Day 4 – Niagara night and Corning Museum of Glass

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All ready to drive through bus to Niagara falls, we reached right on time at China Town sharp at 7’0 clock in the morning. Getting up at morning 5’0 clock was quite a difficult task, but I nearly enjoyed the fresh breeze outside the house. I was amazed looking at the cars zipping by, on the roads early morning 6’0 clock that just goes on to show the dedication people have for work here. Although the climate seemed nearly cold, we were feeling cozy inside the bus.

The local police helped us stay on the road, awaiting for our next bus arrival. We were nearly a group of 30 people, so we enjoyed the space inside the bus leisurely. Most of them were from Chinese so our tour guide spoke both the English and Chinese languages simultaneously. The name of the tour guide was Michael, he spoke at length about New York City and the important places to visit here. A sweet natured fellow, was very fluent in Chinese as well English language. We exchanged our bus in a little while and were again on moving past the zipping cars. One thing really astonished were the amount of cars here, I think, America has more number of cars then the actual humans. Letting go off the humor side, it’s the given fact that each American home has more than 2 cars and in bigger families, one person each car.

corning museum of glass corning ny

America, a state with freedom for everyone who want to live life their own way. But one thing to make sure that you really need to work hard if you want to survive here. People here are sincerely dedicated to work and encourage others to work hard as well. I am so impressed with the human culture here, as much as they enjoy life here, there is space for emotions as well as feelings – just the opposite of what people around the world think. Not until the day, I arrived here; I have had any bad experiences except my lost luggage. Well, going back to my drive here. We are running at the speed of 80 – 100 kmph, the roads are so smooth here with a lovely snow enveloping all over the place.

The place we are driving right now is Pocono Mountains, WOW, its really getting colder here now. Past just 10 minutes of time, we were back on track all ready to enjoy our ride with lovely snow-filled roads welcoming us. I guess, by now everybody is in a sleepy mood but I am all delved in to snow and writing with lovely thoughts in my mind. It’s a 7-hour drive from NY to Niagara Falls. As we drove further, I could see lovely pent houses, all in same color and décor, what a beauty of the place! By now, its our lunch time, we got down at Mc Donalds for a quick 15 minutes break. I had lovely coffee with Indian Khakhras and Chakris. There was a quick photo session later on, with a little play on the snow.

Corning Museum of Glass

Back again; I am totally lost by the beauty of the place – uniform houses surrounded by snow and an enchanting weather outside. We are now at the Border of NY and ready to visit the Corning museum of glass, it is one the largest glass museums of the world. The museum offers the visitors the live glass blowing demonstration. They have every type of glass that was used in the last 35 centuries. I am going to cover detailed information on Corning museum of glass in my “Corning Special article” CORNING MUSUEM. For now let us get back to a night visit to Niagara Falls. The beauty of Niagara was absolutely stunning with glittering lights placed above the running water. The climate was cold and there was mist spread all over the place. Niagara Falls Park is one of the oldest parks’ of America. Buffalo Niagara is one of the fascinating destinations to travel with family and friends; it offers good hotels and accommodation. It was a freezing cold outside with a snow all over the place. Back in the hotel room, I was fast asleep to get ready for my tomorrow’s excursion.

Corning Museum of Glass

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  1. Roger says:

    Rather than places I was enjoying more while the author was driving. It was making me feel that I was really present at that place.

  2. Ron says:

    People do have wrong impression for America. Until unless you don’t experience you will never ever come to know what the real picture is.

  3. Val says:

    It is not only the case of US but everywhere you need to work hard to achieve your dreams and goals.

  4. Rossi says:

    This is the main thing to run a successful economy. People here work efficiently and are honest towards it.

  5. Aby says:

    The author is truly enjoying each and every moment of his life. This reflects in his article.

  6. Tazz says:

    Niagara falls in the night looks beautiful:) It seems as if you are in heaven. colors flowing on the top of the water.

  7. Greice says:

    Niagara falls looks awesome in the day and in the night. The effect during day and night is totally different and amazing.

  8. Parenza says:

    The summers are over and now its chilling time! be ready with your jumpers and pullovers! it is quite cold during this time.

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