Day 13 – The Atlantan & Norcross Experience

Travel Experience | | March 21, 2010 at 10:11 pm


Lenox MallThe day started pretty well with sunny side of the wintry days, as we moved out of that house I could sense that it was really going to be a great day ahead. The skies were clear, there was no rain, there was no strong cold wind and moreover it was a day for outing. Morning, Ritesh and Dhruv had a meeting with Eric and Tanya together so that they could plan their selling and marketing strategies together. I was feeling a little lazy as we went to sleep a little late. But as I woke up, I was really happy to see the sunny day outside.

Since the time I have been here in United States, I am so in love with Avocados. Well, so for the lunch I again prepared Avocado Sandwich and all had it with much pleasure. Thank god, it was fun though, all liked it and I could not forget to have a sip of Starbucks Mocha to go with my favorite breakfast. The meeting went on till quite a few number of hours and I was all happy to watch TV and later writing on this blog. It was sunny outside so it was not very cold but when you are with the blanket on, I think you had need an air conditioner. Well, in the afternoon after the meeting was done and Tanya left for her home. All of us got ready to visit Lenox Mall and have some fun there, it was one of the best malls where we could find middle range as well high range outfits. The mall was huge with all house ware, linen, designer outfits, glass crockery, big luggage brands, handbags, etc. There was a food court as well in Atlantanthe mall where we could find every type of food and I tried Vegetarian Sushi for the very first time. It was fun to eat and actually you eat them with two Japanese sticks but I simply used a fork because I am not very used to eating them.

The crowd in the mall was cosmopolitan as I saw Americans, Afro-Americans, quite a few number of Chinese people and Indians as well. The place was full of life as it was a Friday night; people leave their offices by 3 in the evening are out to have fun. We roamed around the mall for nearly 4 hours and we did not even realized that it was already 7 in the evening. By now, it was too late for us to drive to Sweet water brewery where they show you brewing processes but it was all fine as we drew down to Gordon Biersch and had fun time with all girls party with few of Raahi’s friends. A good evening was setting in and I knew that it is going to be exciting further. The place is known by the name Midtown, it’s a sort of a place where there are financial offices and people around Atlanta and Norcross come here for work. The public transport here was not very impressive though, but it was cool experience driving in a car.

gordon biersch brewery restaurant
We drove all the way from Midtown to Duluth to visit Tadka, an Indian restaurant. We ordered for some exotic dishes here, it had a great Indian food taste and a lovely Indian atmosphere. It was really late by the time we finished our food. After having paan, we came back home and going to sleep now as we are planning to get up early tomorrow.

Norcross Experience

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  1. Diaz says:

    There are lots of stuffs around rather than Starbucks, avocados! The great Burger king is missing all the way!

  2. Angelina says:

    Weekends in this city is always lively. People here come out to party all night.

  3. Buzz says:

    Lots of malls are being constructed all over the world. It is really good that now you can get all the stuffs under one roof.

  4. cathy says:

    Visiting malls has been a complete different experience now a days. it has been like a 3-4 hours picnic spot. Everyone majorly comes to the mall for visiting branded shops and do window shopping.

  5. David says:

    People are migrating to places for better standard of life. It is tend to happen that you will be able to see at least one person from all the parts of the world.

  6. Ema says:

    I just love Indian food. It is spicy and tasty. The spices put by them are just out of the world :)

  7. Frank says:

    I’m a big foodie! I have tasted almost all the cuisines but till date Indian is my favorite because it has got all the taste. It can be sweet, spicy, sour, blend. My favorite Indian food is Chicken Tandoori.

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