With Mother Nature totally left undisturbed here, the forest has a certain intrigue and uniqueness to it, that is best left undisturbed. Cloud forest has remained untouched here and this is a place that is inaccessible, and the terrain is uneven so making it a greatly natural region. The main reason that wood extraction has been prevented here is due to the roughness and uneven terrain.

There are sights of the most unique plantations and trees here and the plethora of flora and fauna attracts the tourist coming to this part of the world. Come here and experience the pleasures of being in a land of pleasurable sights and lovely memories. Certainly tours to South America should include visits to the Baritu National park which provides the tourist with something special and unbelievably natural.

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