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  • Tips to acclimate in China tour
    Tips to acclimate in China tour
    The forbidden land of China can be a good place for visiting for the tourists and they find the mysteries of the land slowly unfold before them as they move around the city roads and narrow avenues. But when you are going to China from a foreign land it is possible that the completely different language and culture of the place can throw you into major troubles. The most important is the difference climate that often makes foreign tourists sick. Some of the useful tips can help to surpass the health problems that arise out of climatic difference. When a trouble comes out of climate, then you cannot change the source of the problem. It is nature and its rules that you have to abide by. The only tool to combat this nuisance of nature is knowledge about the climate of China, which can help you to set the right time of your journey.  [...]
    Posted at May 5th, 2011 at 12:05 am
  • Top 4 remarkably inexpensive places to eat in Paris
    Top 4 remarkably inexpensive places to eat in Paris
    While you are in one of the most expensive cities of the world called Paris, it is very obvious for you to look for some great restaurants that can offer delicious food at reasonable prices. We all know that a tour to any European city can really cost a lot and so there is always a yearning in all the tourists to look for some affordable ways and means to control the same without compromising with the quality as well as fun. And one way to do is to find some affordable restaurants, cafes, or places to eat in Paris irrespective of whether you are a gourmet or not. So, to ease your task, here are some of the favorite restaurants or places to eat that are notable for its quality food at decent cost. Rue Saint-Dominique This is the street in the neighborhood called the 7th Arrondissement that is famous for its top attraction – the  [...]
    Posted at April 28th, 2011 at 12:04 am
  • 6 smart ways of burning calories on a cruise
    6 smart ways of burning calories on a cruise
    If you have never thought of losing weight by being on a cruise, do think this time for two reasons: To minimize the effect of tempting buffets and to avoid the extra cost of gym when you are back. Yes, although a cruise offers uncontrollable buffets as well as limitless desserts to put on your weight, it also balances the same by providing fitness centers, exercise rooms, outdoor sports, and spa cuisine. So, what you have to do is to explore all these weight losing techniques (rather than calling them the cruise’s thrilling features) at just a single price. It has been found that even a weeklong sailing can gain you to 3 to 5 pounds. But, I am sure you would not like to add your name in that weight gaining list. So, here are some smart ways to have control over your weight without having to avoid the taste of the buffets and  [...]
    Posted at April 27th, 2011 at 12:04 am
  • How to ensure your home safety while being away
    How to ensure your home safety while being away
    Once your vacation at a certain destination has been confirmed, its time to think as to how you are going to ensure the safety of your own home in your absence. With more and more robbery increasing these days, do not assume that a vacant home, although for some days, is not at all on a risk. If your home is lucky enough to bypass a robber, it might be a victim of some other disaster such as a short circuit setting it on fire. In fact, you have to always think of the possible worst-case scenarios and make all the preparations for it so that no such unexpected situation can put you into a condition of crisis. Therefore, rather than worrying of your home instead of enjoying your vacation, just follow these few tips to ensure that your own lovely home do not have to witness the throbbing robbery or damage while you are simply relaxing  [...]
    Posted at April 26th, 2011 at 12:04 am
  • How to pick an all-inclusive cruise or resort: 3 tips!
    How to pick an all-inclusive cruise or resort: 3 tips!
    An all-inclusive resort is no more a subject of long queues for buffets or living amidst the basic amenities. In fact, the image of such resorts has now changed as they today tend to attract even the rich clientele via their opulent facilities; upscale inclusions such as private Jacuzzis, personal butler service, and plunge pools; and more comprehensive menus. Despite the fact that the period of recession is industrially at its extinction, the all-inclusive choices have not subsided, let they may be for a floating resorts like cruises or an upright luxury retreat. For example, one of the most upcoming all-inclusive options will be by the Crystal Cruises as a luxury cruise line that has declared ‘2012: Going all-inclusive’. According to the experts, all-inclusive offers always come in competition with the other counterparts.  [...]
    Posted at April 20th, 2011 at 12:04 am
  • Nilgiris : The Blue Mountains
    Nilgiris : The Blue Mountains
    Renowned Hillstations: Ooty and Kunnoor Things to catch: The summer fest. Where are we? On the threshold of the a certain princely state  known as Mysore, lies a hidden blue jewel, closely guarded by God’s own country, Kerala, to its left and the land of mysterious origins- Coimbatore on its right. As you slide on the silken bends of this mountain range, 2800 feet above sea level, slowly but surely one understands why the British were so in love with these mountains. Welcome to the land of Nilgiris. Days of yore… After being nurtured by the hoysalas and cheras for centuries together, nilgiris went into the hands of British Empire. On a fine January morning, one Mr. Sullivan set out to explore the fables of these deep blue ridges. As the British flag was set to flutter after six long days on these plateaus, Nilgiri broke into  [...]
    Posted at April 19th, 2011 at 01:04 am
  • Get rid of bedbugs now!
    Get rid of bedbugs now!
    With the creepy comeback of the bugs (not the computer ones, but the ones that disturb you in your booked room or on the road), it is necessary to know as to how to enjoy a pest-free holiday so that you do not carry back home those irritating pest-dominated moments. These bedbugs are now back into US and are seen everywhere in hotels, department stores, and big famous buildings. As per the National Pest Management Association’s latest poll, more than 90% pest control firms have confirmed for 70% more bedbug influx in the past year as compared to the last decade. These irritators have all the power to spoil your vacation by inducing itchy, red swellings on the skin enough to make you think as to whether you should remain in your room or on the road. Fortunately, a bit of proactiveness can surely save you from all these hurdles that  [...]
    Posted at April 19th, 2011 at 12:04 am
  • Top 5 road trip games
    Top 5 road trip games
    Do you like to enjoy a long drive as the holiday break off, but often avoid as your kids get bored? Then this time plan your desperate drives with the entire family in a new way by implementing the road trip games. Yes, it is possible to have maximum fun for your family in your own car for no cost! It is just that you got to have an idea of something exciting. It is true that nobody likes to be at the back seat and to keep on spending the drive time as a bored fellow. But, this time there will be no boredom, no impatient shouts as to how far are we from our destination, and no whining. Have these 5 road trip games in your car and let your children realize that road trips can actually be more fascinating and enjoying than the chosen destination as fun lies more with a group, not in being a lone wanderer! By playing these games, you  [...]
    Posted at April 15th, 2011 at 01:04 am
  • Top 5 eco-destinations on the planet
    Top 5 eco-destinations on the planet
    If you are from those folks who have itchy feet, but cannot do so on the cost of environment; the ‘green’ destinations are perfect holiday break out to offer the best of both the worlds! With an alarming rate at which our environment is coming nearer and nearer at the verge of destruction, it is of no surprise that ecotourism is getting quite famous now a days. And for such a unique experience, you also might want to play your role. However, if you are of the opinion that picking up an unbeaten path means losing a lot of on-the-track pleasures; then you should be aware that by going green you maximize the benefits of travel as well as lessen the negative impact of that typical on-the-track travel. One of the benefits is affordable holidays as ecotourism pulls you out of the hotel for most of the same time and thereby avoids all  [...]
    Posted at April 14th, 2011 at 12:04 am
  • A great escape from the pickpocketers!
    A great escape from the pickpocketers!
    Planning for a trip and feel that no pickpocketer can rob you? Hey dude, then do think once more on that as your over confidence might really kill you. Did you know that in a big or chief city, over 150 folks have to face the effects of pickpocketing on a day? I have experienced this fleecing more than three times until now and it is just indescribable as to how that moment was for me. But as they say, each event that happens teaches one a lesson and so is the case with me. I tried to analyze the situations along with my other friends who too had some similar experiences of being robbed and have come up with a few most happening scenarios wherein just a vigilant eye can twist the game of pickpocketers. So, here are those scenarios that I have experienced and have come up with a good solution to save one’s wealth. Purse grabbing This  [...]
    Posted at April 12th, 2011 at 01:04 am