Have a lifetime Experience in the De Efteling Theme Park

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Johny Johny Yes Papa!! Twinkle Twinkle little Star! Early to bed early to rise!! Shocked and surprise as to why I am reciting these nursery poems. Hey! Let me tell you, i have just returned from an eventful Sunday which brought back my lost and almost forgotten childhood memories to life. Along with group of friends we all had time of our lives in the de efteling theme park, in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. Wished my sister could be with me as she loved the fairy like any other girls and usually go to bed after listening a fairy tale from grandma.

De Efteling Theme Park

Inspired by the fairy tales, the famous Dutch illustrator Anton Pieck brought to life some ten different fairy tales in the fairy Tale Forest. From Snow white to the little mermaid, the sleeping beauty to little red riding hood, the Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, the wolf and the seven kids; all represented by buildings, figures and story tellers!! Opened to the public in 1952, it was a big Spoorkejebos (Fairy tale forest) it has undergone a lot of transition and development phases, the 80’s saw the De Efteling Theme Park saw the introduction of roller coaster. This park is a true roller coaster paradise. An indoor coaster ride through Vogel Rok, A double loop python coaster ride, age old Steam Carousel ride were some awe inspiring rides which we enjoyed.

De Efteling Theme Park Holland

The Flying Dutchman will spellbound you with a scores of special effects like amazing weather changes, sudden uphill and plunges with 70kmph ride ending in water splash, mind blowing background sounds, illuminative waterfalls. The huge haunted castle almost took the hell out of me. Other places worth watching are the Villa volta, the first modern mad house in the world, Fata Morgana and the Pagoda.

The Holle Bolle Gijs, a character from an old children’s song kept me captivating all the time. He says ”Dank You” meaning thank you every time you put some pieces of paper in his mouth. Probably the reason why this place is always clean. The fairy tale tree was the most enchanting part for me in the entire park. If allowed i would not mind sitting for long hours beneath it listening him telling stories.

The high quality ride designs, pleasant green environments are a magnet for everyone. A musical boat ride called the Gondoletta takes one through picture perfect panoramic views in the park. A wishing well, where by dropping a coin and it being reaching on the golden plate nudged by a small fish is considered to be a signal of fulfilment of the wish was truly enigmatic. The de efteling theme park is where you will experience world’s sweetest and memorable moments. No doubt, how this park keep on engaging over 3 million tourists thronging here every year.


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  1. Yjee says:

    De Efteling Theme Park is a fairy tale park indeed! We visited this place, me and my sister a couple of years back and we really enjoyed the Piranha ride..The ride started through a dark tunnel and opened up to a wide range of rapids! We were overtaking other boats how were with us! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We then passed through two waterfalls..! We were lucky enough to get a right to the center of the falls!!
    The rapids were getting more and more intense after this..Until there was a narrow pass..which was between two literal sheets of water!
    By now our excitement grew to the top..In the end there were more rapids!!
    After the ride we walked around it , using Inca rope bridges..This was the bets ride ever..Better than Six Flags!! :-)

    Thanks for the post and reminding me of the wonderful time I had with my sister!

  2. Alexia Parkes says:

    This park has so many excitements for kids and adults alike! I took my 7 year old to this Park a couple of years ago and WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE IT WAS FOR THE BOTH OF US!
    My kiddie enjoyed all the rides..The VILLA VOLTA is worth a mention as it is one of a kind attraction where we got the illusion of OURSELVES TURNED UPSIDE DOWN and the building too..
    My kiddie enjoyed the story that the house was cursed and that is why it was turned upside down..
    It seems that the Villa Vida was a house of the leader of goat riders,who had robbed the Abbey of Postel and so the mansion got cursed!
    My kid grew really excited when he saw the mysterious woman swinging her hands at the top of the tower screaming to the leader that-

    “Nowhere in your house, nor in any other place in the world, will you find peace… Only when a noble man with the clear conscience like that of a newborn child enters your house will you find peace in your home and in your heart…”

    That was really amazing experience for both of us..
    Thanks for the jolly post :-)

  3. Richard Hudgens says:

    That was a FABULOUS post to say the least! I really enjoyed reading it! I wish I could experience the different rides and attractions..I’m sure someday I will!! :-)

  4. Lana Brown says:

    The ride which gripped me throughout and really the most awesome of all was the Fana Morgana..It was a scary dark ride with 16 seater boat which flew through an animotrics town in a TWILIGHT setting..It was so captivating the scenes and sights..
    We passed through a poor quarter, next was a prison room and after which was a castle of a king , next was the harbor and ships..!
    Throughout the music placed was so much in tune with the settings and almost made you feel as if you are actually in a dream!
    The music reached climax in the last scene of the courtroom..!

    This was the bets ride ever…Thanks a lot for reminding me of the awesome time I had here with my young brother and sister..

  5. Gary Thompson says:

    Oh How I love this post of yours! Such a great place with FABULOUS rides and attractions..!
    Thanks a lot! :-)

  6. Oscar Gandhi says:

    I’m 22 and 10 years back I visited De Efteling Theme Park with my parents..I have fond memories of this DELIGHTFUL place!

    I would like to share with you my experience in my favorite ride.
    I really enjoyed the Dream flight which was a dark ride through dreamy settings of Castles, Forests, Gardens..There were around 50 FAIRIES, many UNICORNS, a MILLION flowers, trees and leaves..!
    Each scene had different music composed for it! It was the most AMAZING experience I’ve ever had..It transported me to a new realm of dreams and all good things! I feel lucky to have visited this place when so young…

    Thanks a lot for this post! :-)

  7. Walter Louis says:

    The most amusing ride I found was the Jurassic Park where scenes from the movie are emulated…! I found this the most FASCINATING of all! Thanks for the awesome post!

  8. Percy Koontz says:

    I visited this place a few years back and found the Congo River Rapids really good! There are many rapids and it also passes between two sheets of falls and near the Runaway Train!
    The loveliest part is that it is trying to emulates the real Congo River Rapids with similar landmarks and feel of river Rafting is just AMAZING!
    Thanks for the post! This is really a great place! :-)

  9. Olin Smedes says:

    The Corkscrew is a fantastic ride..I was lucky I went on that ride before it has shut down now..! The double loop roller coasters and te steel roller coasters were just amazing!
    The second we were here a year ago, it was no longer there..
    I still love all the rides here..They are so original and take you to a world where everything is pleasant and enchanting! IMy experiences here are truly the MOST CHERISHABLE of all!

    Thanks for the COOL post really! :-)

  10. Lisa Abzug says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post! Thanks a lot! :-)

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