Day 15 & 16 – Fun at Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta

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Well, there was nothing much planned for today but I did not realize that the day would turn out to be so wonderful and exciting in the later part of the day. The weather forecasts had predicted a little showers of rain so we let go off our plan to go to Stone mountain as it was an open place with garden and we needed to walk in a mud. So it was a relaxing start of the day as all of us woke a little late than the usual and to top it, it was everybody’s favorite SUNDAY. The Sunday’s here are pretty much fun as people start partying from the Friday evening itself and by the time its Sunday evening they get a little upset with the Monday Blues which are going to set just another morning right at 7’0 clock. We had wonderful breakfast at Indian south Indian Udipi restaurant, what a lovely south Indian brunch. We enjoyed every bite and taste of it after all its been so many days we had just been having an American breakfast with some fruits and cereals to boost your energy. It was a wonderful lovely afternoon and we were duly enjoying the times together with Dhruv and Raahi as we were supposed to move from here tomorrow morning for Oklahoma City.

trip to atlanta

After the lunch we left for Coca Cola museum, which was a real fun. We bought the tickets for $15 each, pretty much well on our pockets. As we entered the museum there were different rooms to enjoy. The first we entered was the history of Coca-cola, where we could see varied specimens and pictures of olden Coca Cola Company. We got to learn the history of how coca cola became popular and how it is getting wider each day of the year. Later we entered the room with bigger machines showing us the actual processes of how the bottles are sanitized, cleaned and filled with coke. I was seriously enjoying the site of moving bottles and how they were so keenly supervised. After looking over it for sometime, we planned our way to a 4D movie theatre. We were given 4D glasses and had fun seeing everyone around us wearing it looking like a funny jokers. We had a good laugh looking over each other and clicked lovely memorable pictures too. Well, after waiting for 10 minutes we got our way in to the theatre were rows of seats were spread in the area. It was a 20 minute 4D picture and the way the movie was planned was simply amazing one. As we got seated and the movie started, at each and every turn of a story our seats were moving and as per the expressions we got few water showers as well and something even poked us from inside. It was a lovely laughing for each one of us inside the theatre. They had a lovely start and a lovely ending and you had be glad to know that Coca-cola SECRET was, “We – the people who make the company, use the company and love the company.”

coca cola museum atlanta

It was quite a bit refreshing, extra-ordinary experience for our trip to Atlanta. I would not forget this experience ever in my life for sure. We moved forward to look upon Coca-Cola’s MAGIC MOMENTS; it was a small open theatre where all the olden advertisements of coca-cola company and other International festivals were being played on the large screen. That was well was a cool experience to look at the funny cartoons and funny made up stories. Ah, now comes my favorite room, where self service machines were kept where we could take our pick on whatever coca cola drinks we had like to taste. Coca-Cola as a company has left no country where its drinks are not reached and every country they have introduced, different types of taste with electrifying drinks suiting their climate. I was seriously impressed by the amount of tastes and manufacturing units they have across the world. I tasted a few of them and was happily enjoying the cocktail mix inside my stomach. I hope it does not bother me later. Well, for a while it was pretty much exciting and later it was even more exciting to drink the actual coca-cola black drink. It covered the taste of all, the REAL COCA-COLA.

history of coca cola

As we got out, the skies were clear but there were a little drizzles although. We planned our way back to home for some trip to atlantarelaxation. After a little nap, all of us drove to Tadka, an Indian restaurant again as suggested by Ritesh. It was a lovely last dinner at Atlanta and more than that I enjoyed the company of the people here. I was sure I am going to miss Brix very much. The next morning we were up packing our luggage and in no time we were moving for Hartsfield International Airport of Atlanta. Reaching here was easy but getting inside was a little difficult as it is the main hub of whole of Atlanta downtown, uptown and suburbs. We were 4 hours before time and were enjoying cold ice coffee without sugar of course. We are soon going to land in Oklahoma City and expecting Tina to receive us.

I could see the open areas of Oklahoma City from the top, we are nearly about to reach the airport in 10 minutes. The place was pretty much cool as we got down we could sense a cold weather but a pleasing climate. It was half an hour drive from the airport, as we relaxed we talked about different things and the life of the people here. The evening just passed by and we were fast asleep after having a quick dinner, thinking what we are going to do tomorrow!

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  1. Mario says:

    I think these people are having completely rocking time in their trip!

  2. Alice says:

    The Coca Cola museum is quite amazing to visit. Their merchandise and souvenirs are also good.

  3. Brut says:

    Cocoa Cola company explains each and every process beautifully and you also have fun while getting information.

  4. Cam says:

    4D movies are so awesome!!

  5. David says:

    Yeah, 4D movies are so cool!! you are in the real movie. What a great concept created.

  6. Ed says:

    South Indian food? I’ve never had such kind of food but surely would like to taste it.

  7. frankie says:

    So huge bottles! That will be a great souvenir for anyone who visits Coke company.

  8. Gayle says:

    Atlanta is truly an awesome city to spent 2 or 3 days. Cocoa Cola company and the largest indoor aquarium as well ;)

  9. Hanna says:

    I’ve been reading all the articles and it is really fun to read. I’m also planning my trip accordingly :)

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