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  • Unmissable South American Travels
    Unmissable South American Travels
    When you are in South America, the Patagonian land is one place you should surely not miss. The surroundings provide you with a beautiful feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Amongst the ideas to make your South American travel interesting, a visit to Patagonia is surely a fantastic one and is really a must do in travels to this part of the world. With a sea of nothingness and lovely sights of bunch grasses in desolate areas, the tours here are filled with awe and surprise. The harsh climate of the steppe region makes the landscape here very interesting and unique. The howling winds only complement the different experience here and tourists come back with a cherished travel kitty of estancias or ranches and god forsaken villages. The place has been in existence since hundreds of years and they bring out the spirit  [...]
    Posted at March 14th, 2013 at 01:03 am
  • Travel delights at Puerto Iguazu
    Travel delights at Puerto Iguazu
    While on tours to South America, enjoy the pleasures of being in a travel paradise and bask in the delights of a beautiful land filled with the best possible tour experiences. Puerto Iguazu in South America is one such beautiful travel destination in this part of the world. Located at a place where the three countries, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet, this is one location that is a must see in tours to South America. With the Tancredo Neves Bridge connecting Iguazu with Brazil, this is a place where one gets to see interesting sights and memorable locales. The Mborore Museum is one such place here where you get to see the best of museum collections. Besides, you also have a bird rehabilitation centre where you get to know a lot about birds and their descriptions. The Iguazu National Park is another place of interest for travellers  [...]
    Posted at February 19th, 2013 at 04:02 am
  • Places to see in Cuyo
    Places to see in Cuyo
    Visit South America and enjoy the adventurous thrill that is a part of tours here. The experiences here are so exciting that one goes back with a memorable travel kitty. Come to Cuyo the land of heavenly experiences and lovely luxuries and see how you can actually let your hair down and enjoy here. The pristine ambience of this wine producing region totally enthralls the visitor and makes it a great travel delight in this part of the world. With the sight of the most majestic mountains this is one place where you can be sure to come back with a lot more than you expected. Earlier a part of the San Juan provinces it also included San Luis and Mendoza. Cuyo is inclusive or La Rioja province and Cuyo. This new Cuyo city is today a political and economic region and a part of the northwestern part of this magnificent land of Cuyo. With  [...]
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  • Total Enchantment at the Iguazu falls
    Total Enchantment at the Iguazu falls
    If you are in South America, then you shouldn’t miss the Iguazu falls which is a great water body in this part of the world. Taller than the Niagara Falls this is a beautiful water body with around 275 cascades. Spread in a horseshoe shape and spanning around two miles of the River Iguazu and the falls are a result of a great volcanic eruption. This eruption created a crack in the earth and this is resulted in the Iguazu falls. In the month of November when rainfalls, the flow of water increases and goes upto around 450,000 cubic feet. As the falls thunder down the 269 feet, the location of the Iguazu falls is a beauty to the eye and a total enchantment. These falls are divided into many smaller waterfalls. Iguazu is around four times wider than the Niagara Falls. They are divided into many water bodies like the Devil’s throat  [...]
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  • Enchanting Tales From the Baritu National Park
    Enchanting Tales From the Baritu National Park
    Situated in the northeastern part of the province of Salta, there is a beautiful green region filled with the  pleasures of lovely plants and fascinating animals. Get to see the best of animal delights and travel pleasures when you are in South America. Visit the Baritu National Park in this part of the world and enjoy the pleasures of great sights here. Baritu National Park is home to the biggest eagle Aguila Arpia which is the largest in the entire world. There are many rivers which cross this region and River Lipeo is the most important of them,and this is a park that lies in the northernmost tip of the Argentinian locales. It takes cares of the Montana jungle. It is a part of the Yungas which are mountain jungles and forests that are seen to go deep into Bolivia and also pass Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca and Salta. These beautifully  [...]
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  • Chaco National park Tour Guide
    Chaco National park Tour Guide
    Ensconced in the virgin surroundings of the Chaco region is a pristine land filled with the greatest pleasures and the most ideal tour delights. This is where lies the Chaco National park spanning an area of around 15,000 hectares. Created in the year 1954, this park is a region which has the best bio diversity and is found in the eastern area of the Chaco province and is filled with the best quebracho Colorado trees. Quebracho is a strong wood and is rich in the tannin substance or it had been subjected to a lot of logging for more than100 years. Quebracho was almost near extinction and it is only the creation of the Chaco National Park that today the species of Quebracho are found here in the region and the flora and fauna today thrives greatly in this region. The park with its variety of landscape and the beautiful savanna, and  [...]
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  • Sao Paulo – The Most Rewarding and Best Trip Possible
    Sao Paulo – The Most Rewarding and Best Trip Possible
    Sao Paulo is the Brazil’s biggest city in South America and southern hemisphere and 7th biggest city of the world by population. The city is anchor to Sao Paulo metropolitan region ranked as 2nd most crowded city in the America and amongst 5th biggest metropolitan regions on earth. It is the capital state of Sao Paulo, the most crowded Brazilian state and wields strong regional influence in finance and commerce along with entertainment and arts. Sao Paulo maintains strong global influence and is regarded as Alpha World City. The city has significant influence globally and nationally, in terms of politics, culture and economy. It houses various significant museums, monuments and parks, including Latin American Memorial, Museum of Portuguese Language, Paulista Avenue, one of the most significant financial centres of Sao Paulo, Sao  [...]
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  • Dangerous Animal Species Thriving in the Brazilian Rainforest
    Dangerous Animal Species Thriving in the Brazilian Rainforest
    Brazil houses the biggest rainforests on earth, majority of which lie in the Amazon. The rainforests of Brazil are inhabited by a wide variety of dangerous animal species. This article will inform you about some of them. The Brazilian rainforests are famous for being home to several snake species. One of the most famous one among them is Brazilian coral, a snake with black and red body adorned by white stripes. This snake uses the powerful neurotoxins for preying. The other dangerous snake species found here is fer-de-lance; these snakes possess the ability of killing human beings effortlessly. Snakes can camouflage themselves within the surrounding greeneries of the forest, which makes walking across the Brazilian rainforests an extremely dangerous proposition. These forests also have amphibian species like the poison dart frog;  [...]
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  • InterContinental Sao Paulo: One of the Best Luxury Hotels of Brazil
    InterContinental Sao Paulo: One of the Best Luxury Hotels of Brazil
    InterContinental Sao Paulo belongs to the famous InterContinental chain of hotels. It is located conveniently only some blocks away from the actual city of Sao Paulo. You might be visiting the city of Sao Paulo for business purposes or for enjoying the city’s exciting nightlife, this hotel would be a perfect accommodation option for you. InterContinental Sao Paulo houses 189 guestrooms and boasts a lavish presidential suite and a specially decorated executive floor. The interior of the hotel is done following the Art Deco style of the 1920s. Besides housing well-appointed rooms with amenities like coffee maker and high speed internet connection, the hotel also allows accessing Wi-Fi in all its social areas including Club Lounge. For fitness freaks, there is a fitness center in this Brazil hotel. The fitness center is named as Estacao  [...]
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  • A Visit to the Tijuca National Park of Brazil
    A Visit to the Tijuca National Park of Brazil
    The Tijuca National Park is located in the capital city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. It is basically a rainforest covering an area of 8000acre. Currently, Tijuca National Park tops the list of urban forests in the world when it comes to their size. The forest houses 30 waterfalls, several hundreds of trees and plants and a minimum of 100 different animal species. Tijuca National Park contributes hugely to the environment of the city Rio de Janeiro. Due to the presence of this rainforest, the city’s temperature is cut down by as much as 9 degrees. The surrounding area of this national park is also extremely picturesque. There is the famous Statue of Christ and Cocovado Mountain. The place also has other attractions like Gavea Rock and the second highest mountain peak of the city, Tijuca Peak. The Tijuca Peak is rated among the most  [...]
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