Chottanikkara Temple Attractions

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Come to Kerala, God’s Own country and get enchanted by the beautiful surroundings in this part of the world. Come here and enjoy, the pleasures of being in a paradise that is only seen to be believed. Experience the most exotic surroundings and the most virgin ambience here in the land of palm trees and beautiful ambience.

While you are in Kerala, the  temple tours become very important and they make the trip more fascinating and interesting. Amongst the many temples that are found here, pay a pilgrimage to Chottanikkara which is a very picturesque locale in this part of the world in Asia in the Indian subcontinent in the state of Kerala. Located outside the suburbs of Kochi this is famous as a religious spot in the central part of Kerala. Come here and enjoy the absolutely fascinating journey experiences of this attractive village in this part of the globe.

Chottanikkara Temple

Situated in the district of Ernakulam, Chottanikkara is famous as the place where the temple of Bhagawaty is located. A prime attraction in this part of Kerala, this is a temple that is the peeth of the Rajarajeswari Devi which is a calm form of the Goddess Durga. There are many pilgrims who are seen coming here during the festival that is held in the months of February and March. The MakamThozhal festival is a great occasion when the devotees throng the entire region in great numbers. The Navratri festival in the months of October to November is also a great attraction.

Ernakulam town is nearby, makes the travel pleasures here greatly attractive. Come here and enjoy the loveliest pleasures of being in this land of pleasure and fun. Experience the serene ambience of the entire place and get blessed in the serene gaze of the Chottanikkara deity Goddess Bhagawaty. The village looks radiant and very beautiful in the surroundings of the luscious verdant expanse that is so typical of this place. Enjoy the presence of the green vegetation that is so much a part of the travels here. It is said that the Goddess blesses those who visit the temple continuously for 12 days.

Chottanikkara temple

Besides this temple there are other attractions which draw the people closer to this place,a land of excitement, calm and greatest memories. Come to the Thirupunithara Hill Palace,Travancore Fertilizers,and the harbour at Mattancheri which is a great attraction for all tourists. Then you have the Vaikam Mahadeva temple and also the Eranakulathappan temple which provide ideal travel attractions here. The temple destinations of Asia are very popular amongst all the tourists who visit this part of the world and Indian temples are not left behind in the quest for the best temple locales.

Vaikam Mahadeva temple

The Chottanikkara Bhagavathy temple is the most important place in this part of Central Kerala. This is managed by the Cochin Devaswom Board. The goddess Bhagawaty is the main deity here and Goddess Rajarajeswari as she is also known as is the mainstay of the attractions here. The Adiparashakti Goddess is the other form, that she is known as and it is believed that the temple deity is worshipped as the three forms of the Goddess. She is worshipped as Goddess Saraswati in the morning, Durga in the evening and as Lakshmi in the noon. This deity is called the Amme Narayana Devi.

The entire temple complex has a temple for Lord Brahma and also for Lord Ganesh, Lord Subrahmanya, Lord Shiva and also Lord Sastha too. There are many devotees who come here and get blessed by these deities. The pilgrimage to this place is considered to be very pious and devotional.

The Chottanikkara Bhagawaty temple is one of the most pious temple locales in Asia and is thronged by the devotees of this goddess.

Chottanikkara Bhagawaty temple

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