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libyaAnother sensational destination is gearing up in Mediterranean area in Libya to woo you. Libya is planning to build a place enriched with archaeological remains. This has been the official verdict of Saif Al Islam Gadafi, the son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. His prospective plans unveil the arrangements to build a sustainable development which is another initiative towards international rehabilitation. Libya has launched a first green village project to protect the Greek and Roman remnants, left in Cyrene in the green mountain regions of the Mediterranean. This is one of the gigantic ecological and cultural developments of the world’s first, large-scale, conservation-and-sustainable-development project.

Cyrene is one of the oldest and the richest Greek cities and lies in a lush valley in the Jebel Akhdar uplands. This location is legendary and shelters some of the most beautiful ancient structures like the Temple of Apollo, the temple of Demeter and the temple of Zeus. Most of these got dilapidated under the orders of Moammar Al Quadhafi in 1978.

The project tagged “Green Mountain Conservation”, will be powered with wind and solar energy. Subsequently, the trash generated would be recycled and converted into biofuel.

Completely innovative and distinct ideas are the key to success and this is apparent in the green project. This will surely lead the country in the forthcoming years.

Eco friendly touristThe Libyan government has originated “the Green Mountain Conservation and Development Authority,” which includes engineers, archaeologists and experts on the environment and sustainable development. The project is speculated as an attempt to diversify Libya’s economy, which is currently dependent on oil for 95% of its export earnings and 25% cent of its GDP.

This regional plan has been developed by the firm of renowned British architect Norman Foster who had advantage of constructing some of the most sought after projects in his kitty like Beijing Airport, the Millau Viaduct in France and the restoration of the Reichstag in Berlin. The project will be the largest project of its kind and is anticipated to bring bee line of eco-tourists.

The architecture of the resorts, hotels, villas and residences would be created in such a way that it is in sync with the rugged landscape. They have planned to depend on sustainable fishing, organic agriculture and micro banking services. Also there would be construction of new hotels, restaurants and museums for visitors. The plan also includes establishing an institution of higher learning dedicated to sustainable development. The economy will surely make it to the top because the arrangements made are eye-popping.

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  1. Josephine says:

    Wow! Whatever is that anyone else might be thinking, I feel the combination of historical relics, temples & lovely greenery is quite nice. Thanks Ricky. I guess we never see beyond typical places. But Now I am & the credit goes to you.

  2. Mat says:

    I think that I would be more curious to know about a few things before I come to conclusion. I mean, their present day culture & food would be really interesting with Greek, Roman & Islam influences on them, right?

  3. Ronny says:

    What could be the best season to travel? Do let me know, how soon do you think the program, if at all, would be implemented? Another question I have is would their be any negative repercussions of Islam being the main religion there?

  4. Wow this is a very interesting article, i wonder if the rest of the world will eventually try to take on the same concept of trying to get that eco friendly.
    .-= Great Irish Destinations´s last blog ..Limerick Ireland =-.

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