Journey Idea » Travel Experience Travel across the world with Journey Idea Mon, 15 Apr 2013 07:00:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Travel : The Journey of India Thu, 17 Jan 2013 09:49:13 +0000 Ricky The International Kite Festival is a major event of the Gujarat Tourism Department and this year the state of Gujarat has decided to do more to attract tourists. The department has organized a Kite Festival not only in Gujarat but also in Mumbai and Delhi too. This was on January 7 and there were around 100 kite enthusiasts from many countries like Ukraine, china, Italy, Switzerland, Cambodia, Spain , UK, Netherlands, South Korea and Malaysia.

These people from these countries would then visit Gujarat for the seven kite festivals that are going to be held here with the event concluding on January 13 at Ahmedabad. The message given to all the participants and the tourists is “Chalo Gujarat” meaning “Let us go to Gujarat.”

Kite Festival

Around five million tourists have visited Gujarat in the last two years, and the government has now decided to develop a good infrastructure in around 22 districts. The tourism of Gujarat Corporation Limited is now concentrating on systematic planning for travel promotion many destinations in Gujarat under the Khushboo Gujarat Ki Campaign. The Planning commission has also given around Rs. 1200 crore to develop the coastal tourism here and thus Gujarat is fast gaining lot of popularity. It has incidentally the longest coast line of around 1600 kilometres.

Heavy snowfall in the state of Jammu & Kashmir blocked the entire Mughal Road which is a major road connecting major districts here. Most of the state left tourists stranded and helpless. The Mughal road is the backbone of travel tours here in this part of India. this road links Shopian in Pulwama district to Bafliaz, which is a town in the Poonch district.

Jammu and Kashmir Snowfall

Passing through the Pir Panjal range this is at a height of around 3505 metres. Many tourists were stranded in the Rajouri district for many hours and the traffic had to take a detour and go to areas, which had fewer crowds.

There were many problems faced by the tourists and the roadblock here has affected the business of the restaurants and hotels in and around. So people are finding it difficult to earn a livelihood here. There has been lot of cold this year and that continuous snowfall has also disrupted the water and power supplies.

The Mughal road got constructed in the year 1977 and is today a major road in this part of the Indian subcontinent. If it is closed, there would be lot of discomfort and inconvenience to all.

Harike Pattan Bird Sanctuary

The Harike Pattan Bird Sanctuary has opened up for the public and it has attracted a lotto attention since then. the state forest department at Ferozepur has permitted the entry of students for nature trails and thus the Bird Sanctuary is fast gaining lot of popularity. The sanctuary spans an area of around 8600 metres and s mainly for the birds and the tourists would surely love to feel closer to Nature here. This year the process has started and many students and researchers have already come to this beautiful paradise. Boating facilities could start from next year in the confluence point of the Beas and the Sutlej Rivers and this would be a major attraction for most of the tourists coming to this part of the world.

Travel news is happening across the world and it is only the simple incidents and small change that make up the news today in tourism.

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Pleasures in the Estancias in the Pampas Sat, 24 Nov 2012 08:06:26 +0000 Ricky Enjoy the beautiful land of Argentina and bask in the pleasures of the Pampas here. This is lovely vast stretch of verdant expanse is where the country grazes most of the cattle in this part of the world. The Gauchos are very frequently seen in the pampas and they are the equivalent of cowboys of the West. These gauchos work in the ranches or the estancias which are found scattered all over the Pampas regions of Argentina. These estancias are all open for all tourists to admire and enjoy. They have some of the best 19th century homes in this part of Argentina and tourists love to spend some relaxed nights here.

The Pampas is a lovely stretch of grasslands that are found here lying around 600 km from the Buenos Aires city. To live in an estancia here, the tourist waits a lot and is really excited eventually when he does make it to the Pampas. It gives you a great chance to experience the pleasures here and also gives you the unique thrill of riding with a gaucho. You can also try polo here and enjoy your tours to estancias. The ranches or estancias are just a two hour drive away from the Argentine capital and they give a lot of relaxation and rest away from the humdrum of daily life.

The Pampas of Argentina were the initial gaucho country which is today dominated by country house and cattle ranches. They are today a major point of tourist attraction and give the best pleasures of tours here in this part of the world.

The Pampas is also a greatly industrial and agricultural region. This is one of the most economically viable regions and is called the economic heart of Argentina as it produces the Argentinean beef for which it is famous across the world.

The southern part of the Pampas has low mountain ranges which give a break to the landscape and thus gives way to a fantastic coastline that is today a major holiday spot in Argentina. All tourists head here and enjoy the pleasures of this destination which is a greatly interesting and exciting locale in this part of the world.

There are many reasons you should visit an estancia. Let us see what they are.

In the south, low mountain ranges diversify the landscape before giving way to an inviting Atlantic coastline that’s the prime holiday destination for Argentines themselves.

Firstly a visit to the Pampas gives you an opportunity to see the gauchos which are symbolically very important in Argentina. Staying in the ranch would give you the experience of a true Argentinean life.

Argentines themselves
Horses are another reason why you should visit an estancia on the Pampas. Horse rides are a major part of Argentinean tourism and form a way of life here. Enjoy the natural beauty as you experience the thrill of a horse ride in the estancia.

Polo the game of kings is vividly followed and practiced on the Pampas. With the pleasures of fresh greenery, the simple experience of playing the game here is something indescribable. There are many estancias that lie very near the Buenos Aires region. So come here and either play a game or watch one to your heart’s content against the background of a beautiful surrounding.

Buenos aires

Come to an Estancia in the Pampas and drink the yerba mate which is the national drink here. It has a metal and wooden drinking vessel which is specifically for this purpose and one adds hot water in this drink and has it with the help of a metal straw. It is usually passed around and as everyone drinks it in turns the pleasures of drinking this is something really wonderful to cherish.

Another thing that is prevalent in a visit to the Estancias is the Assado. Enjoy an assado here and have the best of barbeque culinary delights. Cooking the assado is a great pastime of Argentineans and the Pampas region thrives on this. The meat is actually grilled in a gaucho way in an open fire.


Pampas begins where Buenos Aires ends. This is a mesmerizing region filled with open grassland and occupies at least quarter part of the Argentinean region.

The Pampas are the homes to the legendary gauchos and offer the most of travel excitement in this part of the world in Argentina.

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Gourmets Delights in Kolkata Tue, 28 Feb 2012 09:39:42 +0000 Ricky India is a land of traditional cuisine and Indian cuisine has been an intrigue and of great interest to all tourists coming to this part of the world. Come to this country and enjoy the pleasures of the best kind of gourmand delights.

Eastern India has always been a region with the most delicious kind of culinary fare and it is very enchanting to see how over the years the region has come up with the most palatable cuisine here. Kolkata the city of joy, is the gourmet capital of the eastern part of India. People of Kolkata are very experimentative about food, and it has been seen that on an average, people of Kolkata spend half of thier income on quality food. So it is no wonder that the Kolkata have a very sublime taste and they enjoy the finer aspects of life and this extends to the art of fine dining also.

The city in its three hundred years of existence has seen at least the best of global culture and has people from all classes of life coming, and contributing to this land of lovely delights.

For a metropolis of today, Kolkata has a variety to boast of. So whether it is the Chinese noodles or the German Hamburgers, the Italian spaghetti or the Mexican Chilli corn, it is all available here, and there are some really good restaurants and hotels  giving the best kind of cuisine. There are restaurants like Saurav’s The Food Pavilion which has been under the watchful eye of the Indian cricketer Saurav Ganguly and then you have the very popular chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Grain of Salt which is another lovely restaurant to visit.

Kolkata is a fish dominated region so get to have the best fish fare in the neighbourhood Bengali restaurants. So the “Machher Jhol” and the “Chingri Mallai Curry” are very popular favorites in fish cuisine here. Also you have the Kalia, and the Murrighontos, the Tauks, the Machbhaja, Chorchoris, the Bhapamach, the Doimach etc in the variety of fish culinary desires.

Chingri Mallai Curry

God down the Chinatown in Kolkata and enjoy the lovely Chinese fare in Tangra. The narrow alleyways here throw into a fascinating zone of Chinese food. The natives here speak Chinese and the food here is very authentic. The manufacture of the sauces and the noodles are also done here.

For the very famous street food in Kolkata, the area of Dalhousie Square also called BBD Bagh is a great place to go. Come here at lunchtime and you will see the whole area transformed into a food haven. Here you would also get a lunch of chapattis and rice with Booter Dal which is a lentil soup. You would also get fish curry and roasted papads along with fresh salad all for a very nominal rate.

BBD Bagh
Go to the Maidan area of Kolkata and enjoy the pleasures of having some light snacks. Here near the new market area you would get the best jhal muri and the puchkas which are the mainstay of having roadside food in this city. The Jhal muri is a concoction of puffed rice with raw vegetables like cucumber, tomato and boiled potatoes, with a dash of tamarind pulp and coconut gratings. The Puchkas is the universal pani puri of Mumbai or the Gol Gappa of Delhi but with a different tangy taste. As the puchkawallah or the puchka vendor dips his hand into the big pot of tamarind water and fills your plate with the most delicious puchkas, it is a great experience to taste this small time but popular Kolkata street food.

Jhal muri
No visit to this city can be complete without tasting the most delicious rosogollas and the payesh, the natun gurer sandesh and the Kheer Puli. So taste the legendary K.C.Das sweets, and also Jalajog delicacies and forget your diet for the time you are here, and just bask in the pleasures of being in this city of joy and kindle your palate with this unique and special fare you are doled here.

While in the city of Kolkata, be sure to enjoy the pleasures of its delicious cuisine.

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Ajmer Sharif Thu, 02 Jun 2011 07:40:56 +0000 Ricky Ajmer Sharif” – The place rung a faint familiarity in my mind when I heard it for the first time. A much awaited vacation was in tow and I knew that I have to hunt down for off beat places to visit and unwind from my cluttered schedule. The next thing I found my self doing was doing a google search for Ajmer Sharif. With the images poping up instantly, the one taken in dark caught my attention and a picture was etched in my mind. I knew I am visiting this place.

I, being an avid traveler, behold a very rich place for history and architecture embezzled with a touch of literature in my heart. When I read about this place, the quote by Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan caught my eye and I was bowled over by the simple wisdom it dripped. Visiting such a great soul’s abode had to give me the peace of mind I was so desperately seeking.

I set off with my backpack and camera the following weekend. A train from Mumbai to Ajmer and from there on a simple bus ride from Ajmer station took me to the Dargah Shariff. The first look, a beautiful monument amidst mountains with its reflection falling over a lake took my breath away. Situated at the foot of Taragarh Hill, the Dargah was a massive white embodiment. This place, an jewel amongst all the other places worth visiting in Ajmer, Rajasthan, is one of the holy places of muslims in India.

Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti, the “Khawaja Saheb” or the living spirit as he is reverentially called attracts not only the muslims as the place ought to be but the people of all faiths and religion. I could see people from all faiths and creed here the moment I started walking towards the Dargah. The dargah’s main attraction was a mausolem harboring the Khawaja Saheb’s tomb. As I entered it, as the convention goes, I had to cover my head with a scarf , kneel down and pray. I did so. Sitting there quietly, I just looked around and noticed that there are a lot of people around. When I entered the place, the only thing I had noticed was the tomb covered in its various decorations and the quiet. I was surprised at the silence the sacred place commanded out of people and I knew instantly why this place is so special in so many hearts out there.

While coming out, I noticed the mighty Buland Darwaja, which should have attracted my attention on the way in but the curiosity to visit the tomb overtook the observer in me. The entire dargah has many other attractions like exquisite courtyards and other architecture predominantly shouting Moghuls everywhere. The rich and intricate designs speak volumes of the 750 year old legacy. Emperor Akbar was the first Moghul to visit the dargah and thereafter came the husge and spacious Akbari Masjid.

After a day, roaming about the dargah exclusively, drinking all the sweetness of the past and the ever present sanctity of the place, I was done with Ajmer Sharif. I knew I would be coming back to this place for its sheer magnificence and simplicity.

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Travel Well Travel Worthy – Know How Tue, 24 May 2011 11:19:03 +0000 Ricky So you have decided on going on a journey and setting out for travel? But have you ever thought that travel could be made more fun with making it more worthwhile ?

Now how do you do that? How do we make sure that we not only travel and have pleasure but also make use of it? I have come upon a strategy to make each and every travel of mine pleasurable, memorable and worthwhile.

First of all, the point that needs to be pondered on is exactly where to travel and how. It is not needed that one has to travel to far off distances to take a break. Before planning we need to understand exactly why we have to travel. If it is just for a weekend break that we are wanting to travel then a nearby destination would be sufficient. If the nearby destination is accessible without having to book tickets etc then the easier way out is to have a vehicle hired. Now that that has been decided the next thing that we need to understand is exactly how to decide on the place. If you are living in a particular region then get a travel guide or surf the Internet to find the nearby interesting spots. Have a diary and make a list of the places that you would want to visit. Then keep ticking the places so that at the end of many months or years you would have the satisfaction of having covered a full region. This gives you the opportunity to reflect back and create your own summary of the region and the places that are worth visiting. This could give you a chance to print whatever you have noted down and could put you on the list of a good travel guide.

See, it is that simple. Simple things that make a huge difference. Your simple outing for a weekend could actually turn out to be a profession for you. Besides this, I always believe in having a diary of events of whatever I do. Maintaining a written record of the events not only puts fresh memories immediately but also ensures that it is a memoir forever. So once you write it down, you could always make a scrap book out of it and gift it to the people you have been with. If you have been with your family, then give the scrap book as a gift on an anniversary or a birthday or Mother’s Day . If you have been with friends then personalize it and give it as a surprise gift. You could also make a collage of the events and hang it in your front room just for keepsakes.

Similarly you could start out on a business of doing this for people. You could accompany them on their trips at your expense, note down the events and then create a travelogue for them. These are ways you can make your travel enjoyable, worthwhile and profitable.

Again, if you have kids, then you could put them into the habit of having their own travelogue. You could open their own blog site and asked them to pen their thoughts down. If you are very creative, you could write poems on the blogs about your travel. This would not only ensure that the children are occupied with doing something creative during the holidays but also gives them a reason to express their thoughts well. This inspires the creative juices and endorses the value of travelling and the experience involved.

If you are good at camera, then you could also take videos, create a movie and showcase it to the family. A movie maker is very easily installable on the computer and one can edit, add captions and create an entire movie out of a trip. These are valuable ways of storing our experiences. Life is a gift. Each moment that we live should be spent in such a manner that we can remembered it as a worthy moment. Travelogues, movies, scrap books are just means of ensuring this kind of experience. There are many more ways to do it. It is left to our imagination how we do it.

We could also take along the responsibility of going to an orphanage or the institution helping the needy and take them out on a day tour and give them the small joys and happiness of life that could make them smile for a moment. If we combine travel with charity it only endorses our ability to rise up to save the world from small miseries. So arise, awake and enjoy travel.

Travel and living are a part of our life. Even if we do not move from one place to another, we could always travel ahead of people by thinking ahead, executing responsibilities and being at peace with ourselves and the world.

So enjoy your journey and make your travel worthwhile.

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Tips for cruise trips Mon, 16 May 2011 07:07:45 +0000 Ricky The cruise trips are outstanding as you ride on the waves with a world of amenities that you get in a hotel. It is much different from moving in catamaran of a simple boat. But there are several mistakes people commit while selecting a cruise.

In most of the cases, people seem more interested in the destination rather than on the cruise. The quality of the ship thus offered has least chance of being good and even it if it found good then you are really lucky. But hinging on luck cannot be a standard means to find a cruise and paying heed to the cruise quality will open up the variety of cruises that are offered to the travelers. The cruises vary greatly in terms of the atmosphere and amenities purveyed to their travelers. Some of them have party bird style while others are too shabby.

The first task of booking a cruise journey is to book early (at least 3 to 6 months prior to the journey). Early booking offers plenty of cruise variety to choose from and discount offers for early birds can save plenty.

A cruise trip to Hawaii or any other dream destination will keep your afloat on the waters for at least a week or so. Cluttered indoor or dirty bedding in the cabin can spoil all your cruise days though, while booking these elements are hardly factored by the traveler. Make it a thumb rule to select the cabin according to your taste and needs. If you need cabin just for sleeping and changing your dress, then go for the cheapest cabin. In case you have decided to spend long hours inside your cabin and is meticulous about the cleanliness, then make sure you choose a cabin of your style.

A journey is planned to spend few days out of the mercenary and humdrum of our life. Compromises can exist in our daily life but it cannot be tolerated during journey. So pay attention to make your journey a pleasurable one . Only then can you remind it by wearing a smile on your face.

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Tips for traveling with pets Fri, 13 May 2011 08:36:25 +0000 Ricky My best friend living in Missouri has missed a lot of opportunity to go for tours and the reason being his pet Chizo. A golden retriever who is his constant companion and in any case he is not ready to leave him in crèche and leave for a trip. This is not just the case with my friend and many more Americans face the same obligation to leave the dearest family member at home a go for a fun trip abroad. When the best friend of a man cannot accompany him in any tour, the man finds it extremely tough to be happy in the trip.

The first tip to take your pet along are to acclimate it in the weather, where you will move. For that it is good to take your pet for walk and keeping it fit always, any experts offer a piece of advice which has helped million where it is said to take pets for multiple short tours first and then once it gets the habit of moving around in different climates, take it for a longer tour.

The flight experience can be an intimidating one for your pet as it has to be caged inside the flight. I would prefer to take a break journey so that I can pick my pet for a while and take it for walk in between. In several European airports, the officials allow passengers to move around with their pets and thus one can afford to move around with their dearest friend while they embark on the next half of their journey.

Finally, speaking to your pet is the best method to take precious advice about your pet’s health before moving. Also ask for the contacts of the vets your pet’s doctor knows in the place you have planned to visit. This will give you a safety as you can visit that vet in case of emergency in your trip.

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Tips on camping Thu, 12 May 2011 07:42:32 +0000 Ricky The camping techniques makes the whole idea of travel great and in most cases camping turns out to be the soul of the journey especially when you are going for an adventure trip in the wild life reserve. However, the camping technique has a lot o effect on making the trip good or bad.  In many cases wrong camping can bungle the whole journey experience in a minute.

Traditionally, camping was thought to be an activity exclusively for the summer season. But now with the advance tentage equipments companies ahs become an all the year round activity. Campers always look out for the weather to decide the camping timing and despite all the measures of timing taken there can be time when weather can become gruesome enough without any prior notice. Hence, weather conditions are the first in the list of camping advice.

Now bad weather can come and while you are in an adventure trip, you have to consider the unforeseen incidents as you love to live life on the edge. The first and foremost advice will be to go to those places which are less prone to unforeseen weathers. Places like United Sates and China are infamous for its bad weather and hence should preferably be avoided. If possible then have a good know-how about the weather details in all the parts of the country where you are planning to visit. For example in the southern states of the US tornado strikes from the month of March till May. Similarly all the places will have its unique time period when weather turns hazardous for campers.

The forecasting of weather is offered by a variety of websites in the net and most of them offer authentic results. You can also check the government site like to know the authentic forecasting. And make sure that you talk to all the campers in your group to chalk out a contingency plan, should the weather turns bad all of a sudden.

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Around the world in Search of Chocolate – II Wed, 11 May 2011 07:40:07 +0000 Ricky The love for chocolates has never receded despite new and better candies making a niche in the market of sweets. The long legacy of chocolates cannot be described within a single post and I had to come up with new post for the discovery of hot chocolate spots around the world. In my last post I have been telling a lot about the Ghana, Belgium and Venezuela and how they have made a sweet history with chocolates. In this post t I will take you to other nations of the world and cities also which are famous for giving new edge to the mouth watering sweet one can ever taste- chocolate.

Southern Belize was discovered the pod years ago which had the seeds of cacao and today cacao growers in Belize have made anew brand in chocolate with Green & Black’s chocolate. The Maya God bars of this brand of chocolate are based o the ancient recipe of making kukuh drink; the drink which Colombus had when was lost in the charm of Central America.

Bournville in England is  just a name of a city and that is the origin of the term.  Today ask anyone about the city and they will instantly reply back with the name followed by chocolate. The Cadbury World of Brimingham is the reason for us to drool as we watch the brown liquid poured in to glasses or to see the brown naked bars being wrapped in silver foils. The biggest Cadbury Shop is in this place and don’t miss it if you happen to drop here.

Italy is one more lace where the chocolate lovers will love to drop in to Italy and especially in the city of Turin. Duke Filiberto was the first person to introduce chocolate here in the form of Aztec drink and since then the city had been made for chocolates. Chocolate shops in Turin are noteworthy and are equally famous as pizzerias.

Switzerland is one more haven for chocolate buffs and it boasts to have some of the famous chocolate markers of the world; Nestlé, Lindt, Toblerone and Suchard.

With so many destinations in hand I am sure you cannot stop drooling. Chart a chocolaty course around the world and make a journey as memorable and sweet as chocolate is.

Around the world in search of chocolates – I

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Around the world in search of chocolates – I Tue, 10 May 2011 07:40:28 +0000 Ricky The chocolate lovers cannot quench their lust of having chocolate and a gourmet for chocolate will like to taste different form of chocolates. If you are a real chocolate freak then you may embark on a choco journey to entice your taste buds with exotic flavors of chocolates in different countries. You may happen to land up for your business purpose at these places, which are famous for its chocolate recipes. You may miss out these delicacies in the humdrum if your business trip and hence just have a look at the list of chocolate spots.

The love of chocolate is noteworthy among the Belgians and they treat chocolate at equal stature of beer. Belgium is not just known for making it, the Belgians have developed quaint recipes and have innovated new flavors of chocolate. Especially the people of Flanders have gained prominence as famous chocolatiers.

The next time you feel to take a bite of Dairy Milk, don’t forget to think about Tetteh Quarshie. The name may be a new one for you, but the seed he planted has generated a food that is not a rare delicacy- chocolate. He was the first man who planted the seed of cacao in Ghana. This plant made Ghana the primary exporter of Cocoa during the entire 20th century. If you ever visit Ghana sneak into the cocoa plantation farm of Quarshie.

Venezuela is one more place that the purists of chocolate love to visit and three distinct flavors (vanilla, nuts and caramel) of the chocolates that stays in your mouth after having the chocolate is a heavenly experience as described by chocolate snobs. Venezuela and most importantly Peri Peninsula is known for its chocolates and is often known as Chocolate Coast.

With so much information in hand, I wish your chocolate ride continues.

Around the world in Search of Chocolate – II

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