Journey Idea » Theme Parks Travel across the world with Journey Idea Mon, 15 Apr 2013 07:00:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Weird Amusements at the Grutas Park Thu, 03 May 2012 08:35:49 +0000 Ricky Grutas Park is a lovely sculpture filled garden in Lithuania. So while you are going around the world looking for some intriguing and weird amusements, then do make it a point to visit the Grutas Park for it is certain to fill your travels with interesting themes and exciting activities.

It is an exposition of the Soviet relics that have existed here from the time of the Lithuanian SSR. The park is situated near Druskininkai around 130 kilometers from the region of Vilnius.

Then Lithuania got independence in the year 1990 and there were many statures of Soviet that were dumped in many places. Then Malinauskas requested the Lithuanian authorities to take over these sculptures so that a museum could be built and this would be financed privately. With the wetlands in the region of the Dzukija National Park forming the main background, the Grutas Park is not without its share of beautiful sights. With the sights of the recreation of the Soviet Gulag prison camps the guard towers, wooden paths and the barbed wire fences are all a great source of intrigue for the people coming here.

Grutas Park
Initially the establishment had a lot of opposition and the very existence of the park was challenged. There were many ideas that were taken out for the park but it was never permitted. There were ideas of having the tourists being taken around in a train that was styled like the Gulag. Then Malinauskas won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2001 and thus the founder of the Grutas Park got famous. Since the year 2007, the park has always been in a dispute with the Lithuaninan protection agency. It is said that the agencies needs royalties. These royalties were to be given to the artists from Lithuania who made these statues.

The Grutas Park looks very nice and is a source of excitement to people coming here. With the most fascinating playgrounds, cafes and a mini zoo, the park is really a great sight with the relics of the Soviet era. There are occasions when there is a reenactment of the festivals which are sponsored by the Soviet Government.

So come here and see the 86 statures which are made by 46 sculptors and these are organized into different spheres. The statues feature the Socialist activist and many of them also feature the ethnic Lithuanians. There is the totalitarian sphere features the sculptures of the main thinkers and the leaders of the communist area. So you can see lovely representations of Joseph Stalin, Vladimir and Karl Marx. Then there is the Terror Sphere which is meant for the Lithuanian founders and also for the Red Army officers. There is a sculpture of Felix Dzerzhinsky who was the organizer of Red Terror.

Joseph Stalin

Then there is the Soviet Sphere which is inclusive of the Lithuanian Communists with their four leaders who were executed after the coup d’etat of 1926 in Lithuania. It also has the activists of the Soviet War of 1918 and 1919 which was there in Lithuania. Then the Red sphere is totally dedicated to the Soviet Partisans like maryte Melnikaite. Then the Death and the Occupation Sphere show the brutal side of the Soviet regime, the way the Lithuanian partisans were suppressed, and also about the mass deportations.

Grutas Park is a site around 75 miles outside the region of Vilnius, and it doesn’t have a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster. But with the presence of the sculptures of the Soviet era the entire region is filled with a kind of intrigue and mystical value. Existing since the year 2001, this is a place which is a great reminder of the oppressions of the past. So if you are planning a trip here do try to attend the annual comedy festival that is held on April 1. This features great impersonations of the bigwigs and bureaucrats of the Communist Party.

Grutas Park
Grutas Park is sometimes known as the “park of totalitarianism” and “Stalin’s world” and is a greatly amusing zone of absolutely fascinating pleasures. The park has also added a zoo which is filled with ostriches and peacocks.

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Diggerland theme park Travel Attractions Thu, 01 Mar 2012 07:44:09 +0000 Ricky Diggerland is the United Kingdom’s special attractions in entertainment arenas. Come here and enjoy the chances of being in the most entertaining zones of the world. Under the guidance of the staff here you can go around the place and enjoy to your heart’s content. You don’t need a driving license here. There are four sites in the United Kingdom situated in the Devon, Kent, Yorkshire and Durham regions and you would never be too far away from enjoyment. The season in 2012 here has started in the month of February till the month of November.

Diggerland Theme Park
Diggerland is the ideal place to be in if your kids want a fun packed family outing. So just bask in the pleasures of being in the loveliest enjoyment zones in this part of UK. With the beautiful rides and the exciting activities here it is a wonderful land of absolute fun and excitement. So enjoy the Sky Shuttle and the Spin Dizzy and also enjoy digger dirt with a digger weighting 6 tons. The beauty here is that there is always something to be done here for all ages.

Diggerland Sky Shuttle

There is no need to book in advance in this park so just visit this amusement zones and enjoy the pleasures of the greatest fun regions in this part of the world. You can book online and collect your discount voucher.

The admission to Diggerland needs you to access almost all the rides and enjoy as much as possible. Height restrictions are chalked out for every ride so make sure you have all the attractions checked. Any ride with the visitors who are below 90 cms are allowed for that particular category. But these small rides are very few.

With convenient play areas, and intriguing sand pits and also exciting coin operated rides this is a place where the younger guests love to let off a little steam. The parents in the main time can relax and rejuvenate in the calm ambience.

Diggerland ride
With the best facilities for eating, the food and drink here is very palatable and good. There is also a goodie store which has a lot of toys and clothing etc for your immediate use if any.

H.E.ServicesDiggerland is thus one of the most popular theme parks in England. It is owned by the excavator hire fire H.E.Services. UK also has parks in the Strood, Kent, Manor, Verbeer, Cullompton regions.

Racing events normally are held here between the months of October and March and they normally get over by the daylight hours. Dumper racing is a greatly popular sport here and there are Digger Wars that are held and the King of the Ring is crowned. There is also a stunt team which is seen to operate every year. There is a magnificent exhibition of large diggers who are seen pushed to their greatest limits. In the year 2008 these diggers had performed at many country fairs like the Great Yorkshire Show and the Kent County Fair.

British pay a lot of money to turn fantasy into real life experiences and this theme park is a greatly exhilarating experience. The biggest attraction here is the Dancing Diggers, and this half an hour show is a lovely show of daredevil stunts and a lot of comedy.

Here all the operations should be done under great supervision and it is better to be a little aware of what you could do here. Otherwise the Diggerland Theme Park is a lovely region to be in, in this part of United Kingdom.

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The Gold Reef City Mon, 28 Nov 2011 07:05:20 +0000 Ricky If you are in Johannesburg, South Africa, you should plan at least a single visit to the Gold Reef City. This South African amusement park is situated in an area that was originally a gold mine. The exact location of the park is towards south of the city’s Central Business District.

The amusement park has been themed on gold rush at the Witwatersrand. All the staffs working in this amusement park wear costumes resembling the attires of people of late 19th century. The park buildings on the other hand have been designed based on the construction types and architecture of that era. The Gold Reef City houses a museum showcasing items related to gold mining; here, you will get the opportunity of witnessing gold ores and the procedure of pouring of pure gold into barrels. Gold Reef City is home to a range of attractions and the most prominent ones among them are the park’s roller coasters and water rides. The visitors will also get to experience live performances in the park’s auditorium.

The Gold Reef City

Let us now get acquainted with some of the most exciting rides housed by the Gold Reef Park.

  • The most fascinating and popular ride of this amusement park is the Anaconda. It is basically an inverted roller coaster. Anaconda is a one of its kind ride; you will not come across a similar ride to this one in any corner of the globe. Anaconda was designed by Giovanola, the famous roller coaster designing firm.Anaconda ride at The Gold Reef City
  • The next most interesting ride of the Gold Reef Park is the Jozi Express. This one a roller coaster known for its extremely high speed. The manufacturer of this ride is Zierer, the well known German ride manufacturer.

Jozi Express at The Gold Reef City Jozi Express at The Gold Reef City

  • Next, you should move towards the Tower of Terror. Some natives also refer to this ride as Shaft of Terror. The design of Tower of Terror was drafted by Ronald Bussink, a Swiss designer. However, the manufacturing work was done by some local companies. As the name of the ride is suggesting, this roller coaster is of vertical drop pattern. The riders will get to enjoy drops of 47 m on this roller coaster. The Tower of Terror has been designated as the fastest and tallest roller coaster of Africa till date.

Tower of Terror at The Gold Reef City Tower of Terror at The Gold Reef City

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A Day out at the Raging Waters: What Are the Best Rides to Explore? Thu, 17 Nov 2011 07:05:15 +0000 Ricky Raging Waters are water parks having branches in 3 different Californian cities, San Dimas, San Jose and Sacramento. During your visit to Raging Waters, you will get to explore several exciting rides; below, we have discussed about the best rides housed by this water park.

Raging Waters

Amazon Adventure:
It is a Tropical River running through the park; the length of the river is ¼ of a mile and it is 0.91 m or 3 ft deep. The riders will have to sit on rafts and the river current will pull them across the entire route of the river.

Dark Hole:
This ride include 2 tunnels made up of fiberglass; the tunnels cover a distance of 52 ft. The riders will have to sit in rafts that accommodate two individuals and the rafts will run across the tunnels. The speed of the rafts will be 26miles/hour.

Dark Hole

This one is a water slide having 7 storeys in it. It is rated among tallest slides of America. The riders will have to plunge into the water at a speed of around 40miles/hour.

Drop out Drop out

High Extreme:
It is the biggest raft ride of America that allows two people to take part in it. It is a 10-storey ride and allows the riders to pass through 600ft fumes at a speed of as high as 35miles/hour.

High Extreme

Ragin Racer:
While exploring this ride, the riders need to race down towards the 8-lane slide. The riders have to place them in toboggan mats. The maximum speed attained by this ride is 34miles/hour.

Raging Racer

Dragon’s Den:
The Dragon’s Den was inaugurated in the year 2004. It is a tube ride accommodating 2 riders. While on this ride, you will be sent downwards through a steep tunnel having length of 42ft. This will be following by circling the 35 ft bowl. This ride will continue until the riders reach the secret tunnel located right at the bowl’s bottom.

Dragon's Den

Wave Cove:
It is not only the oldest ride of Raging Waters, but also has the highest rank as far as popularity is concerned. It is basically a pool having 1 million gallon of water; the pool has fan blades placed at its deep end. These fan blades generate waves having height of as much as 3 ft. The riders may or may not use inner tubes while in this pool.

Neptune’s Fury:
It is basically a tube ride, in which one end of the tube stays closed. 3 to 4 people can enjoy this ride at a time. The inside of the tube is kept dark to make the ride more thrilling by causing disorientation. The tube is 600ft long and has a diameter of 108 inches. The ride will make you move at a speed of 30miles/hour.

Neptune's Fury

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The Silver Springs of Ocala, Florida Tue, 01 Nov 2011 12:01:47 +0000 Ricky If you are in Florida, you should not miss visiting the Silver Springs. This amusement park is located in Ocala, Florida only a few minute’s drive from the city of Orlando. If you have enough time, you can spend a whole day at the Silver Springs; there are enough things to do in this park that keep you busy all through the day. In this article, we have offered you guidelines of exploring this wonderful Floridian attraction.

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is getting the tickets; you can avail the tickets both online from the official website of Silver Springs and directly from the ticket room of the park. If you buy the tickets online, you will be eligible for lucrative discounts. Discounts on ticket prices are also offered to the travel club members, both online and direct purchases.
  2. Silver Springs Ocala

  3. The most exciting offering of the Silver Springs is its changing, but ongoing featured exhibit. Here, you will get to see exhibits related to extinct creatures. The most popular of these exhibits are dinosaurs. These exhibits are changed yearly; this means something new will be surely waiting for you at the Silver Springs even if you visit it every year.
  4. You can opt for taking a trip on one of the 3 boats at the Silver Springs. For enjoying finest views, you should book a ride on a ‘glass bottom boat’. Such a boat ride will give you the opportunity of seeing the underwater life. If you are a history buff, the ideal option for you would be the Fort King Cruises. These cruises will offer you information on the history of Silver Springs. On the other hand, if you are interested in visiting the unexplored and untouched river banks, get into cruise named as Lost Rive Voyages. This final option is a ride meant for the nature and wildlife enthusiasts.
  5. Silver Springs Park Ocala Florida

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Europa Park in Black Forest, Germany Mon, 24 Oct 2011 07:05:58 +0000 Ricky Black Forest is a region located in the southwestern territories of Germany. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the country. Besides housing several opportunities of family activities and entertainment, Black Forest is also home to one of the biggest amusement parks of the world, the Europa Park.

Europa Park is primarily famous for the exciting rides like ‘Silver Star’, ‘Eurostat’ and several other thrilling roller coasters. You may belong to any age group this German amusement park has rides suiting your ability and likings. Here, you will get the chance of experiencing Scandinavian rafting, breathtaking Greek Poseidon rides and many such others. Some other wild rides housed by Europa Park are: ‘Euro-Mir’, ‘Alpine Coaster’ and ‘Crazy Taxi’.

Europa Park

Europa Park rides Europa Park rides

Being one of the largest amusement parks of the world, the Europa Park has several hundreds of rides scattered all through its landscape. The park covers a total area of 160 acres and has segments dedicated to all the major European countries for instance France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal and Scandinavia. Each of these segments boasts shows and rides designed based on the history, culture and landmarks of the country to which it has been dedicated.

Europa Park Germany

Similar to its international theme followed when it comes to its shows and rides, the dining options available at the Europa Park is also of international standards. You can plan taking meal at Bamboo Baai, a restaurant serving noodles, rice and vegetables cooked in Asian style. The restaurant called Antica Roma, on the other hand serves authentic Italian dishes. If you want to have a sip of beer along with lip smacking snacks like roasted chicken, the ideal place to visit is Europa Park’s Bavarian Beer Garden.

Europa Park

This German theme park owns a train called Europa Park Express; this train takes visitors to different corners of the park. Majority of the attractions housed by this park have train stations of their own; so, commuting to different parts of Europa Park becomes absolutely easy.

Europa Park

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The Attractions Housed by Gardaland Italy Thu, 13 Oct 2011 10:20:26 +0000 Ricky The Gardaland ranks 3rd on the list of the most visited theme parks of Europe. It is located between Lazise and Peschiera of Lake Garda, Italy. The park was inaugurated in the year 1975 and since then has undergone a number of modifications. Since the inception of this theme park in 1975, it has expanded in both attendance and size. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the most exciting attractions housed by the Gardaland.


The Blue Tornado:

This ride is basically an inverted coaster made up of steel. Blue Tornado is located around the park’s entrance and you can see the head of the rise even from outside of the park. The Blue Tornado was inaugurated in the year 1998. It has a height of 109.4 ft or 33.32 m and its track covers a total distance of 2,510 ft or 770m. A single ride on the Blue Tornado lasts for several minutes. The factors that make this ride so exciting are the double line twists, the rollovers and the sidewinders.

The Blue Tornado

The Magic Mountain:

It is a sit-down coaster and is also made up of steel. The Magic Mountain is located at Gardaland’s lower level. This ride is in operation since the year 1985. This makes the Magic Mountain the park’s oldest coaster. The Magic Mountain is 98.5ft or 30m tall and its track runs a total distance of 2,296ft or 700m. The most notable features of this Gardaland ride are the rising helix, the double loop and the double corkscrew. In the year 2009, the original Arrow Dynamic trains of this ride got replaced by a contemporary Vekoma model.

The Magic Mountain

The Sequoia Adventure:

This ride can be described as a wild-mouse coaster. This ride is located within the Magic Mountain’s track. The Magic Mountain’s second corkscrew misses the station only by a petite distance. The Sequoia Adventure was opened for public use in the year 2005; it has a height of 98.5ft or 30m (which makes it as tall as the Magic Mountain). A large share of the time on this ride will keep the riders inverted.

The Sequoia Adventure

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Everland Resort: The Biggest Theme Park of South Korea Tue, 11 Oct 2011 08:09:21 +0000 Ricky The Everland Resort is located in South Korea’s Gyeonggi-do province, in a city called Yongin. It is the country’s biggest theme park playing host to more than 8.5 million visitors every year. Besides the major attractions, this theme park also houses a water park and a zoo. Below, we have discussed about the 5 zones of the amusement park:

Everland Resort

Global Fair:

The area of the park named Global Fair is mainly an eating zone. Other than that, the region also houses shops selling pictures and souvenirs. Global Fair in located just adjacent to the park’s entrance. Here, you can also hire services like lockers and stroller rentals.

Global Fair


This portion of the Everland Resort is constructed based on animal theme. Zoo-Topia is home to the parks petting zoo. During your visit to this part of the park, you will get the opportunity of witnessing animal shows and taking park in pony rides. The small zoo housed by Zoo-Topia has animal species like sea lions, polar bears, tigers, bears, primates and penguins. The petting zoo, on the other hand, has animals like sheep and goats for petting.

Polar Bears at Zoo-Topia Tiger at Zoo-Topia Zoo-Topia

European Adventure:

This part of the theme park is famous for being home to a number of European style restaurants. The architecture of each of these restaurants imitates ancient European styles. European Adventure is also home to the theme park’s flower garden, which is surrounded by games, arcades and a train. One of the most popular attractions of this region is Mystery Mansion; here, you will get the opportunity of shooting at ghosts.

Mystery Mansion

Magic Land:

Majority of the exciting rides of Everland Resort is present in the Magic Land. The most celebrated rides of Magic land are: the futuristic flying ride, the robot ride and the log ride. Besides these, this segment also has several stands and restaurants.

Magic land Magic land

American Adventure:

This portion of Everland Resort is created based on the themes related to American history.

American Adventure

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Spending Fun Time with Family at the Ontario Place, Toronto Tue, 06 Sep 2011 07:30:14 +0000 Ricky Ontario Place is one of the most entertaining waterfront theme park located at Toronto, Ontario. In this article we’ll be discussing about the most popular fun options available for families to enjoy at this Ontario based theme park.

Ontario Place Toronto Ontario Place Toronto

Wacky Worm:

This ride is basically a roller coaster offering several exciting dips, twists and turns. This can be enjoyed by every member of your family including the little ones. The maximum height touch by the Wacky Worm is 107 cm or 42 inches.

Wacky Worm Wacky Worm Wacky Worm

Mega Bounce:

If you want to know how it feels to jump 24 ft up in the air, take a ride of the Mega Bounce. It will allow you to roll around and jump high without any being afraid of falling. This ride runs on a system containing a number of bungees, harnesses and pulleys, which will allow you to jump at a height much beyond your normal ability. Mega Bounce comes without any height restriction; however, to enjoy this ride, you must have a body weight between 20 and 180 pounds or 9 and 82 Kg.


The arcade at the Ontario Place has more than 40 interactive ticket redemption and arcade games. There are a number of racing games, skee-ball games and basketball games. Each of the games played in the arcade section of the theme park is token-operated.

Mini Greens:

The Mini Greens has two 9-hole golf courses amidst the magnificent landscape of the Ontario Place. Both these courses open at 10 am every morning; you will be able to know the closing time only after arriving at the Ontario Place.

Mini Greens

Atom Blaster:

If you want to keep your kids busy as you travel around the Ontario Place, you must take them to the Atom Blaster. This one is an absolutely free ride. Different activities using the soft and multi-colored foam balls will excite every child and sometimes even the grownups.

Atom Blaster Atom Blaster Atom Blaster

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The Most Exciting Rides at Cedar Point Fri, 02 Sep 2011 07:12:13 +0000 Ricky Cedar Point is an amusement park situated in the state of Ohio, USA. This Ohio based amusement covered an area of 1.47 sq. km or 364 acre. This park is designated as one of the most exciting amusement parks of the world as it boasts as many as 4 roller coasters taller than 200 ft. Besides these, Cedar Point is also the amusement park that has the maximum number of rides; it houses as many as 75 rides. Here we’ll be discussing about some of the most popular rides of Cedar Point.

Cedar Point amusement park Cedar Point amusement park

  1. Matterhorn: It is a circular ride; riders boarding this ride swings as the Matterhorn moves clockwise in the downward direction.
  2. Matterhorn at Cedar Point amusement park Matterhorn at Cedar Point amusement park

  3. maXair: This Frisbee like ride can accommodate up to 50 riders. The riders will swing in a back and forth motion forming an arc with the maximum motion range of 120 degrees. The maximum height reached by maXair is 43 meter or 140 ft.
  4. maXair at Cedar Point amusement park maXair at Cedar Point amusement park maXair at Cedar Point amusement park

  5. Ocean Motion: It a giant pirate ship that moves in a swinging motion.
  6. Ocean Motion at Cedar Point amusement park Ocean Motion at Cedar Point amusement park Ocean Motion at Cedar Point amusement park

  7. Power Tower: It is basically a dropping tower ride; it possesses both Turbo Drop and Space Shot facilities. There is no other dropping tower ride on earth that has 4 towers like this one. Two towers are dedicated to Turbo Drop and the other two to Space Shot. Each of these 4 towers is 73 m or 240 ft in height.
  8. Power Tower at Cedar Point amusement park Power Tower at Cedar Point amusement park Power Tower at Cedar Point amusement park

  9. WindSeeker: This ride was inaugurated on the 14th of June, 2011. It will take you up to a height of 92 meters or 301 ft. The WindSeeker is named so because of its wind-like speed. It can run at a speed of 25 to 30 m/hour.
  10. WindSeeker at Cedar Point amusement park WindSeeker at Cedar Point amusement park

  11. Thunder Canyon: It is one of the most exciting water rides housed by Cedar Point. It was opened long back in the year 1986. However, this ride stay closed during the initial weeks of September; during this time, this part of Cedar Point is transformed into a similarly thrilling Halloween attraction.
  12. Thunder Canyon at Cedar Point amusement park Thunder Canyon at Cedar Point amusement park

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