Day 28-29 Enjoying Los Angeles

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Wow, the morning was beautiful, the weather was good but it was a little lazy and boring to get up. We had a morning check out at 11:00 am from the hotel and I got up at 10:30, u hurriedly packed up everything in a mess. I was happy that hotel guys did not fine me for checking out at 12:00 noon. Well, we did not had much time to board our bus back to LA but enjoyed quite a bit well over the Vegas Strip. Even at noon 12 people were out on strip drinking and laughing and having fun. I browsed a quick look at the hotels and casinos I did not get chance into and entered Shea’s where I ate my Subway, it was filling lunch for me and later out on we went to Caesar’s to check my luck all over again. Right at 3:30 pm, our bus tour guide came to pick us up at Flamingoes. I had always loved these luxurious buses out here giving you all the facilities like free snacks, restroom and Wi-Fi.

Las Vegas tours

It was a total of four hour drive and back again we were dropped at Days Inn Hollywood. The drive was quick and excited as we were going back to LA and be with Uncle Ashok and Aunty Meena. Coming back home, we had delicious food prepared by Meena aunty, a quick round of desserts and we were off snoozing tight in our blankets. The last night in Vegas, we were at Caesar’s up to 3:30 am trying our luck hard but all the chips I won I had spend it again. Wow, that was a real good experience trading in like the way we do stocks. You take risks; even if it is big money you can loose it!

San Fernando valley
The next day morning was fun, as we were free and nothing much to do, except till the time we decided to go to Jain Temple at Orange County. It’s a one hour drive from San Fernando Valley, as we entered in I could sense a feeling of belonging and coming back to India as the Jain Temple was fully occupied with Indian Gujaratis (Caste). The whole look of the place was like a mini India, the outside of the temple area was huge with vast parking areas, the building was a bright dark brown color, especially made with imported materials bought in from around the world. The temple has been built at a stupendous cost of $22 million. As we entered the temple, there was a huge historic wooden structure that was 100 years old. The carvings under that wood that were simply mind blowing, no one can match the artistry of Indian handicrafts. After seeking god’s blessings, we moved around the temple and I saw huge halls and passageways for religious programs and ceremonies here. We had lovely food at the temple that is Prasadam (the food made in temple for devotees).

Jain temple
As it was Easter, all the shops and malls were shut down and we did not get a change to visit and look over the other places. Orange County in LA is the place to be, it has an amazing weather – it never rains heavily, there is no snowfall here throughout the year.

Cerritos Orange County
The climate is very pleasant here throughout the year; you can find lots of Indian community here. I was simply enjoying the taste of mini India here; there were Indian grocery stores, Saree shops, fast food restaurants and lots of places to buy the Indian goods. The area is pretty much developed and the houses here are old, not very old though but the structures give you a taste of old America. I am talking about the place called as Cerritos in Orange County and Pioneer Boulevard is the name of the street. Pioneer Boulevard is one of the longest street here at Cerritos which runs over 2 miles. It has some amazing housing facilities and you can easily rent an apartment for over $300 per month. Driving back and forth, we finally reached our next stop at Aunty Neeta’s place. The place here was equally peaceful and they stay very close to Orange County. The whole evening just passed by, talking over different topics and after having dinner in the late evening we were back again driving at San Fernando Valley. The next day getting up early we are off to Disneyland, I am just imagining how that Fairyland must be looking like!

Pioneer Boulevard

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  1. Jackson says:

    After a tiring dasy at canyon, it is to be understood that your morning is going to be lazy.

  2. Kieron says:

    LA is really a nice place to live. Its one of the major and huge city in US.

  3. Lava says:

    You are lucky enough that you wer not fined. All the hotels are very peculiar and I was charged for being checked in for extra time.

  4. Malouda says:

    In Las Vegas 24/7 you will find people enjoying on the streets. City of life!

  5. Neelam says:

    There are many Inddians in LA specially Jains. I have visited this temple and it is very clean and neatly made.

  6. Ollie says:

    During Easter everything will be closed. But there will be celebration time all over. I’m sure you must have enjoyed that.

  7. vareeja says:

    Woww! Los Angeles is often billed as the “Creative Capital of the World”, due to the fact that one in every six of its residents works in a creative industry.

    According to a research there are more artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers and musicians living and working in Los Angeles than any other city at any time in the history of civilization..!

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