Deia, Mallorca (Spain)

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If you plan a trip to Mallorca (Spanish) or Majorca (English), things are bound to be unpredictable. Well, in the good way of course.

Make a trip to the little Deia village in Mallorca and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

About Deia

When you approach the village of Deia, you are greeted with a view of the Serra de Tramuntana, which makes for a picture-perfect backdrop of this Spanish Village. The ancient church which sits atop the hill gives an almost divine feeling to this entire region.

Deia Mallorca Spain

Deia, as a whole, sits almost precariously above the seashore. It seems like its clinging to Tramuntana mountains while it gets flanked by olive groves, orchards full of lemon and a generous outburst of pine and cedar forests.

Cala de Deia

The shingle beach of Deia is more pebbly than anything else; but the sight of clear waters make you forgive anything and everything that you may not have liked before. Given the fact that the routes to Cala de Deia are not well marked, not too many people know about it. So if you do manage to make your way down there, you’ll have one helluva great swim. Guaranteed!!!

Cala de Deia

La Residencia

La Residencia or La Res as it is popularly called by the locals is perhaps the most popular spot in Deia. Given the fact that Mallorca is the largest island in Spain, you’d expect your vacation to be spent lazily, basking on the sandy beaches, with wind in your hair. But Le Residencia has different plans for you.

La Residencia Mallorca

The Surprise Package

The granite mountains of Tramuntana dominate the geography of this idyllic village, and make their presence felt by the shadows they cast upon the village. The La Res takes advantage of this natural gigantic structure that they have at La Residencia Donkeystheir disposal, by arranging for a climb up the mountain paths.

The medium of transport – Donkeys! Donkeys have an advantage in comparison to other animals when it comes to breathing in rarefied air. They make the vertical climb quite easily.

You’ll have your lunch set out for you by the time you reach halfway up; and the scenic spot that has been chosen will make the entire climb until now seem worth it. The high altitude, the rarefied air, the stunning view and some lovely wine make for a combination that was never before thought of (makes you wonder why no one thought of it before!)

The history of La Res

This is the place where Princess Diana took refuge when her marriage was shattered into pieces. Andrew Lloyd Webber is said to have booked the entire hotel for his 60th birthday. Yes, this place does get its generous sprinklings of celebrity glimpses from time to time.

This hotel is originally made up of four separate mansions. They are, till date, linked by secret passageways. The lovely olive terraces make for a spectacular view; and the private beach, the spa with all available facilities just add to the already existent appeal of this place.

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  1. vareeja says:

    The Mediterranean islands continue to unfold their beauty.
    The enchanting Spanish village Deia in Mallorca will take your breath away with its splendid scenic beauty and so will the mystery passageways of La Res which was a temporary haven to many celebrities!

  2. christalle says:

    these islands are really a beauty..the xtraordinary church here gives a divine feeling too..

    another surprise here is the mode of transport which is on the donkey, and that is another experience everyone would like to share,

  3. christalle says:

    these islands are really a beauty..the xtraordinary church here gives a divine feeling too..

    another surprise here is the mode of transport which is on the donkey, and that is another experience everyone would like to share,

    a real worth jouney..

  4. Annalize says:

    Deia in Mallorca is such a village where people are used to having foreigners around.

    Deià has been a haven for artists, musicians and writers since the early 20th century, many of them making their permanent homes in and around the Village.

    There are many hotels and properties on rent available to the visitor. Also there are many restaurants and bars, if the village is full the lovely town of Sóller is just 10Km. (6 miles) up the coast.

  5. Sonika D'souza says:

    If you approach Deià by road from Palma you’ll have rounded the headland at Sa Pedrissa and be greeted by a grand first view of the village.

    The mountains of the ‘Serra de Tramuntana’ tower over the village,as its backdrop topped by its ancient church, sits on its hill then extends to the valley below with its system of open irrigation channels that date back to moorish times.

    Built long before the days of town-planning the people just got it right, limited to local materials they built houses that fit perfectly into the landscape.

  6. Travis Trunck says:

    Hey Sonika,

    I been to Deia and think that this place is really beautiful..
    As you walk down the dusty tracks of Deia through the olive groves you’ll reach the ‘cala’, the cove.

    It is at this place, the few remaining fishermen still go out at dawn to cast their nets.We were about to take a car to ‘cala’ but a native friend advised us to walk down and the walk was so beautiful.

    Thanks for the lovely post! :-)

  7. Joffy Jose says:

    Hey Travis,

    Looks like you enjoyed a lot a Deia..

    I think what makes Deia so popular with a contemporary traveller is the way luxurios living fits in easily with the local culture..

    The people are amiable and nice.

  8. Joffy Jose says:

    The place where I stayed for a week here was Deya Mallorca was awesome..Its a haven for the contemporary traveler..

    Wifi broadband is available in the duplex on request..The furnishing is modern and up-to-date..Linens and towels are provided..There are no hidden extras..Bird watching and walking through the olive trees is best if you go in spring or autumn..

    I really found my stay pleasant..

  9. Appleton says:

    Hey Joffy, nice to know how much you enjoyed here..!

    Deia is indeed a great place for someone who is a sophisticated traveler and seeks peace and beauty in a place where people are genuine and friendly..

    Particularly for those who are fascinated by ‘callas’, fishing places and who prefer walking peacefully in the midst of lush olive trees

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