Day 5 – Niagara Falls – American fall sight, Goat Island & horseshoe falls

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niagara falls tourist attractionsAs much as, is the beauty of Niagara falls, there are other small surrounding places which takes an equal pie in being one of the favorite spots of the people and visitors here. Staying overnight at Buffalo hotel, Comfort Inn – 306. I could not sleep more than 5 hours for the excitement of seeing the morning Niagara falls, and in no time I got a 6:00 am wake up call. A hot shower bath, and I was trailing my way to the hotel lounge where variety of breads, cookies, donuts, juices were served to us. A quick breakfast and we were back in our bus heading towards Niagara falls which was around 20 minutes drive from the hotel.

Niagara falls is one of the top tourists destinations around the world, attracting millions people each year. The Niagara Fallsspectacular sight of Niagara Falls gets you lost in its scenic beauty and a smooth water singing. People around the world take airplane, helicopter ride, train ride to see the spectacular beauty of Niagara falls. The world class attractions include Maid of the mist and the Cave of the winds, it’s a short 20 minute drive from Niagara downtown. The thundering roars of the waters and enchanting waves and the shine of water makes it a tantalizing experience of lifetime. As you take your next step towards cave of the winds, do not forget to take your step towards Hurricane Deck – you can have a personal view of roaring waters falling over the precipice of the Bridal Veil Falls. You can have other spectacular observations with helicopters hovering above the Niagara falls, observation decks, and towering vantage points. As you are done enjoying the beauty of falls, you can pack up your luggage and head straight to old fort Niagara, Niagara power vista, Niagara Gorge, Whirlpool state park to have other wonderful experience. Goat Island is located between American and goat island niagara fallsCanadian falls, the three sister islands can be accessed through Goat islands.

Buffalo is famous for its arts gallery, the newly built 84,000 square feet art center is the first art museum built in Buffalo over a century featuring more than 7,500 works from around 600 artists. Buffalo’s Museum of science offers you get back to half billion years of history of Dinosaurs, explore on your own getting to the core of our past historical and animal life. To explore Buffalo’s architectural treasures, you can take a ride in an open bus taking you around the corners of the city. Buffalo has many a natural treasures like tree filled parks as well as mansion lined parkways showcasing its historical importance. Buffalo was essential a boomtown in the late 19th century, it has 14 professional theatres and its one of the finest destinations for emerging arts. There are varied events and festivals goat islandhappenings in Buffalo around the year, whether we talk about polish sausages, Irish dancing, Italian Heritage, African American History.

The Taste of Buffalo is one of the 2nd largest events across the US, it consists of over 60 restaurants and wineries serving thousands of food lovers and wine drinkers during the July weekends. Buffalo is renowned for its regional delicacies that includes, beef on weck, chicken wings, foot long charbroiled hot dogs, the city truly gives you the best dining experience. There are lots of other places at Buffalo having historic importance.

Back again in no time we were driving back to NY having a small break at a motel area for a lunch. From there, we exchanged our bus for a mini-van as the other people were leaving for other places. The time is quite relaxing here, we are just 10 of us in the mini van enjoying the ride. See you tomorrow for my next tour to Washington DC.

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  1. Lopez says:

    This couple are thoroughly enjoying their trip to US. This is their 5th article and its really fun to read.

  2. Jennifer says:

    More than the place and its beauty it is real fun to read this article. With so much enthusism the author has written his experience!

  3. Ami says:

    Niagara falls! one of the greatest and dangerous natural wonder of the world! It has got great force and the view is superb :)

  4. Aricka says:

    Everyone knows Niagara falls but some of the untouched beauties is explored today. Goat island, Canada falls, Hurricane Deck, etc. are places worth to watch. They are silent but speaks lot of words.

  5. Bay says:

    I reckon, making a Art Gallery has given the place a moment of achievement. 1st Art museum over a century. It is indeed a very long time.

  6. Croma says:

    The author has beautifully written its story of US. It is heart soothing :)

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