Day 23, 24 & 25 – Sunshiny San Antonio

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I am back again to talk to you about my personal traveling experiences ahead in United States. Sorry to depress few of you guys, my lovely companion readers who had be anxiously waiting for me. Well, the last couple of days I had nothing much to do except to relax and create a back up healthy me again to enjoy the wonders of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. My first day at San Antonio was pretty cool at Uncle Thusu’s place, this is a tourist location as I could see getting out of the airport with lots of motels and hotels in the area. Lots of people come here to this place to relax and have fun with their family and friends. The morning we left from Houston was not cold and as I could experience the similar type of climate at San Antonio as well. But you do not sweat here because of the dry climate San antonio tourismhere.

The next day getting up late was fun and I nearly appreciate the way uncle and aunty made us feel at home. I felt like I have not slept since ages from the time I had first time landed at NY airport. Later in the evening we went to San Antonio downtown and ahead of it we went to a place called as Riverwalk. Its one of the favorite tourists destinations here you just cannot afford to miss it. We bought our tickets and sat on a lovely open water taxi named as “Rio Taxi”. The guy in there was pretty much fun to be with, he took us around the tour in water boat for around 40 minutes and narrated different episodes in the history of San Antonio. Furthermore, we even saw the statue of the San Antonio, the person who invented this place. There were different hotels and restaurants and bars at the sides of the lake. The skyline looked awesome while we were sailing in the boat, the beautifully lit hotel rooms made it look like we are in some fairyland. It was fun to see rotating restaurant and our guide made a point to tell us not to keep wallet on the outer circle because the hotel keeps rotating.San antonio tourist attractions

Getting down from the Taxi, I had choco sundae icecream that was really fabulous. In no time, we were riding back at home to have our lovely dinner. The next day was also a lazy beginning for the day in the evening we went to a lovely location called as Japanese garden. It is just beside the San Antonio zoo. The place had a huge pagoda structure made up of asbestos stones and a lovely flower garden by the side. There were small ponds and few of the colorful fishes sailing in the green like water. The garden was a quite a bit old as the historic building was getting renovated here. The whole place had bridges and walkways made up of asbestos stones that really made it look so appealing and so historic.
It really felt that you are in some fairyland, the place is not very famous amongst the tourists here but it had its own charm and peace that we saw. There were chirping birds, singing birds and insects making noise around the garden, finally the point is it was all so natural.

Japanese garden

The next day i already knew was going to be a harassment day and it indeed was as we had connecting flights to Los Angeles. The timings of the states keep changing every where we travel and we were quite good at adjusting our clock cycle as we did not wanted to loose out on any places. The flight to Salt Lake City was already late by half an hour as there was traffic at the airport due to snowfall in at Salt Lake. Well, after waiting long for around 45 minutes we finally got into the airplane only to get down after two hours and forty-five minutes. To my amazement, the flight from Salt Lake to LA was right on time and we were running helter and skelter down from Terminal no. B to Terminal no. E just to no miss our flight. It was pretty cold outside as we could already sense from inside the aircraft and as we got down I could see snow fall. It was just a “WOW” experience as I was seeing the snowfall for the very first time in my life. I really wished I could get some time standing in the snow and I really got a little snow on me while I was boarding my airplane because it was just waiting for us. It had already left its passageway, thank god, we were lucky enough not to miss it. But yeah, I got to experience snow because our airplane got late and so I am thankful to the authorities here.

Japanese garden

Getting down at Los Angeles was one of the fabulous experiences of my lifetime as I could see lovely road planning and shining cars from the top around 20,000 feet up on the sky. LA is a huge city in California and it is one of the biggest as well. The best thing I learned about LA was its climate and the weather, the city never faces any severe weather or calamities except for Earthquake this is what I learned from Uncle Ashok who had come to pick us up at the airport. It was a forty-five minutes drive from Airport to Chatsworth county and there were different valleys having big houses in the middle of the mountainous ranges. I was seriously aghast looking at that sight, simply awesome! Coming back home we were all refreshed, it seemed as if we are no more tired and after having our lovely Indian dinner we were off bag packing for tomorrow’s trip to Vegas. I just cannot sleep now because I have to get up early morning at 5:00 am. See you guys tomorrow!

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  1. Aston says:

    San Antonio is a good place for tourist to relax and vidit nearby scenic beauties.

  2. Butler says:

    I reckon theis couple has planned their trip very well. After days of partying and tiring travelling, they have to come a place where they can have good rest.

  3. Cameron says:

    San Antonio is a very good place to live in. It is very calm and simple. People are not much hassle out here.

  4. Dementiva says:

    Riverwalk is very romantic. A perfect evening spot to go with your partner.

  5. Ed says:

    A 40 minute qualoty time spent with my partner while visiting San Antonio

  6. Ferriera says:

    Some of the flowers are very pretty in Japanese garden. Their fragnance as well is so addictive.

  7. Gene says:

    I don’t know why this place is a tourist when there is not much places to visit.

  8. Harry says:

    If you love hinking salt lake is the place to be. AMazing scenic and mountain ranges to enjoy life :)

  9. Ian says:

    The weather in Salt Lake is never predicted. Late flights are always expected.

  10. Jackson says:

    Man you missed a beautiful place! Salt lake is one of the awesome place to be.

  11. Kieron says:

    the same experience would be there if you would have visited Salt lake. What a beautiful place :) I just love this place.

  12. Lampard says:

    LA, most famous and expensive city of California.

  13. Madonna says:

    The planning of this city has been marvelous and every space has been used properly.

  14. Naiomi says:

    People here have huge houses and they are beautiful in and out!

  15. Obi says:

    Obviously no one will sleep when you next morning is going to be in LAS VEGAS!!!

  16. vareeja says:

    The jewel of San Antonio is the River Walk.This attraction is transformed into an impressive festival of lights during the Christmas and New Year holiday period, and is suffused with the local sounds of folklorico and flamenco music during the summer, particularly during celebrations such as the Fiesta Noche del Rio.

  17. I agree with Jackson, Salt Lake is awesome. It looks like you had so much fun! I love the pictures.

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