Day 11 & 12 – Peaceful Atlanta Experience!

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A peaceful charming morning with a few drizzles made a lovely beginning for the day, as I woke up I could sense a little cold outside the house. Still, for the experience I got out of the house only to find a sunny side of this cold wintry weather. Wow, a lovely sun gazing at me and sexy cars driving by the roadside. I must say, Norcross is the place for peace lovers especially when you are staying in the outskirts of the city life. The most expensive place to live here is at Bucket, staying in condos are an expensive affair with all the luxuries you can afford to have in terms of money. Sipping a hot cup of tea was a superb experience and alongside also feeling the cold weather outside. Ritesh and Tanya got really busy with their office training work and I was having a fun time with Bricks, a puggle at Dhruv’s place. Bricks was very sweet and very appealing, he had lots of manners and was nicely trained.

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Well, the lovely cozy atmosphere in the inside of the house and cold atmosphere outside made a lovely combination if you are on a vacation. I made a quick Avocado Mexican dish for Ritesh and myself and in no time we could see ourselves badly munching on it along with Starbucks coffee. I did not realize how the afternoon and evening passed by. mexican restaurantIn the evening, something unexpected happened as my dear hubby – Ritesh went in to the kitchen and made a lovely coffee. Wow, now that was an amazing experience of lifetime. The taste was just perfect and I would not ever forget that experience in my life. We watched the Hindi movie, “No smoking” in the evening. The movie seemed to be very uninteresting at the beginning but it became interesting later on. The evening passed by and we took Bricks out for a walk, he played in the garden outside the house. It was lovely to see him in his natural habitat, I felt so attached to him just within one day’s time. A lovely dog with a sense of human behavior!

It was quite relaxing here at Norcross after our continuous outings at NY and DC; I could feel the wonder of Manhattan Financial district. It was truly an amazing experience with opportunities for everyone who wants to make big money in the business world. As the evening drew closer, there were strong cold winds blowing outside the house. After long talks and watching TV we were off to bed to have a la parrilla mexican restaurantpleasurable getting up late experience the other day.

Ah! It’s a lazy morning, everything is moving at a slower pace. Thursday is the day, Americans wait for throughout the week after slogging hard in the first three days of the week. No sooner than before 11 in the morning, myself and Tanya went to Publix, a grocery store where I bought some Avocado, seedless grapes, brown bread, cookies to prepare lunch tomorrow. Later, we also went to Indian grocery store, where I could buy my Indian Favorite Maggi. Wow, after so many days I had my maggi – a simply amazing experience. The afternoon just went by and in the evening we were all ready to go to midtown and take a taste of city skyline. We picked up Raahi from her Georgia Tech campus and were all set to visit the restaurant. It was pretty cold outside and as we reached La Parrilla, a Mexican Restaurant I saw different shopping outlets near by. The ambience of the restaurant was very appealing; most of the people I saw were youngsters probably because of the fact that Georgia Tech University was nearby. We had a lovely Mexican dinner with varieties of food here along with my favorite “house margarita” it was an in-house drink.

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As we drove back home, we passed Spaghetti Junction that connects highway number 285 to 85. It was a lovely evening experience with Dhruv and Raahi. Looking forward to our meet tomorrow with Eric and also going out to the mall and visit the famous Aquarium here.

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